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Post-Election Wednesday Daily, 11.7.12 (Read 362 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    I hope all your candidates won, and all the ballot questions went the way you wanted them to. I'm glad that there appears to have been high voter turnout in most states, and I'm very glad that we don't have to deal with any more junk TV ads and mailers! Finally, all the drug companies can take over the airways again so we can learn more about the side-effects of the drugs they are peddling...


    OK - enough.


    I jumped out of bed at 4:15 this morning, and was out the door 15 minutes later. It was 32F, quite overcast, and with a significant breeze from the north. It was nice when I had a tailwind, and a little more challenging when I turned into it. I only saw one critter - a quick shadow that zoomed across the road ahead of me. It was a little too quick and a little too far away to tell what it was, although it appeared to be cat-size. Nothing all that noteworthy about the workout, except that it was good to be out there - which is probably noteworthy enough!


    Lots of wind, and maybe some snow for us tonight. I hope our East Coast friends are spared any more turmoil from the incoming nor'easter.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Yes...thoughts and prayers for those dealing with more severe weather.


      No run this morning. Had to be at work early. That doesn't mean I get to leave early.


      Looking forward to a decent run tonight.

        3 easy miles for me this morning. 

        And so it goes

          Like Slo-runner, I am looking forward to a nice sunny run this afternoon. I plan to leave work early since I drove back home last night from my meeting in Olympia. I am sorry I did not see Erika, but she had to take care of her papa anyway. Maybe next time.

          Jay, I always enjoy reading the description of your runs, except that 4:XX wake up time.


          {{{{East Coast friends}}}}}


          I hope to catch up later here. 

          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          Trails are hard!

            No run this morning. Had to be at work early. That doesn't mean I get to leave early.



            Slo--sure know that feeling. 


            Still adjusting to being home for more than a weekend AND in the office for the whole week.  Dressed for the 25º that I expected and got 35º instead.  Was a little warm until I turned for home into the same North breeze that Jay had.  3.1 miles on the first early morning lake loop in 6 weeks.  Saw a bunch of the regulars, so it felt pretty normal.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            Marathon Maniac #957

              I am SO HAPPPY the political ads are done for a while.  Living in Ohio, and that being considered a swing state, the ads were non-stop!  And I'm such a cynic - I tend to believe they are ALL ad that especially torqued me off was one for Debbie L., County Commissioner.  The ad said, "Ohio jobless rate lowest in 4 years!  Vote Debbie L. for County Commissioner..."  Now tell me, what on earth does a county commissioner do that makes the jobless rate change for the ENTIRE state?


              7 easy-frisky miles for me this morning in 36 degrees.


              We're closing on the refinancing of our home after work - 3.5% rate is about as good as we can find around here, especially given that we don't have much equity (mostly due to the drop in property values).

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              King of PhotoShop

                Yes, it's over, thank goodness, now if we can just all pull together and forget this acrimonious year we may get things on track.


                Thanks all of you for your advice re S.T.'s leg cramps.  Lots of great suggestions.  He has been following the thread and learned a lot, as did I.


                Had my annual physical this morning, so  a bit late start to my running day. Just back from 4.4 at easy pace; legs still tired from Sunday.  Spareribs

                  good morning!


                  sleep deprived night - went to an election party and then stayed up late (for me) to watch speeches.


                  Very proud of our son last night. He said that the next election we have will be the last one where he cannot vote (he'll be almost 17 for the next one). he said he does not want to know who my DH and I are supporting, but wants to listen to the debates, learn about who the candidates will be, what they stand for, etc. and make his own "pretend" votes.  and the next one will be a great one for him to do that because we'll have two "new" candidates. We have always tried to instill in him a sense of thinking for yourself, making informed and educated opinions and decisions, and NOT just following along with what your parents do. Whether it's politics or religion, we want him to make his own path and not just follow the one he sees in the household "because that's all I know or all i've been exposed to".


                  will run after work today. gotta burn off some of that yummy food I ate at the party last night.


                    ...Hope EastCoasters get a break this time thru..........




                    32min poolrun




                    i got it//////////

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                      i got it//////////


                      Sweet !


