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Terrible Twosday, 8.28.12 (Read 404 times)


    Mornin' all.


    I was up at 3:55, and out the door at 4:10 this morning. 5.3 racewalking miles in 73 majorly-muggy degrees. I was half-expecting rain this morning, and after feeling that wall of muggies, I wished that it had been raining. I just took it easy and focused on form instead of speed. Didn't see any critters this morning. It was low tide, and the surf was acting up a little bit, no doubt excited about the little bit of rain and wind that's coming our way this morning. Away from the water, all I heard was my breathing and the sound of acorns falling through the trees. That's right - it's still August and mild and the days are still moderately long, but signs of seasons to come are upon us.


    I have an 8:30 meeting this morning, and a 7:00 meeting tonight, so it promises to be a long day. So maybe I'll be back here tomorrow morning, and maybe not...


    I'll be thinking about our friends in the south today and tomorrow, and wish them all safe passage through Issac.


    Enjoy your Tuesday, regardless of your weather.  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

    Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

      Good morning Jay and all those to follow!!  


      This morning was a 3 mile run with Brinkley.   It was a cooler 58° with less humidty and the sky was bright with stars and some light swirling clouds.   When we got home I hooked up B'Nellie and we went out for another 2 miles. 


      Happy Tuesday!


      "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
      It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."


        Good morning Jay and Mary. Nice to see your post this morning Mary. We miss you and your 4-legged buddies.


        Sounds like a long day for you Jay. Hope there's at least one cup of strong coffee in your future!


        Take care, Twocat. We don't want to see that avatar of the cat on crutches again. Always best to err on the side of caution, yes?


        (((Tim))) Hang in there, friend.


        Good luck to Bill and all of our friends dealing with hurricane issues today.


        It was already 67° and a little muggy here when I took off this morning. Ran 2.5 miles to the Y which I thought was shut down for the week for annual cleaning. Lucky me - the weight room was open so I did some upper body weights and core stuff for 30 minutes, then took the "long way" back home. Total 6 miles for the day but I'm not sure about pace - forgot to turn my Garmin back on. Yesterday it was in the upper 80''s in the classrooms in our school. The poor kids were having a hard time staying awake. This is their second week back and the temps don't look to be going down any time soon. I hope they remember these days come January Cool

          ..3:55???.........okay jay, now you're just Showing Off..........




          28min constantly Amazed at the Healing Powers of Water.


          Leg and Back much improved.



          many UnNoticed Heroes in your Life,


          one of them

           is an 80-year Old Lady who's been Swimming

          longer than I have been going to the Y



          brings her Portable OxygenTank

          and parks it at the end of one lane,

          does One Hour Plus of laps,

          and then quietly picks it up and hits the locker room



          she shared a Lane with me,

          I was Seriously Inspired at the Effort it takes her to do those Laps.



          .......................good running guys....................try to Notice those UnNoticed Heroes today......

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Good morning gang! I hope all is well with my RAfamily. 

             I am glad to read that Ben and Econo did the relay. During our trip to Florence, OR and back this weekend we saw many, many vans driving to and from the relay. 


            Well, this was an exciting weekend for the Easy Pacer and I. We had the blessing of driving with our two sons for 12 hours in the car (son David just returned last week from visiting my family for 6 weeks and had tons of great stories to share) to and from the Oregon Coast where we saw my DH's family and attended a wedding of our niece. We all had a great time!

            On Sunday, the family dropped me off to Tacoma, where I had a meeting all day yesterday and were I ran 6 miles exploring the city. Post meeting I drove back home for 5 hours and now I am totally wiped out and no running for me.


            Make it great, my dear friends. I will try to catch up later this week, before my next travel time.

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            King of PhotoShop

              That lady is impressive Tom, as are you.


              Just 3.3 easy this morning. My legs feel fine. I just feel a bit tired and don't have a lot of energy or spring in my step.


              Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the 4th of July in 1826.  What president died on the same date, five years later?



              MM #5616

                Good morning!  I think Jay is my unnoticed hero, getting up early every day and getting out there, and taking the time to notice all the beauty around him, and to describe it so vividly for us.  Thanks, Jay!


                I'm loving the early morning running, but I go out after the sun is up.  I get up when it's dark, drive partway to work, and stop for a run in one of the many parks I pass on the way.  Today I ran 5 miles in Chatfield State Park, and I took my camera along to try to get a picture of the pelicans I've been seeing out where the Platte River empties into Chatfield Lake.  Really beautiful morning for a run today!  Just like it is every morning - I'm really lucky.



                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.



                  I walked to work this morning, still sore from the relay, but a good healthy sore.  Standing up at work today, too.  (Posture, Econo!  Posture!)

                  Trails are hard!

                    Plenty of time in the middle for a nap, Jay.


                    Carolyn--don't think of pelicans being in CO.  are they there all the time, or just lost?


                    Hi Mary and hounds.  I'm jealous of your temps and lack of humidty.


                    3.1 dripping miles in 74° and what felt like 98% humidity. There were tiny little sprinkles in the air, but the downpour I was hoping for didn't come until I was driving to work.


                    Off to NC (again) to watch my 2MW generator get set in place at the plant we've been working at for the past few years.  The generator and enclosure wiegh over 100K lbs and will be 30' tall when the radiator and exhaust get stuck on top.  I will be VERY happy to let the people that know what they're doing to be in charge.  i just had to spec and buy it.

                    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                    MM #5616

                      Stumpy, I was kind of surprised to see pelicans in Colorado, too, but I've seen them at Chatfield Lake on my last 3 runs there.  Here's a map that shows that they may live here in the summer for breeding, or they may be migrating.



                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                      Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                        Wow, I've never seen white Pelicans before!    You do have a wonderful place to run Carolyn!!


                        Stumpy - we have had a few days of the H&H and it just moved out last night, so hopefully the pleasant air is moving your way.


                        That 80 year old lady is very impressive!!


                        Thanks JLynne.  Wink


                        "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
                        It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."



                          We have a few egrets and blue herons.  Paul, right after we split up at our run Sunday, I think I saw a great blue heron.  Did you?  I would have to ask you to verify that's what it was.


                          Had a tough workout this morning, just before lunch.  Took a little personal leave.  Coach said "2 miles warm up, 3x7 minutes at marathon pace with 3 minutes easy jog recovery in between (don’t go too fast on this), 2 miles cool down" so that's what I did.


                          I don't want any of you to lose sleep over whether I got the job in Newburgh, NY, so here's the latest exchange of e-mails:

                          Me-Dear Mr. Bigshot, I wanted to pass along an exciting update.  I'm now a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.


                          Mr. Bigshot-Thank you for the update.  I may have mentioned this to you previously, but in the event I did not, we have decided to take a step back and redefine the position and potentially some structural aspects of our management.  I hope that we will finish the evaluation in 4-6 weeks.  During the meantime our hiring and interview process has been put on hold.


                          That doesn't sound too promising, does it?  Well, if the position still exists then and they're still considering me, better then than now!  For one thing, DS is in his senior year.  Marching band "preview" tonight.  Friday night halftime show.

                          "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                            Jay, I was running at the same time as you, just in a different time zone.  I’m sure my lake smells a bit different than the ocean too. Hope your 7pm meeting is with your wife. Hi Mary, I think of you and your mamma when I visit my mamma at her retirement home.  I too think the Old Lady pool swimmer is awesome.  Glad you’re on the mend tom.  Nice running and a special family trip for you Posai.  Is your son home for a while now? Ribs, I never know your trivia, I could google it, but that would be cheating.  Belated birthday greetings and nice running last week!


