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Shall we get the party started? Saturday 6/8 daily (Read 39 times)

    Good morning gang.


    What a lovely day we are having around here. It promises to be sunny and high 80 around here. A good day to run in the woods.

    This morning my DH woke me up bringing me my mate drink to enjoy it in bed and he gave me the announcement that today we are walking running for 2 hours to get ready for the light marathon in about a month Clown. He is running the marathon with Tetsujin lol.


    Off we go!!! Sherpa Posie to the rescue and loving it Wink

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      ...Good Racing Sherpa///////




      32min poolrun with drag




      .....we're invited

      to a Wedding

      at the

      Memphis ZOO next month.





      I will be still able to walk when we get back


      ..................good running guys

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      Trails are hard!

        Hey TW, that sounds like fun.  We just went to a wedding at the Chicago aquarium.  Pretty neat.  We had dolphins in the background during the ceremony--wonder what will show up at the zoo.  have fun and don't feed the animals.


        Hi Mari.  have fun Sherpa-ing for the EP.


        No run today, but out for as many miles as possible tomorrow.  I know it won't be 20, but every little bit will help.  Interesting development in our travel plans for the marathon.  found out yesterday that we actually have a project starting within 50 miles of Lubec and I can go up to visit it the day before we were planning on going and therefore get some of our travel costs covered.  When you're driving almost 350 miles each way, that's not too shabby. Smile

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          wow - quiet day here today!!


          I squeezed in 4.2 miles after a morning of pampering and before the celebrations begin ....was a sweet. unplanned progression run in 38:37 -- now time to get ready for a h.s. graduation party then a bachelorette dinner party!!


          Happy Saturday!!


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            Posie - don’t tell your DH but I’m a little worried about Light-at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel being his first marathon.  Upon emerging from the tunnel at mile 2.5, it's nothing but trees, trees, trees in forested canopies that might prove distracting for a veteran forester.  Kind of like running marathons with the Tunnel RD, an inveterate bird watcher with a current PR of 62 species.  Be sure to bring your list to show him.
            Twocat - check you bluetooth and Jabras with Erika’s auto-check program.
            Ps - divechief - sorry about the A/C breakdown.

            I know someone who’s lucky enough though to have

            a condo by the cool, refreshing breezes of Elliott Bay.

            Oh, that would be you.

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               - divechief - sorry about the A/C breakdown.

              I know someone who’s lucky enough though to have

              a condo by the cool, refreshing breezes of Elliott Bay.

              Oh, that would be you.


              and my outside "wall" is all glass,  unfortunately almost none of it opens.  at least I'm not working nights/sleeping days this week.  It was fixed yesterday.  I learned from Ribs a while ago that since the estimated $1500 and it actually only cost a little over $1000 I'm supposed to be relieved.

                stumpy77 nice!


                evanflein a wild raspberry bush sounds delicious!  Are wild raspberries like the ones in the stores?  If they are I would have cut everything down but them!


                Holly S. you win the most abbreviations in one post contest!  As an award you win one of each letter of the alphabet!  Wahoo!  Clown


                tetsujin209 LOL re: Mariposai's DH.


                Here officially is a picture of my good deed of the day:


                Rescue Turtle


                That little turtle was busy sunning himself (herself?) in the middle of the road this morning.  While a road may seem like a good place to warm up I suspect it can be dangerous if you are just a 1/2 inch tall and maybe 3 inches round.  Good thing I took a route on my run this morning that I do not normally take.  I figured this rock would keep the turtle warm enough to be happy and not wander back into the road.  At least not today.  Roll eyes  My run was 10 miles in what turned out to be a very nice morning for it!

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                  Afternoon, everyone.


                  Mariposai: Wow - mate in bed, and a 2-hour walk with DH. Sounds like a good day to me.


                  TomW, I can't help but think of Paul Simon singing "it's all happening at the zoo!" Looks like a great place, but I agree with Kevin that you shouldn't feed the animals (and perhaps not some of the other guests as well...).


