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October Masters Miles Awards (Read 368 times)

Top 'O the World!

    Hmm, I wonder what my Nov forecast should be.....? Wink


    I think my DH is correct in that I should be logging something on my sans watch days....I seem to have two weeks of blanks on Oct, Two weeks that I know darned well that I at the very least took the furbaby around the neighborhood & we rarely go less than 3 miles, usually 4-5.  Not sure I could guesstimate close enough.  Don't know why I've gotten into this bad habit...Undecided


    What I DID log:


    Oct:  84.3

    YTD: 965.9

    Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

      It's worth every mile I run just so I can post here and look at the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Carolyn and MilkTruck.


      October 142.9

      YTD    1,416.2


      No races, no PR's, just happy to be out there Smile

        October was a good month.


        245.3 miles.

          87.1 miles for October.


          Wow!  That means I ran more miles than Erika.  That may have never happened before!



          "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong


            193.1 miles


            one 5k                       2nd AG

            one marathon         (4th)

            one 10 mile race     2nd AG

            one 10k                     2nd AG


            Running is stupid

              187.4 miles for October.  187 is not prime, but it is the product of two prime numbers.  Does Spareribs or anyone else care to name them?


              2 AG 10K

                a whopping 35.6 miles for me ..... good recovery runs tho and my foot is healing well from that bout of tendonitis!!


                thanks Carolyn!!  Smile


                  Thanks Carolyn.


                  Nothing extraordinary this month, just a nice steady & consistent weekly mileage.


                  October: 169.7 miles


                  YTD: 1185.1 miles




                    Recovery for me and long vacation trip for both of us with minimal running and lots of walking.

                    Henrun: 45.4 (YTD_831)

                    Marj: 59 (YTD-866)

                      I predict  84.2 miles in October  oops   forgot my 10/31 run  of 5 make it  89.2 miles for October 


                      788.6 Year to Date 


                      Thanks Carolyn 

                      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                      MM #5615

                        Thanks, again, wild!  I really didn't run a race in October.  Although, I did run the Monster Dash Half Marathon course with my friend with cancer--who, by the way, is doing pretty good.


                        Anyway, here are my totals...


                        Oct: 168.5

                        2012: 1834.6 

                          Gracias Princesa!!


                          184 miles for my wings.

                          This month my mantra was to focus on less miles and more core workout...


                          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                            187.4 miles for October.  187 is not prime, but it is the product of two prime numbers.  Does Spareribs or anyone else care to name them?

                             11 x 17


                            No records or races this month for me.  Just getting out when I can to keep my sanity.


                            OCT: 37.5

                            YTD: 346.5

                            Consistently Slow

                               42.5 Lowest month in 3 years.

                              Run until the trail runs out.

                               SCHEDULE 2016--

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                                127.0 miles in October, my most in quite awhile!