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Sunday's Daily, 4.20.14 (Read 44 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    We had a good week in Destin, FL. The weather wasn't perfect (cool, windy, cloudy), but we still got out, had some fun, and had a relaxing time with 2 of DW's sisters and their families. We went out on a Dolphin-watch cruise (and saw lots of them), toured the town of Seaside, watched a couple of great sunsets from the beach, and generally relaxed. I got out for 4 workouts. It was shorts weather, but there was also a morning that I was glad to have a windbreaker and some lightweight gloves.


    Today, we're driving to CT where a niece is going to hand off her younger (18 yrs. old) brother who is going to live/work with us for at least a month. He also needs a little guidance, so we'll try to throw some of that in with everything else.


    No workout tomorrow, as I have to get on my way early to get to Hopkinton, MA to help with the start of a road race. I still don't know what coral I'll be working in, but look for the guy with the grey beard and the blue Runner's Alley cap. There were lots of marathoner's on our flight into Boston yesterday evening. I spoke with one woman who said she was stopped at mile 24 last year, and was coming back to finish what she started. Cool.


    13 RW miles at Jay o'clock (what other time would I go out??) this morning under a glorious 9/16 moon. It was 35F, and it felt like it dropped a few more degrees before the sun finally started to rise and spread a bit 'o warmth. I couldn't figure out why there was so much early traffic till it dawned on me that lots of folks were heading to sunrise Easter services on the local beaches.


    Have a greta Easter, pre-Boston, and whatever else is on your agenda Sunday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ..mornin' jay// work-out here either,



      then getting packed for the vacation (ohboyohboy)



      I currently can't walk for shitte,

      this includes

      a set of crutches, leg brace, and two canes>>>>>>NOW, ASK ME IF I CARE




      ,,,,,,,,Wishing everyone a Happy Easter


      Good Runing in Boston tomorrow


      ..........good running guys......

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      King of PhotoShop

        I'm sorry Tom.


        No run for me today either.  Just can't get motivated.  Leaving for San Antonio in a few minutes.  Spareribs


          Good to have you back Jay. ((((TW)))

          Went out for a short run on our local reservoir on another glorious morning with a sea breeze. Felt good. Amazing how I don't feel any stiffness after a 5K race - probably because I don't have any speed anymore. Saw many Boston Marathon shirted runners- many like me who aren't running tommorow and some who are.

          In a few hours we'll head down to the part-Tay.

            coastwalker I am not sure but it sounds like you might have a rough time dealing with your nephew.  I hope I am reading your post wrong.  But if not, I wish you will in straightening the guy out.


            tomwhite I am very sorry to read about the current state of your legs.  Best wishes for getting back your mobility in the near future.


            evanflein yes we did get to run along the river but not at the same time.  Our running schedules are just not in sync at  the moment.  I am glad to hear the snow in your area is starting to disappear.  What exactly is there under all that snow to find?  Around CT it is just road.  What else?


            wildchild you are officially crazy!  A 50k "training run" up and down 1600' elevation climbs.  Multiple times!  


            Holly S. put a C note in the eggs.  I bet your DS suddenly takes to searching seriously again!  


            tselbs glad the buzzards did not get you!  Congratulations on your race.


            Mike E yea fat guy!    Sorry, I just could not help myself from chiming in after all of the other yea fat guy posts!  Plus I am insanely jealous of how fast you run and you know what they say "jealousy is a green eyed monster" and that just let some of the green out!


            Yesterday I ran 8 around the Colorado river.  Today my DW ran 5.


            Yesterday was a major touring day.  After my run my DW and went for a hike through something called the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower preserve.  After which we discovered this amazing taco chain called Torchy's Tacos.  All I can say is that if you ever stumble upon one of them go in and get a taco!  They are amazing!  Later that night it was off to attend a celebration for one of the UT Austin faculty who is taking over as a vice dean of the business school.  I had told the host about Wyoming Whiskey, how much I liked it and that I wanted to get a bottle while I was down in Texas to bring back home (Texas, Colorado and Wyoming are the only three states you can get it in).  I was somewhat surprised to find that he bought a bottle for the party.  Now academics are not heavy drinkers.  But, the bottle was gone by night's end!  Can I pick whiskeys or what!  

            Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

            Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

              TomS—congrats on the AG placement!  (I like the “old people” humor.)

              Holly—nice AG placement, too.  It’s great when a decent race seems to come out of nowhere.

              Carolyn—here’s a phrase I will never say: “just a 50K training run.”  You are tough.

              Mari—wow!  That’s a heck of a combination: half marathon + extra miles for 22.  Well done.

              Opie—Congrats on the AG win!

              Jay—welcome back.  Sounds like a nice trip.  Good of you to be helping out family.


              Mike—nice racing.  I would never underestimate you.   Sorry, but I was rooting for the fat guy. I identified more with him than with you.  “Fats guys unite!”  Have I mentioned that I gained a little weight during my lay-off?  


              I’m tempted to be a couch potato and watch a couple of hockey games today but it’s just too nice out there.  I’ll probably check in on the Bruins, though.


              Speaking of hockey…UnionBlue must be feeling pretty good this morning!  Congrats.


              I did an 8.7 mile run with a couple of big paved hills and all went well with the foot, so I’m pretty psyched about that.  I’m almost ready to declare myself officially healed.

