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    We almost didn't make it to this race as I got a bit lost trying to find the place!! But - we made it to the State Park in time, paid my $24 for an annual sticker, found a parking spot on a snow bank - thankful that I drove my 4 wheel drive truck and trotted over to the start line. The temp was 27 degrees with a stiff wind out of the North plummeting the wind chill to a point that I'd rather not know what it was. Having been sick for the past couple of weeks, I really didn't have any goal other than to finish and start the New Year off on the right foot. This was a simple out and back course on a flat road, but with the fresh snow fall, it was a bit like running in soft sometimes slippery sand. I just got in the back of the pack and tried to keep a steady pace. The first mile was 9:42 with 169 HR. This is faster than I have been running lately, so I thought I may need to slow down a tad. 2nd mile was 9:59 - 176 HR as we hit the turn around point at 1.5 miles and started to deal with the head wind. I have now spotted a familiar jacket that was ahead of me at the Trail Run in November. I thought if I could just run steady, I might be able to take her - always good to have a goal. About a quarter of a mile from the finish I took her and started to feel a bit sick to my stomach - in a sick sort of way I knew this was good because I was giving it all I had. Finished mile 3 with a 9:26 - 178HR. The last little sprint was mean as it went into the woods a bit and the snow was deeper and hard to run in. I was giving it all I had when the familiar jacket passed me!! DRATS!! Other than red jacket passing me in the last sprint - I have to say it was quite enjoyable continually passing people throughout the whole race. Finish time 30:18 - 8th in my Age Group out of 13. Now I'm taking a bit of a hiatus trying to get rid of the cough. Michigan is suppose to have a warm spell, so I'll get back out there Saturday. Thanks for all your support!! ~Mary


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      Good run, Mary! That's how to start off the new year the right way, and only 996.9 miles to your next 1000-mile year. Big grin I take it that you didn't have quite the snowfall that we did over here -- we had about 10" and I didn't get our drive cleared until noon. Not a day when an outdoor race could have been held. By the way, I didn't always keep up with the forum during the holidays, and can't remember if I responded to your 1000th mile report. But I knew that you made it, and here's a (possibly belated) congratulations on a major milestone! You've come a long way since you were "hopeful45" on CR.

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        Mary - nice run in the snow! You'll beat that red jacket next time! Congratulations on the 1000 mile mark as well! Sue

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          Nice job, Hopeful. I too had a nagging cough for the last few weeks of 2007, and still have echoes of it. For the cough, I recommend generic Nyquil at night, and breathing in a lot of steam. Hot steamy showers may help, and if you have access to a steam room that isn't too hot, that might help, too. Of course I'm not a medical person, just mentioning things I've tried that seemed to offer me a little relief. Also stay very well-hydrated. I like to drink lots of hot green tea, even though I think it may be classified as a mild diuretic; the heat and steam seem to help. Of course, carry cough drops wherever you go. Dark Horse
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            Mary, Way to bring in the new year, great race and time. Take care of that cough my friend and be ready for the next race. All the best Tall

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              Mary, Very nice run in 27 degree weather! You finished really strong. Next time you will beat the red jacketed one.
                Hopeful Mary, Wow. You are one tough 5K runner. I wince at temps in the 20's and you race in them! Darn that red jacket! Congratulations on a well run race. Now drink some tea with honey and lemon.
                  Nice race, hopeful. Considering the temperature, snow, wind, and lingering illness, you did some mighty fine running. Next time "red jacket" had better watch out. Congratulations. TomS
                    I'm joining the "He Man's Red Jacket Haters Club". Your RR made my morning Mary. Thanks.


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                      Mary - I think you are one tough chick-let just getting out there in the cold and snow and racing, especially with your cough. I'm such a cold-weather wimp (really) I haven't signed up for any races until warm weather. I only feel safe jogging around in my neighborhood, where I can always stop home and get another layer of clothing if I get too cold. Smile Excellent job in tough conditions! Now go rest.

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                        Congratulations Sgt Mary. You faced all challenges and sped ahead. When you're well, running in IRC Red Jacket will be vaporized. You surely started 2008 off the right way.
                          Nice race Mary, Looks like you really ran this one hard, embracing that pukey feeling at the end as you're dueling it out with Ms. Red Jacket. The course sounds like it was a fun winter experience. I hope you get those lungs cleared up soon..... You really do push your HR to some pretty high levels Shocked Do you know what your max HR is? Congrats, John
                            Mary, great race! Running in that snow must have been dicey. WTG! Thanks for the great report. Now get some rest!

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                              Well Done Mary, on this great race. I have been nights lately so didn't see it. The lady in the jacket, next time you could sit behind her all the way and then just pip the, at the post Cool Well done, nice report Roy

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                                I have been concerned about your cough and illness, especially to run a race in that cold, but you are a tough woman. Well done. Spareribs