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    Will lift this afternoon when I wake -up, Might try to jog 2 miles on tm but right now the way my legs feel after my mid week 20 miler, I doubt it. Temp is -10 wind chill right now as I type this message. So run long run well.

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      I'd want to take a break too Derrick! Really IRC this morning 51-56F during a wonderful 13 miler in the hilly countryside by the light of the Tikka. 1:51:49 (8:36 pace, AHR 151). It is so nice running on abandoned roads at 4-6am. Have great runs! Steve

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        Derrick, I think we have you beat on temps here in Sioux City. And last week was minus 11 in Minnesota. I think clients are trying to kill me. I ran one mile on Saturday and one mile on Sunday with no pain in the foot afterwards. I am doing nothing this week except the elliptical here in the hotel. I will test it again running weekend after this one, as I am working nonstop through the weekend. Tramps, I saw that tempo run yesterday, and I salute you for that speed, as you are running very well right now. But is 7:18 the right tempo pace for you? What would you expect to do a five-mile race in and what is your latest fiveK time? Your runs today and Thursday will be useful indicators for you. For the sake of everyone's learning here, that would be helpful to report. For example, if you have good runs today and tomorrow, no stiffness or exessive fatigue, that is a huge sign of your progress and fitness. Spareribs
          I think 7:18 probably is Tramps tempo pace, but let us know, Okay? 5 recovery miles at 9:14 min/mile pace. I know that might sound fairly quick for a recovery run but the average HR was only 127, so that is about right. IRC at 57 degrees. I absolutely LOVE running in IRC. Don't let those mean-ole Clients get ya Ribs. We need you around here. Stay Warm! Bill [edited to add:] I just noticed that this run put me over 5000 miles total in the RA log (which was imported from the CR log). I've logged 5000+ miles since joining CR. Wow.

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            Still no word about the grand child to be. There's a gym 1 mile from the hospital. With a blizzrd going on, when I get out of the house, it ain't gonna be for a run on the streets.....Stoopid gale force winds and sub zero crud....Prolly a nice day to hit the beach for our Alaskain friends though. Good luck with the car Erika.


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              Wow, last night was interesting to say the least. It was 54 degrees when I began my 10 mile run, but the weather was suppose to change drastically in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, which gave me a window of opportunity to squeeze in my run. I was fine till mile 7 when I could see lightening in the horizon and it started raining. At mile 9 there were 60 to 70 mile wind gusts which almost stopped me in my tracks, and the tornado sirens were going off. One guy walking out to his car from a Starbucks yelled at me...."hey, you need a ride, it suppose to get real serious soon" I said nah, I only have a mile to go. He said "what are you a crazy Marathon runner" I said yeah. By the time I made it home it was snowing real hard and when I got into my apartment the weather channel said the temperature was 12 degrees with -20 to -30 windchills. That's what made my run hard to dress for...warm at first, then bitter cold at end. I just went ahead and wore my cold weather gear, and burnt up till the cold front hit....hottest I have felt since running in 100 degree heat last summer. 10 easy miles - 1:33:02 - 9:00 ish pace - 132 hr ave - 141 max hr - Crazy night, but fun derrick - hope you recover soon...this cold really does suck! Great 13 miler da man Get well soon Spareribs!!! Nice recovery run Bill at a good pace, but low HR...SWEET! I was going through some of my logs of runs the same time last year. And for example, last year my ave HR for the same run and time as last night, my HR was usually around 155 to 170 bpm, now my runs are usually around 128 to 135 hr ave with the same effort and times....learning to run slower most of the time does wonders.....

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                Yeah, it was 40F with 10mph wind when I went to bed, and 10F with 40mph winds this morning. Had to go chasing my cap on the way into the rec center. Anyway, still no running, but I tried a 5:45AM (!) spinning class with "Triathlon Bonnie" and had a good workout. But I'm glad that we get to set our own tension and decide what "Level 5" is going to be! Wink I'm going to have trouble keeping the weight off during this recovery period. The meds that I take for inflammation have the side-effect of completely restoring my sense of smell. Suddenly everything tastes very intense and good and I have a hard time holding back from thinking about snacking all evening. Peanuts, dark chocolate, wine, ice cream -- everything is tempting to try just to taste it fully. Even the bagel and coffee that I'm working on right now seem like a special treat. Good runs to everyone today, but watch that wind & cold if you're in the upper midwest!