                  Have a good long run tomorrow, Kevin. Cool that the co. will pick up some of your travel costs to Lubec. I learned today that two other people I know are running Lubec: Don Brabent and Bob Kennedy. Bob is a 50-stater, and just completed his 100th marathon. He's also an ornithologist who, among other things tracks osprey on their journeys from the northeast to the Caribbean each year.


                  Glad you had a good run this morning, before the partying tonight, Denise. Try to behave yourself, but just enough.


                  Tet, those distractions will kill a good race time every time.


                  Congrats on getting the AC fixed early, Divechief, and for getting it for the 'bargain' price of $1000.


                  Twocat, thanks for saving that turtle so it can wander across the road another day. Yep - turtles and roads are never a good combo.


                  It poured all night last night, and was still raining when I headed out to work at, then race the Market Square Day 10K in Portsmouth, NH. Fortunately, the rain tapered off about 45 minutes before the start. This is one of the oldest races in Portsmouth, and I lined up with 2,000 of my closest friends for the 9am start. There were few other racwalkers, so I had to feed off the runners for the whole distance. Some got away, and some thought they did but I reeled them back in. I finished first in the walker div. in 1:05:40 (10:24 pace). I couldn't hold my pace over the last couple of miles and so had positive splits, but still had a good finish, and was 2 minutes ahead of my time in this race last year. A while after the race, I was walking near a woman who asked if she could see the back of my shirt. The back was pretty plain, but I turned around anyway. She just wanted to confirm that I was the guy she was following for most of the race! She said she was a newbie, and I helped to pull her along, especially when she was fading near the end. I was glad to be of service.


                  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!



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                    Twocat, thanks for saving that turtle so it can wander across the road another day. Yep - turtles and roads are never a good combo.

                    Oh, don't worry about that turtle crossing the road again...he'll probably break his neck trying to get down off that rock...very nice race, by the way.


                    Have fun at the wedding, tomwhite...and, if you get a chance, you might want to wonder over to the Cat House Cafe and check out the cougars...


                    Speaking of party animals...deez has two parties in one day...nice...


                    I really don't have anything else.  I've been trying to fine tune my sermon for tomorrow.  I really haven't put very much time into it.  Maybe, if it's bad enough, they won't ask me to do another one.


                    Went for a 10 mile run with Ryan, today.  In the hour, 12 minutes, and 49 seconds it took us to run it, I don't thing there was a single second one of us was not talking.   Man I love running with that kid.


                    I am getting pretty excited about the Tunnel, next month.  So many RA friends to should be a good time.


                    Okay--I'd better get back to the sermon.  You know, it's not just the sermon, it's all the other parts of the service that have to flow together's almost like putting on a performance or something.'ll be's summer...everybody knows the pastor won't be's possible nobody will show up.

                      Quiet day?

                      Ran 5.8 miles with the club (and my dog), forgot to start my Garmin but supposedly that was the distance.  This was just my third time to go, but today I went to the breakfast after and had a really nice time meeting and chatting with other runners.  One guy, well, he ran 100 miles at Pigtail so I asked if he knew Barefoot Jon.  And yes, he said he was introduced to him for the first time that weekend.  This club seems pretty welcoming of hobby joggers like me.  Smile


                      Tell me why when I call the phone company to try to change my payment method (as their internet site isn't working right), I get a "all operators are busy at this".  Doesn't this kind of service seem ironic and pathetic for a phone company???

                      "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                        Some great runs today. Seems like everyone had great weather except me. Rained on my run today but as you know I love the rain. 6k or so before the back got twitchy. Going to heart doc  Wednesday to hopefully get off the blood thinning pills for a fib. He kept me on them for 6 months as a precaution. Kind of wary to get off them!!!! Will see. Everyone have a great night..

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                          Went for a 10 mile run with Ryan, today.  In the hour, 12 minutes, and 49 seconds it took us to run it, I don't thing there was a single second one of us was not talking.   Man I love running with that kid.


