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Tuesday's Daily, 6.11.13 (Read 45 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Nice Zombie run yesterday, Twocat, I think. To be honest with you, I don't get the whole "zombie" thing, like Tramps. Nor have I made any effort to try to figure it out.


    I can't comprehend Tribee's cross-Chesapeake Bay swim - 4.4 miles in that open water takes incredible strength and endurance. Heck - it takes long enough to just drive the Bay Bridge! I'm very, very impressed!


    Ribs, I think I told you some time ago that I used to work in Rocky Hill - a 'suburb' of Princeton. I haven't been there for about 20 years, but it used to be a gorgeous part of NJ, with historic homes, great estates, corporate campuses, and some beautiful farm country. Have a great time there. And Stumpy, watch your quarters in Atlantic City.


    It's always smart to have your clothes ready for running, Mariposai!


    Nice runs with the dogs, Tammy. Looks like they had a blast! Also a nice score with the Pre poster.


    Great family outing, Troy, and a great looking family too! Nice job on the half, including your 'training.'


    No cakes? No goats? What's going on here???


    No running on a family trip? Yeah, right...


    Welcome back, Steve - nice run for you. I'd like to see Tag do somersaults.


    Faster tractors, Mike? Heh.


    Nice escape trail run, MS. Too bad you had to pay for it later, but I'll bet it was still worth it.


    Glad to see Leslie posting too, and it's great that you are starting to get the mileage back up, and keeping up the core work.


    OK - gotta go. I have early meetings 3 days this week, and the first one is today. I'm already late getting on the road.  Have a greta day!



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      Thanks for the interesting update about a yesterday that featured Troy’s two half half mary’s for a full half mary almost as scenic as Selb’s half mary, somebody being an old goat, Leslie surviving her Western States training run (70 miles?), a signed Pre poster, tri-lovers, zombies and clothes, and Troy’s upcoming week with John Muir’s favorite avian friend. Mine too.

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        Jay—thanks for starting us off despite your busy schedule.

        Tammy—those are some happy dogs.  Nice pics.

        Troy—if I ever make it up to Alaska will you take me on a picnic?  Those are amazing pics.  And that race looks fun, too.

        Nice pic on Ribs’ blog post, too.  Clearly the fashion preoccupation must have developed later in life.

        MS—I’m impressed.  Not a lot of folks know about Maoist processing.


        High humidity makes even “EZ” runs a challenge, especially if they have hills like this morning.  10 not-so-EZ miles leaving me drenched. I give up any concern with pace on these runs, take walk breaks if I need to, and just try to get them done.  The cold shower and AC feel wonderful when I get back!

        Trails are hard!

          I had 100% humidity this morning and no need of AC.  57° and a nice steady rain for two laps around the lake and 6.3 miles.  Two cat's favorite running conditions.   I apparently rushed the Garmin a little too much in its satellite connection as it ended up about a 1/2 mile short.  But it was raining and I was in a hurry to get going.  At least the time will be right, and I know pretty much what the actual distance is.


          It also finally registered this morning--I'm now officially tapering.  Shocked  It feels somewhat anticlimactic as I only made it to 16.5 for my longest, but there it is.

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            ...Nice to know

            Ribbs and I have the Same Basic Attitude towards Bikes>>>>we don't know squat.....



            No Other Options is my Option,

            I will

            continue to ride whil'st scaring the Crappe out of myself periodically




            ...but I digress......


            ..........24min poolrun with drag


            ............found out

            getting there 20minutes early doesn't get me a lane,

            and forgetting

            to put COFFEE in the coffee maker results in drinking HotWater and pretending it is coffee


            I also now know

            why we drink Coffee instead of HotWater........DSM-V be damned


            ................good running guys........

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Maybe what Holly's husband meant long runs (such as in doing a 20 miler, which takes you away from the family for nearly four hours and then it leaves you exhausted for the rest of the day (at least that is what my DH meant when he said the same thing to me one year when we went on vacation Roll eyes). Run or no run have fun as a family. As they grow older it i sure gets harder to get the  whole family together.


              Thanks for all your nice comments on my race report. Dr. J. is doing well now. They rode their bikes for 50 miles on Saturday in preparation to a race next month no A-fibs.


              Gorgeous pictures from Troy. The family outing looks like fun. I like the picture of your favorite knitter.


              Great to see fattozzig around here yesterday! We miss ya sistahh.


              4 recovery miles with the Easy Pacer. He is serious about this training for a marathon thing now. He is planning to go 5 miles on Thursday and for a 3 hours walk/run on Saturday.. and I just keep smiling big Smile

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                My left eye had been swollen 90% shut for a few days, I have had unimaginable headaches, and light has been my enemy.  This morning I crawled out of my hole long enough to say happy anniversary to Cindy (30 years) and hand her a card.  Just when I was wondering if I should call the doctor again I actually started feeling better.  My headache is gone, my eye is open, and I am not afraid of the light.


                I feel bad overall but that could be from not sleeping very good for the last 4 nights.


                I have had moments here and there when I was feeling better so this could be just another one of the false hopes.


                I can't read too well yet, so I hope everything is going ok.  I did see some nice pictures and Tom is raising tree goats?

                Humanity runs on coffee.

                  ...dave// of the last things

                  Hubie told us was for you to call the doc if you even THINK the shingles is getting closer to your eyes




                  he graduated top of his class in goat school

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    Dave - Shingles??  {Healing Hugs!!!}  My mom had those on her head and forehead a couple of times.  I know it is an extremely painful condition.


                    Nice swim, TriBee!


                    Some beautiful pictures yesterday.  The Chetco River is an awesomely gorgeous river.  And in a couple of Troy's pics, I'd call that "a long stretch of lonesome" . . . . if yo don't count the mosquitoes.


                    Tet - No 70-mile run for me this past Memorial Day Weekend.  I went and worked the aid station Saturday, morning registration Sunday, then came back home Sunday afternoon after picking up Kate and Karen and giving them their car keys.  I learned a valuable lesson: If you want to be participating in something really, really badly, don't go to the event.  Selfish, I know, but there it is.  However, Kate is running WS in two weeks, and I am very much looking forward to crewing for her.


                    Humidity - Ugh!  We feel a very little bit of it here once in awhile, and that's enough for me.


                    Okay - Gotta get going.  Check y'all out later ~

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                      ...dave// of the last things

                      Hubie told us was for you to call the doc if you even THINK the shingles is getting closer to your eyes




                      he graduated top of his class in goat school

                      My doctor had me go to an ophthalmologist to make sure my eye was ok.  It is, but there was an infection caused by the shingles which is why everything was so swollen.  I have a follow-up on Thursday with the eye doc.  I don't expect any issues.

                      Humanity runs on coffee.

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                        thanks for the Western update leslie. I would never, ever have thought that a regular runner, especially me, should bother others for crewing/pacing in those prolonged all-night-long superultras but, based on the Pigtails Challenges (and experiences dove told me about), I believe that just a crew to expedite progressing through the aid stations there every ten miles would have saved several, if not more, hours, even within the allotted cutoff time. Kate's no regular runner but I can now understand how much she appreciates and needs your valuable dedication all weekend. Have fun.

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                          Dave, I hope you get thru the shingles quickly.


                          Summer finally made it here. I was beginning to wonder.


                          8.5 decent miles this morning. Legs are a little tight from a large volume of biking over the weekend.


                          DD got her braces off. She looks so grown up now. Not ready yet.

                            deez, congrats on your longest ever bike ride.  rhoon, great job on your half, with pictures.  Also, I really liked the family pictures.  Tammy, nice pictures of your dogs and the fantastic Pre poster.  Dave, congrats to you and Cindy on 30 years.  Also, I hope you've turned the corner on the shingles outbreak.  It sure sounds like it's been awful.


                            Nice long runs for Tramps, lynden, Mike, stumpy, evan, and another for Tramps.


                            This morning, it was in the low to mid 60s and there was a light wind.  I didn't feel like running (I'm blaming recovering from Saturday's half but probably just laziness or bad attitude.) but went out and did 6 miles at an 11:22 pace.


                            A good day and good runs for all.


                              Tet - Crewing gives me the ability to give back, even if it's just for one runner, and I think it helps the runner to see a friendly face in the wee dark hours after midnight.  Plus, I get to soak in the atmosphere of an iconic race, one in which I doubt I will ever run.


                              Kate is one of the most steady runners I have ever had the pleasure of watching run.  She finished in just under 29 hrs in 2010, and she has the same great pacer this year, who has run WS a couple of times.  I think she has a shot of getting in faster than 3 years ago.

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                              2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

                                Leslie, I think I missed something, are you out of a job?

                                Being kind of a fearful person, I just calculated what my unemployment benefits would be if I lose my job.


                                Went 4.3 easy miles this morning, HR was a bit high and I felt sluggish, then I felt kind of nauseated all morning and a bit chilly.  So working off some minor bug I guess.  I blame commuting.


                                I'm curious about this zombie thing now.  Do you pre-set the pace for the zombies?  Do you sandbag when they aren't around so you will have some energy to outrun them?  I think it could be fun.

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