                                I am back to the hilly woods trail.  Also doing pool exercises and floor exercises, and my back is better.  



                        Thanks OM. It's designed by a genius.


                        Happy refinancing Holly.


                        Proud parents are great!


                        a couple of miles with the dog today. The RD at the Turkey Vulture Trot said Tag's welcome to the race. He may not, however, go into the building an assist injured birds with physical therapy.


                          Spareribs in case SpareTire is still following the calf cramping suggestions I get the towards the end of marathons.  I looked into every study I could find on the cause and possible cure.  The quick answer is they are not sure why muscles cramp and so are not sure what to do about it.  The two primary suggestions are the ones you have seen here already: additional endurance training and electrolytes.  Unfortunately, neither has proven effective in studies.  One reason may be that it is very, very difficult to do a study on cramping since we do not know how to reliably induce exercise related cramps.  Just asking a group to go run and keep running until they cramp apparently will not work.  (I imagine too many people just tire out and stop prior to cramping.)  Nevertheless, given what little we know additional endurance training and electrolytes seem to be the best we have to offer.  My PT suggested I build up my electrolytes in the days prior to a race.  That is, in addition to carbo loading I should, in a sense, electrolyte load.  Her view, backed only by her hunch I suspect, is that your body needs to store sufficient electrolytes in the muscle tissue that it has a suitable supply to draw from during the race.  I have no idea if this will work for me or anybody else.  I had planned to try this in Amsterdam but that went out the window.  Then Disney . . . so my next shot at electrolyte loading will be Boston.  Even then I will not know for sure even if I do not cramp up since I have avoided cramps in some marathons without electrolyte loading.

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                            That's great about your son, Tammy. Too many people in this country seem to have lost the ability to think for themselves (if they ever had it). 


                            Nice bike, tomwhite! Enjoy... did you get a special seat? Or special shorts? 


                            Yes it will be nice to be done with the political ads, local as well as national. As Holly mentioned, there are an awful lot of promises about things the individual really has limited ability, if any, to effect.


                            Still in Seattle, although Dad got out of the hospital yesterday. Seems awfully early to Mom and me, but he got a really good night's sleep last night, which doesn't happen readily in hospitals.


                            Today I ran from the hotel (with LOTS of stops at intersections) down to the Harbor Steps on University. Then ran along waterfront towards Myrtle Edwards Park, then Centennial Park, then to Terminal 91 where it got pretty industrial. The pedestrian path pretty much disappeared and I was on a narrow fenced-in bike path. I got enough surprised looks and near-misses from bikers that I decided this is pretty much where the runners need to turn around. That was mile 4. Headed back a little over 3 miles to about where I started, then headed back up the steps and the hill to the hotel. Lots more traffic on the way back so it took longer. Still, very nice to run on the paths, and I even ran back up the hill a lot (between intersections). Did that as a separate run though... all combined it was a little over 8 miles with a good uphill run at the end.


                            Sorry we weren't able to connect yesterday, Mariposai, but it really wasn't the best night to try that. As we always say... some other time, right? Am I though meeting a GF for lunch today! She moved down here years ago and it seems like I hardly ever see her anymore, even when I'm here.


                            ETA: If you haven't read Wildchild's Moab Marathon race report, you need to go do that!

                              ...erika//.........the seat on this thing is soooooo comfy I may take along passengers.....

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                                No run yet (ala slo - it's a busy work schedule) but I will get some miles tonight.


                                Nice bike TW!


                                Wishing your family well Erika.


                                I hear ya stumpy. I always seem to overdress and should know better.


                                We had one of those here as well Holy. Glad that is done.


                                Good for your son Tammy. I tend to try and get my homework done prior to the booth but found I knew little about the judges on the ballot. I guess that's ok as they all ran unopposed and that really chaffed me. How can you have a best choice if there is only one? So that tells me its the absolute best person for the job?  I just like having differing ideas and skills and options. You can't live your life and only have chocolate ice cream. Even Baskin Robins knew that. Makes me feel short changed. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now.


                                Cheers everyone.

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