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Monday April 15 Taxes and Boston Marathon Day (Read 44 times)

    Good morning good people! I hope everyone running Boston have the best day and your races are exactly as you hoped they would be. Fleet feet and good luck - we'll be tracking you!!!


    Lots to comment on but no time. Off to work after an hour at the Y this morning.


    Have a great Monday everyone.


      Hi Jeanne!    I couldn't help but pop in.    I can't track as obsessively as I usually do, or least spend the whole day in here commenting, but I've brought a big bag of snacks... help yourselves.

      um.    walterb's 5K #s are up.   : D


      oh no,   I really do have to work today.


      but will be back when I can!

      MM #5615

        bhearn: ............2703--5k 21:21--10k 42:17

        WaltRB: ..........7136--5k 23:02--10k 46:23

        Winejunky: ......9739--5k 21:32

        Tramps:.......... 9939--5k 24:33

        TwoCat:.......... 12205--5k 24:15

        Rtravers: ........ 18163

        Mainerunnah: ..25629--5k 25:48

        Deez4boyz:....  25669

        Spareribs: ...... .26098



          hey Mike, I thought you had to work??


          : )

          MM #5615


              I am here for the party. Since DG brought the popcorn I am bringing the drink Smile.

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


                Hi Nancy!     oh I really really can't just keep doing this but look at Kelly!      wow.


                ...thanks.   I forgot drinks.

                  Yeah, look at Winejunky and Bharn, fast 5k!!!. Actually all of them are running pretty fast to the 5k point.

                  "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    Boston Monday is always fun around here.


                    After a week of cold rain, it is 59° outside right now.  I ran 5.71 miles back when it was only a tropical 50°.

                    And so it goes

                    MM #5615

                      Sorry--I gotta go

                        Good Morning. I have my coffee and i'm ready for an unproductive morning. I updated the Boston Runners thread with times so far, before I looked here and see that it's been updated here also.


                        my co-worker, Justin, is doing real also. maintaining 6:40 or so pace.


                          American women:  WOW!


                          Shalane Flanagan 4th

                          Kara Goucher 6th


                          American Men:  WOW!


                          Jason Hartmann 4th



                          "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                            What's up with Robin? It shows she started but I'm not seeing any of her splits.

                            aka FlyingFinn

                              Go, runners, go!

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                                Shalane finished in 2:27:08

                                Kara finished in 2:28:11