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Monday's Daily, 9.24.12 (Read 359 times)


    Mornin' all,


    "Nice run Mikey, nice run."


    I hope your ankles are still feeling well, Twocat - nice run yesterday.


    OM- great running, and cograts on that huge trophy on Saturday (and on your 13-miler yesterday too)!


     Congrats on your victory too, Ribs!


    Congrats to Shadowrunner too, for moving into the spotlight with a half-marathon AG win!


    Lamerunner, sorry to hear about your friend's DH. Good luck in the Smuttynose Half - you'll be in my neighborhood in Hampton...


    More wonderous photos, Troy. Thanks.


    Yesterday was a drop-dead gorgeous day here in coastal NH. I left home at a little before 7 for a 4-mile race in Kittery Point, ME. I drove up the coast, watching the sun climb from behind the massive clouds that carried away the previous night's rain. At Wallis Sands Beach (Rye, NH), lots of folks were starting to assemble for the morning's sprint tri, and I could feel the excitement, even though i was just driving by. The race in Kittery was small (about 150), but very friendly. I saw a couple of my racewaker friends before the race, and we compared notes on the course and how we were each feeling. By the 8:30 start time, it was about 63, and the sun was dappling the road through the trees overhead - perfect. Sybil (the RD) yelled "GO" and we were off. Stephan (my friend and nemesis) got out in front of me quickly, as I expected. I kept him in sight for the first1.5 miles, but then there were a lot of turns, and I lost him. So I just did my usual job of trying to pick off runners in front of me as we went along. I was generally stronger on the uphills, but they frequently made up ground on the downhills. This course has one short, steep downhill at about 2.5 mi., and it is a killer for racewalkers - it is near impossible to maintain form going down a steep hill without jamming your knees and almost locking your quads - did I say I hate downhills? We had easy rollers for the last mile+ so I tried to pick up the pace again, and I passed a few more of the slower runners. One asked what my pace was, and I guessed just under 11 min/miles. I was wrong: I finished in 41:28 for a 10:22 average pace, and was 2 minutes behind Stephan. It was a fun race, and I was happy to be the 2nd racewalker, and 4th in my AG overall.


    I left immediately after I finished and cooled down a bit because I had committed to volunteering at the Oysterpalooza (a fundraiser), and had enough time to get home, shower, change, gobble some recovery food, and drive back up the coast to the event. It was right on the coast (at the Seacoast Science Center, also in Rye, NH), and there were tons of oysters (of course), beer, some other foods, lots of informational booths, raffles, an auction, and 3 fabulous bands. It was sunny, breezy, and in the upper 60s. Some people brought lawn chairs and sat facing the ocean and the entrance to Portsmouth harbor with their oysters and beer, and watched the sailboats flying across the water while the bands pumped out great tune after tune after tune all afternoon long. I was there for about 6 hours, but didn't mind it because the weather was so gorgeous. What a great day!!


    Oh yeah - I was too dang tired to workout this morning, so I slept in a bit..


    Enjoy your Monday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Oysterpalooza sounded like a lot of fun, Jay.  Beer and beautiful weather - the day can't be any better than that, right?


      Congrats to all of the hardware winners over the weekend and to everyone else for just enjoying the gift of running.  I'm a little behind here but enjoyed Leslie's pictures last week, and Holly and Erika's as well.


      8 miles yesterday - first time out in capris, a long sleeved shirt and gloves. It was 34° and a bit breezy. Today was about the same but I only had time for 5 miles. Beautiful clear dark sky at 4:30. No moon, but enough traffic to keep me awake and alert.  Went apple picking with Will, Ben and their parents yesterday. What an adventure.  Ben kept picking up rocks and throwing them in our apple bin. Will would take an apple out of the bin, take a bite out of it, then put it back in the bin. It took a long time to fill our bushel basket but we had a good time. And my DIL got some great pictures.


      Nice to see posts from Lamerunner and RCG and others who haven't been around in a while. Hope that Karin is doing well too.


      Have a great Monday everyone, and go Packers Smile

        Jay--nice racing...and that's quite a recovery menu!

        Jlynne--34 sounds a little cool for this time of year, no?


        I nominate Troy and Carolyn for the site's official photographers.  I love their pics.


        Gorgeous autumn morning here for an easy 5-miler.


          Have a great Monday everyone, and go Packers Smile


          Just can't be said enough!


          31deg here this am. I stayed snuggledd up to a warm body in bed. RAW for me.

            Congrats to Sparerib's VICTORY!!!!

            Hurrah to Twocat's entry to Boston!

            Cheers to the many racers this weekend.

            Way to go all you people who ran yesterday.


            As for me, I took the day of to go hiking with our friends. Here is an example of the mountain peaks we enjoyed during the hike.

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              Mariposai - Where are those mountains that you were hiking in? Looks like a postcard picture!


              Jay - "Coastal NH" is a pretty narrow place, isn't it? When we drove down I-95 on our way back from Maine last week it seemed like we were in NH and then just as quickly were in MA. But they still managed to ding us for yet another toll. Undecided


              I planned on running 6 this morning in my "taper" to next weekend's HM, but our group decided to do 8 so I went along for the ride. Seems like I should have done better, but they did start out a bit too fast for me. The HM course is very difficult, but it's too late to get trained up for it now. Survival will be the priority I guess.