                          Mike - you can run that fast and TALK at the same time?  Overachievers...    Hey, what's Ryan doing now that he's graduated?  Does he have a job?  And speaking of jobs, how's your new one going?


                          Enjoy the long run tomorrow, Stumpy!


                          Nice racewalking, Jay!  Congrats on 1st place.


                          Hi, Tall!  Good luck at the doc's. 

                          I went for a slow steep 11 mile trail run in the local state park today.  All kinds of hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders out today, and I even saw one other trail runner, which I hardly ever see in this park.  One guy said "you should slow down - you're making me look bad!"  and another said "Yay for trail running!"


                          For those of you not on FB, today is Buehrle's (RCG's) 50th birthday!   Happy Birthday, Rosie!

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                            Jay - nice racing!


                            Twocat - yes, I confused myself even....


                            4.75 miles for me this morning before a busy day visiting with the in-laws, weeding, going to another softball game of DD's (won again), and then to the Fried Green Tomato festival downtown.  Nope, we didn't eat any fried green tomatoes, but we did watch the Elvis impersonator sing onstage for a while....

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                              wild, that was a neat picture you posted from your marathon.  Dave, even though it's nice to have a diagnosis, shingles sounds like it can be bad.  I hope you and your doctor get things under control.  Jay, great 10K being first walker at a better  pace than I had running in my race.


                              Nice long runs for Mike (with Ryan) and wild.


                              I decided  to run the half marathon today in Ludington and it went well for the kids and me.  Daughter, Sandy, did a half two weeks ago ain 2;14 something (with a longest training run of 10 miles) but did something to her back since then.  Son, Tom, had his longest training run of 8 or 9 miles but pulled a groin muscle a couple of weeks ago playing basketball.  Both still had hopes of something much faster than I was planning on trying so there was no plan to run together.  My dream goal was an 11 minute pace, secondary goal 2:30 total, and I wouldn't feel bad with up to 3 hours.


                              When we got to the race.we were surprised to see a young couple from Kingston, Dan and Cherie.  Cherie graduated with Tom and Dan was a year ahead of them.  The three of them ran track together.  Sandy is several years younger but knows both.  I see them and Cherie's parents in  church.  Cherie ran the half last year but had a baby recently and is just starting to get back into running.  Dan has been secretly getting ready for the half and decided to try it even though his longest training run was 6 or 7 miles.


                              The course is fairly scenic with a few tough spots.  The first 2.5 miles are mostly within sight of Lake Michigan.  The next 1.5 miles are on a side  road that has some gentle rolling hills and curves through the woods.  The next 2 miles are on a trail through the woods.  A little over half of it is on a fairly nice dirt path with some tree roots and gentle up and downs.  Then, there are a couple of steep hills which I ran slowly (it turns out the kids walked them), a short stretch down a sand dune, then across a dam into the state park.  A mile in the state park took us to the highway back to town along Lake Michigan and back to the start/finish.


                              I ran the first several miles at under an 11 minute  pace and slowed a lot in the woods.  When I got to about 8-10 miles, I realized that 2:30 was possible.  I ended up finishing in 2:29:41, a Garmin distance of a little over 13.2 miles, and a pace of 11:18.  It was neat to be met at the finish by the kids, my wife, my sister and her husband, and Dan and Cherie.  Tom and Sandy did not start together but came together with several miles to go and finished the race together in about 2:14.  Tom and Dan ran a few miles together at the start and then again later on.  Dan finished a minute or two after the kids.  Everyone was happy with their race.  Cherie proposed we all meet back next year when she's back in half marathon shape.


                              Our family has gotten in some good visiting and eating.  We're meeting tomorrow morning for a big breakfast at a favorite restaurant.  Now that i've survived, I'm glad I did the half and have had a thoroughly enoyable time.


                              A good day and good runs for all.


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                                Wild--Ryan is taking some online courses to, actually, finish school.  He does have a part time coaching job lined up for the fall if he doesn't have anything else by then.


                                My job is good.  Long hours,  which takes away from doing a lot of other things, but I like the job.