Masters Running


We begin again: Monday, 1.28.13 (Read 48 times)


MM #405

    Jay - You are the first to post and I am the last.  We are polar opposites eh?


    Long day at work so I managed 5 miles on the treadmill tonight.

    Evanflein's frigid weather is moving in fast!.......though it will only get down to about -30 F here.


    Erika & Enke - so sorry I confused your is evil and I hold it solely responsible .   I love you gals!


    Holly - Your work week made me laugh so hard!  thanksBig grin



      Tammy, DW calls Tag a Boxadore.


      By the time DW and I got home from work, DD#2 had brought dinner over as well as Honey. Tag and Honey got "tear ass around the house" cross training in.