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attn: Hallar - maybe you can access your CR log (Read 174 times)

    On another thread, Hallar wrote: Thanks for doing this Wildchild, 104.1 for me this month. A new PR for January thats for sure and maybe ever. I lost my log with the CR transfer Hallar, during the transition someone posted detailed instructions on how to access our cr logs. I just tried it again and it still works. I'll paste the email with the instructions, below. I hope this works for you! After you access it, you can follow the directions here for importing your log. If I could do it, I know anyone can. wanderingoutlaw I went to one of the threads for you and came back with this (the following was written by leendert): I found a workaround if you don't have a cookie on your machine that remembered your login information. I'm not sure how long they will work for - I assume Active will shut these backdoors pretty quickly to lock you into their site. I just exported 5 years worth of data - glad it is still there. I had set coolrunning to remember my login information, so I did not need to specify my password and simply got my data by only specifying my username. However, once I cleared my cookies and tried to login using the approach mentioned I could no longer log in. But, I found another workaround, it is a two step process that should work for any one who remembers their username and password. In the URLs below, substitute USERNAME by your user name, and PASSWORD by the password you used on coolrunning. First you have to go through the login process: After the log in you will be redirected to the coolrunning home page, but now your login information has been remembered, and you can get to your old training log by going to: Then go to Tools and use the Download Your Running Log option to save your data (after saving this file, you can open it with excel).
      Now I see that a link to the above message is on the RU home page. So just go there and read about how to access your log.
        jemmama, thank you so much for trying to help me. I kept my log on kick and then CR since 1998. I did what is in the link and it said that my log was transfered to active. Apparently it got transfered over when I signed up there. I guess. Anyway I tried to download it there but found no way to run the reports that far back. I guess I will play around over there for awhile and try and figure it out. Or am I just not getting it? Thanks again for helping.

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