                            I didn’t get any running in last week.  My hip was bothering me a little, plus I was busy getting ready for a family reunion here at my house.  35 people, 4 dogs and one bathroom certainly made my family closer.  I was ready to put a 2 hour cleaning chart on the bathroom door like they have at Wal-Mart.  The light drizzle all day Saturday kept us all inside instead of out on the boat and on the patio.  Sunday was sunny and calm so we did get to use the boat then.


                            Anyway, after everyone left on Sunday I got out for my long run.  I intended to run 10, but only did 9.45,,,, still my longest ever!  I am still slower than slow, but that’s OK. 


                            This morning I woke up at 4:20 this morning and when I came back to bed there was no room for me to get comfy.  As I lay there thinking about my “to-do list” and it occurred to me that now would be a good time to run.  We are having highs of 90 -100° this week again so that was a good call.  My legs were a little sore yesterday from my long run on Sunday, but felt fine this morning.  I even got home before my alarm clock went off.  I kind of like running in the dark but then I miss running through the campground trail since that’s not lighted.  MrStarr has a headlamp, but I really don’t want to look that dorky.  (I don’t like to wear a bike helmet either).


                            I’ll catch up on the list later today.  Good running guys!

                            Starr in SW MN

                              I’m hopelessly behind here.  Hope everyone is well.  We had a very nice time in Colorado last week.  I had a work conference in Denver for a few days followed by a week-long cabin rental in northern Colorado.  Nice secluded spot with easy access to nearby trail-heads for day hikes.  I got 10-18 mile day hikes in every day, in addition to some short 5-mile runs.  So I didn’t gain that much weight from all the extra beer. Smile


                              The running was pretty neat.  After a mile hill climb from our cabin, this was the open meadows road where I ran.  Look closely, I’m the orange dot.


                              Day hikes brought some nice, varied terrain and great views, too.



                               All in all a good week.  We capped it off with a brief visit to finally meet Wildchild and her husband in person at their wonderful home.  The house they’ve built is truly unique and impressive.  I loved it.  Again, meeting an imaginary friend in real life was a delightful experience.  After hearing about Carolyn’s exploits, we were driving to the airport. Tribee casually looks at me and says, admiringly, “Carolyn could kick your butt running.” 




                              While I enjoy a change of scenery, coming back always makes me appreciate the comforts of home.  The house seems huge after a week in a small cabin and while we don’t have the cool dry comfortable temperatures of Colorado, everything here seemed so lush and green in comparison.


                              So today it was a slow 5-miler to re-acclimate….sweating again.

                              The Goofinator

                                MrStarr has a headlamp, but I really don’t want to look that dorky. 


                                I resemble that remark every morning.  Along with my reflector vest, blinking strap around one ankle, and blinking thingy (the technical term) attached to the heel of the opposite shoe.  If a driver says he/she can't see me, he/she is either blind or has his/her eyes closed.


                                I greatly admire the elderly lady TomW mentioned.


                                7.1 miles this a.m. in foggy conditions.  Crossed paths with a family of 3 racoons.  They seem to be pretty prolific around here right now as the only "predators" are cars.


                                Got an email from Kate (Mt. Hood running buddy) yesterday in which she gave me a brief lowdown on her run at Cascade Crest over the weekend.  Trail sounds brutal, but she finished, bad blisters and all.  She got her finisher's buckle, but is more excited about the bumper sticker she can add to the UM (ultra mobile) along with her Western States bumper sticker.  Her comment, "Collect them all!"


                                I was very touched in that she wrote me before she'd even talked to her coach or her sister, Karen.  Told her she was an evil influence as, since reading her email, I have grown more sound in my resolve to try a 100-miler in 2014.  We'll see, 'cause as I sat in the chair around 5:00 a.m. this morning wishing I could go back to bed, I thought to myself, "And you want to train for 100 miles?  What time of the morning do you think you'll be getting up to do that?"  It's  vicious cycle. Roll eyes


                                And for you squeamish, I've changed my avatar to something less . . . monsterish.

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