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                  Morning all, I woke up at 4 AM with the wind whipping around outside. I am in Syracuse now and on the 8th floor of this hotel. It's high enough to feel a bit buffeted about and roused from a deep sleep. It's very windy, but quite mild for Central New York at 45 degrees or so. The wind is supposed to pick up and the temps will be dropping, so I was glad to be up early and running. I met up with SkipAZ and we had a nice run through the Syracuse University neighborhoods and my old stomping grounds. Skip is a fabulous guy and it was so marvelous to see him again. He's still dealing with the after effects of the JFK 50 miler race, but was striding along with strength this morning. I was the one huffing and puffing today. Anyway---7.7 miles at 5:30 AM---about 40-45 degrees and some serious wind at times. The rain started up as we neared my hotel and the end of the run. All good. The cyber friendships here as well as the real time ones are so valuable and I treasure them and you all Nice to "see" you Spareribs and I hope you'll have some more pain free runs and soon. Perchcreek, you are running some great miles and in ideal conditions. Good stuff. Tramps, you are setting the bar high! I hope there is grand baby news today Steve. On Friday we are going into Boston to meet my new niece---Roxanne (or Roxie as we are already saying). I can't wait! Time for a bit more coffee and the work of the day. Until soon, CNY Hi Roch! Hi Biketm....keep that wicked weather, eh?!

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                    Good Morning! Not a good night for sleep last night – howling winds, power outages, children dragging sleeping bags into our room and bringing their residual coughs with them. I let the dog out in the middle of the night and the wind was so fierce, he turned tail and came back in, choosing instead to leave a mess on the floor, which of course I stepped in when I got up later. (sigh) It was 13 (feels like -12) when I got up, with winds at 33mph, gusting to 50mph. Grrr. I said a prayer, crossed my fingers, and turned on the treadmill. JOY! It worked for me today. Whew! I was NOT looking forward to attempting to run outside (which you know I would do because yes I AM just that stubborn). 7 miles on the treadmill, the first 6 at an easy pace (9:50) and the last mile at 7:47, plus CD walk.

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                      Good Wednesday morning, Boomers. Cross training day - 45 minutes on the eliptical with weights and ab work. -8 degrees here this morning with a wind chill of -47. It's brutal outside! All area schools have been cancelled, so that means a free day for me. Big grin I can't remember a winter this bad in a long time. We can only hope that February brings some relief. Steve - your poor daughter! Hope her labor isn't too intense. That's a long time to be waiting for a new arrival. Good luck, and be sure to post pictures. Stay warm and enjoy your day, everyone.

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                        Good morning all, It was windy here also and we had some rain last night. 10.01 miles of hills @ 9:04 pace...I still had an issue with my left foot but after about 2 miles it wasn't bothering me anymore so I just kept running... I actually noticed the daffodils starting to pop through the ground this morning...about an inch or two high....spring is around the corner

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                          Morning, all! SteveP - keep us posted! We want to see the new grandbaby!! biketm - really weird weather, indeed! Doug - don't worry about the weight gain - just enjoy the food. The weight will come off when you start running regularly again. Holly - good to hear the treadmill revived. It's in the 40's here this morning, and the winds haven't arrived in full force. I had to skip my run so I could drop the puppy off at daycare. We have class tonight, and I want her plenty tired so she can focus and learn something. I'll run at noon if it isn't too awfully windy and/or raining torrentially. If running isn't an option, it'll be core and weights. Good runs to all!

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                            Morning! Nice to see Spareribs posting from the artic - and Rochrunner getting in a spin class!! Was that your first one? I"m thinking of trying it when I get signed up at the gym. There is also a "BootCamp" class that seems interesting at 5:30 a.m. This morning the air temp was 2 degrees - windchill -22 (yes negative 22) with wind gusts up to 40 mph. Needless to say, I stayed in bed!! College was closed today so I was able to leave the doggies in the house with DD#2 this morning. Gave them all a big rawhide bone and they were happy as could be! Cheers! ~Mary


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                              Tim – whew! That’s quite a run you had. Roch – I have that problem with food every day. Somehow, I’m running 50mpw and GAINING weight...grrrr.. CNYrunner – nice run with SkipAZ! If he had YOU huffing and puffing, he must have been flying! SteveP – thanks for that treadmill doctor link – very helpful. I’ve ordered some of their treadmill lubricant and I think that, plus a careful vacuuming of all parts, may be all my treadmill needs. I’ll go comment on your sidekick thread now...Smile

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                Schlickery roads this morning...3 miles at an 8:24 pace then a 1.5 mile walk...
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