                The problem with some of those monster runs Carolyn does is that so much of that course is not easily runnable. A lot of the pictures look like a good hike. Still, that's an impressive distance and course even for a hike with running bits!


                Holly, speaking of underestimating, you tend to do that to yourself. You had a really strong run, showing that you've done well to keep in shape while taking care of your foot. Good job! And I bet DS would show renewed interest if you followed Twocat's suggestion... My kids figured out what was going on with both the Easter bunny and Santa pretty early. Probably in part because I wasn't interested in keeping it going for long... We still sign gift tags "from Santa" though.


                Tomwhite, I hope you can have fun on vacation in spite of the hips and leg problems.


                Twocat, the amount of trash on the sides of our roads is truly appalling. It's buried under snow but appears each spring. We have a community-wide cleanup in early May to pick up the trash but I'm sure the ones doing the littering are not the ones who do most of the cleanup. And yes, we have anti-littering laws and covered loads laws, and it still goes on like crazy.


                Nice racing, Tselbs! Of all the streaks people talk about, I like yours the best. Too funny about the vulture comment. 


                I made it out yesterday in shorts and short-sleeves for the first time (here) this year! Nice! Well, until the final two mile uphill run to home in the shade and a chilly headwind. Oy, good reminder that it's certainly not summer yet. A hilly run with a few puddle splashes along the way. It will sure be nice when things dry up a little more. 9.3 hilly miles, just under 8:10 avg pace. A little too fast, and my calves were a little sore this morning. Goal today is to get a couple hours run in, probably around 14 miles. I only need 8.5 or so to hit 50 for the week.

                MM #5616

                  The problem with some of those monster runs Carolyn does is that so much of that course is not easily runnable. A lot of the pictures look like a good hike. Still, that's an impressive distance and course even for a hike with running bits!


                  Well, most of the ultras I do are not very runnable, and they require lots of steep hiking, so this is perfect training. This is the elevation profile for the Bighorn 50 mile race in June.  It's kind of hard to read the numbers, but the high point is 9005 ft and the low point is 3904 ft.


                  I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                  Marathon Maniac #957


                    Tomwhite, I hope you can have fun on vacation in spite of the hips and leg problems.




                    Jay - enjoy your Hopkinton time!


                    Erika - yay for the shorts and short sleeves!  And I know that DD does not believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa anymore, but I keep up the charade, with a smile.  I expect this will be the last year for getting up in the middle of the night to put out gifts or eggs, though.


                    After this morning's egg hunt, I headed out for my LR.  It was 40 degrees at that point, but 51 degrees when I came back two hours later.  I popped the prime rib into the oven for our Easter lunch, ran on the TM for 25 minutes while it cooked at 500 degrees, then turned the oven off and headed out for a few more miles.


                    19 miles total.


                    Happy Easter!

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      10 miles around the lake this morning. Legs were pretty lethargic after yesterdays 5K (3AG, 24:57), so it was a slow easy run.


                      Nicely done yesterday Opie.


                      wildchild, 50K training run!?!?!?!!

                        Happy Easter to all who celebrate!!


                        Jay - I will be looking for you!!  I am in Wave 4 way in the back in Corral 7!!  Have a great time and thank you for volunteering!!


                        Bag is packed - eating a little more brown rice and sweet potato then off to dreamland (I Hope)

                        Nite all!!


                          Resurrection Sunday greetings to all my friends.  What a lovely day this has been.  I enjoyed reading about everyone's racing.  I don't have any races scheduled except the half which is in just 6 weeks now. I sure hope I get a bit faster by then.  It was a struggle just to get around the lake today so was 3 miles short of my 8 mile run. If the water fountains were turned on in the parks I think I would have been OK but needed to head home for some much needed water. I spent some time snoozing in a chair by the lake, then went out on the bike.  We are having our first bonfire tonight and will be cooking hot dogs out there for supper. We will have our salads and veggies first, of course.


                          I will have to check to see if there are any photos of the Par-Tay in Boston.  What a day tomorrow will be.  There were stories in the Sunday paper about four Minnesotans that are going back to finish the race. I wish I had time to read each and every story.

                          an amazing likeness

                            Welcome home Jay, missed your starts to the daily...

                            I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                            MM #5615

                              Hello everybody and happy Easter!


                              We had a few of our grandkids over, today...



                              My tulips survived the 6" of snow the other day...but they didn't have a chance against those four on the far right.


                              After everyone left, I went for an 8.2 miler (1:03:30) in the nicest weather we've had since last year.  It was the first time I felt overdressed with no shirt on.


                              Hopefully, the party is over and our Boston runners are all tucked away for the night.  I really hope I can follow along, tomorrow, but I doubt I'll get a chance.  I no longer have my own office and I am always under pressure to get bids out.  So, hopefully, somebody will be able to keep me up to date.


                              Okay--I'd better get going.  Go runners!

                                Hope the Boston runners have a great day!


                                I bet many of you have experienced the kind of recovery run I just had.  I started jogging slowly as usual but it wasn't at my usual 11 minute pace or slower while I'm warming up, a little faster, so I'm thinking, hey I just raced a 10k yesterday, I should be feeling sluggish.  I feel great!


                                Then about mile 3, I started getting lead legs, so I thought, no way I'm pushing it and walked the 1.7 miles home from that point.  That was very nice!

                                "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey