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40/40 Thread for week ending 1/27/07 (Read 470 times)

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    For those of you who are new, this is the 40/40 thread, for those who are over 40 years old who run or aspire to run 40 miles/week. We give Free Passes to those who come really close or try really hard... Smile Okay, gang, I think I have most of the totals in from last week. If I got something wrong, let me know.
    Twocat67.59 All that running and still whips up a might fine macro.
    Perch57 A 20-miler and an 18-mile double – nice week.
    Holly54.451st 20-miler done. Like Twocat, 2 weeks till my next one.
    CNYrunner54 Nice week, in spite of luggage mishap and lots of travel.
    Predawnrunner48 Building up the mileage nicely. I fully agree with your method to forego speedwork during buildup. Now is not the time for injury. Just get to Boston uninjured.
    Tramps44.6 Refusing to give in to the table madness.
    SirWalksalot 43.4 Stomach bug only slowed him a little.
    PeterNC42.4 Keeping it solid until he finds a race.
    Breger42.25 With some tough tempo work.
    Evenflein37 ish Carlsbad Marathon to top off the week.
    Pfriese16.3 Free Pass. Taking a well-deserved rest after the Goofy Challenge.
    PJH Free Pass Recovering from an Achilles tendon injury
    Rgreen Free Pass Happy Birthday!
    Way5yom Free Pass
    Here's my plan for the coming week.
    Monday00 Weights and abs
    Tuesday8-1011.6 Hill workout day
    Wednesday77.15 Easy pace
    Thursday8-1010 With intervals on the treadmill - (3 min HMRP/1 min recovery) x 10
    Friday00 Weights and abs
    Saturday78.15 Easy pace
    Sunday12-1515 5 at MP

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    i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

      Thanks Holly! Stepback (a little bit) week before heading into the 60's.
      DayPlan Actual Comments
      Monday REST+ X-Train2 miMagical Healing Miles for Tory @AHR140 + 6x 30 sec front, each side planks
      Tuesday9 mi w/5 mi @LT(7:30)9.2 miavg 7:48 pace AHR 163 w/ 5 miles @ 7:26
      Wednesday12 mi m-LR12 mi8:43 progression 9:30 - 8:05 AHR 149
      Thursday2 mi recovery2.2 mi9:45 AHR 141 w/Tory then Core strengthening (planks, PU's, ham curls, hip flexors)
      Friday8 mi GA8.8 mi7:58 AHR 159 Target 160
      Saturday14 mi m-LR15 mi 8:26 AHR 154
      Sunday4 mi recovery3.2AHR 139
      Totals:5152.4Tempo and hilly GA and m-LR's ... averaged 8:32 pace for the week

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        Tramps 44.6 Refusing to give in to the table madness
        Big grin Is that like "taper madness"? Plan / actual Mon rest Tues 7 including 4 @ tempo (7:20) Wed 7.6 easy @8:56 Thurs nada Fri 8.4 w/intervals @ ~6:50 pace Sat 8 easy @ 8:56 Sun 10 @ 8:38 41
          No plan for the week, just more miles than last week.
          Monday6 miles9:04/mile pace
          Tuesdayrest daydone
          Wednesday8.15 milesintervals, avg pace 8:38/mile
          Thursdayrest daydone
          Friday5.1 miles8:43/mile
          Saturday5K race (with 0.9 mile warm-up jog)last minute entry, 23:40 time
          Sunday14 miles10:10/mile pace
          Total37.2 milesDONE, looks like I need another free pass this week, too.
          Thanks for the tabulations and comments Holly. Paul
            Hello All, 1/21 4 miles 4 miles in 37:00 weights and abs 1/22 8 miles--- 2 miles easy, 6x7 minutes hard on hills,2 miles easy 10.7 with 6x 7 minutes over hills at 7:50-7:13 pace-- too erratic but felt okay at end 1/23 12-13 miles---- last mile at 7:45 pace13 miles in 1:54 with last mile in 7:50 1/24 Off 2.6 miles easy to soak in sun and 30 degree temps weights and abs 1/25 8-9 miles----2 miles easy 4x 1 mile at 7:30 pace with 3 min. rest,2-3 easy steady pace run instead per orders 10.5 miles in 1:33 with 8 miles at 8:00 minute pace 1/26 20 miles-----miles 13-18 at MP 20 miles in 3:01/9:03 pace overall with miles 13-18 at 7:50 pace 1/27 8-10 miles ----shakeout steady pace 6 miles shakeout pace---mellow Total=66.8
              No plan here either. Run 40 if I can. There: a plan. Mon-----5.33, 49.21 Tues----0--do flash card drills with my third grader count towards mileage? Wed----8.33, 1:14:31 TH------0 Fri-----0 I feel like I've forgotten how to run, better have a good w'end Sat----13.89, 2:04.38 Sun---12.13, 1:55:36 39.68----maybe I'll jog 1/2 mile tonight Thanks, Holly, for doing all the tabulations!
                Thank you Holly!
                DayPlan Actual Comments
                Monday Rest Rest-
                Tuesday9 mi easy9 mi 10:13 pace, with last mile at 9:06
                Wednesday6 mi easy0.63opted out due to scary twingy hip
                Thursday9 mi 9 milast 2 mi at tempo 9:09 pace
                Saturday4 mi easy4 mi9:52 pace
                Sunday12 mi Med-Long12 mi9:18 MP pace
                Totals:4034.6i'll need a free pass this week

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                  I'll need a big Free Pass this week. The mileage will be low as I've been sick and I have the Miami Half Marathon on Sunday. (I hope I can run it ...)
                  MondayPlanned Rest Day0 milesDid it!
                  Tuesday4 miles easy4 miles easy9:08 min/mile pace
                  Wednesday5 miles with 6x800m intervals0 milesSick
                  Thursday3 miles recovery3 miles recovery10:06 min/mile pace
                  Friday4 miles recovery0 miles
                  SaturdayPlanned Rest Day0 miles
                  Sunday13.1 miles hard!4 milesPainful abs from Coughing!
                  Totals:30ish11.0An alltime low?

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                    I won't be posting for a couple of weeks. I'm on vacation beginning Friday (heading for some sun). I hope to start running again this weekend, but my sports therapist has advised me to go slowly. I'm hoping I can rehab while I'm away and come back fully healed and ready to resume my training program then. Keep up the great running everyone! Good luck with your training! PJ
                      I am traveling so this is likely to be just a place holder until I return on Sunday. Fortunately, Pfitz has this as a relatively low milage week since most of it is likely to be on a treadmill.
                      Monday88 Treadmill day 1.
                      Tuesday1414 Treadmill day 2. Ugh!
                      Wednesday1212 Treadmill day 3. Help!
                      Thursday55 Treadmill day 4. Slowly going out of my mind!
                      Friday55 Treadmill day 5. Quickly going out of my mind!
                      Saturday1111 La la la la la.
                      Sunday00 Plane travel! No more treadmill runs!

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                        Traveling, resting, conferencing, etc... this will definitely be a recovery week. That's ok... if Holly's doing back-to-back 20 milers (really Holly? I missed that last then I can slack off. Boston's still a ways off girl, don't hurt yo'self.
                        MondayPlanned Rest Day8 milesHiking/jogging in Catalina, 10% grade (eek!)
                        TuesdayRest Day3 miles jog/walk with DHYes I'm posting walking
                        Wednesday5 miles0Pushups and core stuff at hotel
                        Thursday3 milesXT4.5 miles walking, 10 minutes stair running, 20 mins strength/core
                        FridayRest Day5.25 MilesEZ Treadmill run, switched rest w/Thurs; also 1 mile walking
                        Saturday6 miles7.5 miles4 @ MP; plus .75 mile walking and 20 mins weights
                        Sunday8-10 miles11.16 milesAlso walked a mile and did ab/core work later
                        Totals:22-24ish?34.9Total includes some of that run/walk stuff I did with DH, but with 10% grade... I'm counting it!

                        Hill Runner

                          Thanks Holly, I only ran 3 days this week as I had an issue with my's OK now. Smile I may run the Virginia Beach marathon on March 16..still undecided. Sun Mon 10 Tue Wed Thur 10 Fri Sat 10 30 miles total for the week

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