              How did everyone else survive the weekend?

              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                go seahawks (and don't do a Michigan on us)

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                  6.5 for me this morning and although I'm off work, lots to do.  After I go to the bank, finish packing, etc. we're getting a new toilet installed in one of the bathrooms.  I'll let you make of that what you will.  No, wait, I'm not full of it.


                  Heading to Kansas at DW's suggestion so I don't have so far to drive tomorrow to Colorado.


                  Finally broke 1,000 miles for the year and this week I'll break my monthly mileage PR for this year.  More importantly, I saw a lot of monarch butterflies on my run this morning!

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                    jlynne and Tet are trying to send me to the optometrist!


                    Jay, I often wondered about racewalkers on downhills.  Interesting.


                    3.3 easy recovery this morning and a good flex workout at the Y.


                    Tomorrow I am off to N. Carolina, far east to the shore, to work with a very small bank out there.  Change of pace for me.


                    The 5K I ran yesterday was part of this huge Balloon Fest in Plano, and it was fun to see all these hot air balloons.  I posted about it this morning if you want to see a shot of them all ascending at about the same time.




                    And your final trivia question is (since I'm now all out):  Hubert Humphrey served as VP to what U.S. President?    Spareribs





                        Hi dg.!!!!!


                        7 miles in the dark o night at 5:30.  Lots of stars, it was magical, but then the sun eventually came up and spoiled the mood.  I did a new route, about 1/3 up a big hill in a neighbouring area, then along a flattish road, which had NO STREETLIGHTS, and not many houses had outside lights on either.  I ran on faith that I wouldn't trip on anything.  It was like running in the countryside, it was great!  That is a pretty long run for me for a weekday, so I was rather pleased.

                        "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                          congrats to the racers this past wknd! Really sounds like everyone did well, had fun, got trophies, new pants, smoked the AG competition, etc.


                          I ran a HM on Sunday. Haven't even run a 13 mile distance since, oh...probably last year sometime?  Ran 10.5 miles out in Newport last wknd, with <ahem> about 4 walk breaks, so really, had no expectations, other than just run a nice evenly paced race, and just treating it as a long run, since I have another HM this coming Saturday and then another HM in October.  This was a nice point-to-point course on a bike path, so no crossing roads or traffic to contend with.  I shocked myself by running the entire thing non-stop and ran about as even of splits as I possibly could. I rarely glanced at my watch, so didn't know my splits til I was done. Fastest was a 9:24 (last mile), and slowest was a 9:44 (because at mile 11.5 I stopped at the Table Of Temptation for a wine shot - I passed on the beef jerky and cheese curds also being served), otherwise I was pretty spot-on with my paces at a 9:29-9:33.  Finished in 2:04:55 with an AG placement of 35/134.  

                          This was the 2nd yr for this race and was really so well organized. Had just shy of 900 register. Great goodie bag, shirt, giveaways, food (free beer for those over 21), volunteers, etc. Next year they also want to make a marathon option, which I would probably do because this is so well organized.   


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                            As for me, I took the day of to go hiking with our friends. Here is an example of the mountain peaks we enjoyed during the hike.




                            Spareribs - mee, too.  How do they do that?


                            No run for me today, just 30 minutes or so of weights and core, watching the latest Masterpiece Mystery.  Funny that, right when I start reading a book by Henning Mankill, they start doing his books on Masterpiece Mystery...

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                              Yes, dg, it was LBJ.  And the answer to yesterday's question, the book "Wise Guy" as the basis for what movie?  That was "Goodfellas."


                              Well done on that Half Tamster!


                              Holly, you're talking about Wallander?  Mankell can sure write. After you read all his stuff, get anything you can by Jo Nesbo and Hakan Nesser.  Spareribs


                                Hi Enke!!!     wow that sounds beautiful but I had to wonder as I read....  isn't this my tripping partner???    Were you channeling your inner Carlos Castenada?     I'm glad it worked out!  


                                I was going to tip toe in early in the day, look around, vewy quietly, and sort of try to keep up.    While trying to resist looking back... but now I see Rose & NotLame runner are back there...  


                                Nancy what a beautiful picture.


                                Doug, is that the new half?   Brooksie something?   I got a postcard for it but am not at half point, for sure.


                                Jeanne every time I read about something Will is doing it makes me smile, can't help remember how far he's come.


                                Holly & Ribs, thanks for the book suggestion!


                                Karl those are all good things!    congrats.  I saw a moth last night, don't know what kind but it was beautiful.   only thing was it was on the lamp shade right next to me.   I have no idea how it got inside.   Didn't have it in me to put it out in the cold.   Wonder where it is right now?


                                Tammy yay!


                                hi everyone else!


                                quick fill in, long rehab, you all know the drill.   I lost a lot of fitness this time, there wasn't really much of anything which didn't cause a problem.      Walked, w/ tiny run breaks.  Ribs, remembering your patience through that process helped a lot.     Saturday was the best in a long time, 7.5, & for me really hilly.  I'm finally to the point where I'm venturing away from the neighborhood, (safety zone) & it's so much fun. 


                                where are the seahawks & the packers going?  




                                awesome awesome racing yawl.


                                back to work.