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RA Masters welcome RW runners!!! (Read 769 times)

    Ok gang, we have a few new friends posting here form RW and I am sure many are lurking wondering if this is the place for them, which you and I know it is Joking


    What if we dedicate this thread to introduce ourselves to welcome them and to tell them who we are.


    Shall we start with your handle name and your favorite running weather?



    I will start.


    I am Mariposai (a butterfly princes in my Indian tongue). I have been running steadily for 7 years now, but I started running on and off when I was about 16 years old. People around here call me MariP, Posie, Winged one, etc. Ohh and I really enjoy giving butterfly hugs to those who are Resting.


    My favorite running weather is the fall and running under a full moon.


    Now it is your turn!


    Ohh, may I add that here we post EVERYTHING in the daily, running, aches, pain, victories,  resting days and everything in between!

    We are rather chatty around here.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

    delicate flower

      Hello, RA masters!  Thanks for the welcome, Mariposai!  I'm a masters newbie (an even 40...I think that qualifies me).  I never posted in the RW masters forum but would like to be a little more active here.  I've only been running for about 20 months (Feb 2011), but I come from a cycling background so my fitness wasn't starting at square one.  I've done about 25 races since I started including three marathons.  I've run a hair over 2,000 miles this year.  My marathon PR is 3:45:29 and 5K PR is 22:20, though I am hoping to break the latter this Sunday.  I've really spent most of 2012 focusing on the marathon, but now I'd like to get those shorter race times down.  Long term, I have aspirations of running Boston.  I don't know if I have the ability in me to qualify, but I am going to find out.


      My username is the same that I've had on a mountain bike forum for years, taken from the cartoon character I R Baboon in all his finger smelling, red assed glory.


      Being a New England native, my favorite running weather is a sunny, crisp autumn day during peak foliage.  


        Thanks Mariposai,

        Im from RW too. Im 44 and started running at 42. I live down in New Zealand.


          Hello RA masters. I am a master but by age only (45). Since my pace is nothing to brag about (I kid you not as I continually prove that they don't shoot last place finishers) I chose a username to try to inspire some self-confidence. Bertha is the nickname of our local hill, a former landfill. Hence, I like to fancy myself the Slayer of Bertha aka BerthaSlayer. Don't be deceived, she still gets the best of me every time but one day I will conquer her. Probably during a winter as I do my best running then. But I prefer early spring and late fall to run in. And I'm not ashamed or afraid to abuse my treadmill. I'm currently training for my 12th marathon (TBD but likely to be Run For The Heroes in Amherstburg Ontario) and my third ultra (Vulture Bait 50k in London Ontario). Thanks for welcoming me/us and I look forward to getting to know this group. From what I've seen, I really like. Smile


          *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

          Old , Ugly and slow

            I am from rw. I am 51 started running in 1977 and ran a lot in the 80s. I quit most of the 90s 2 small kids. Last few year only about 10 miles a week.

            I would like to get back to 30 mpw or more in 2013.  I will try to be less  troll like here. I like the log and eveyrthing else here.

            first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


            2014goals   1300  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

            MM #5615

              Hello RW people...and welcome. 


              I joined this group about a year and half ago and have really enjoyed it.  From the very start, they welcomed me and made me feel like a part of the group...just like they're doing with you all now.  Since I don't really fit in with any group out in the real world--I call this place home.


              I have run all my life but really got into it when I decided to run 1 marathon.  In the summer of 1993, I began training for the 1994 Twin Cities Marathon...well, to make a long story short...after 41 marathons in 27 different states, I am now training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon in April of next year.  (Actually, it's just an excuse to meet Holly)


              Oh--my other claim to fame is--I have 8 kids and 18 grandkids...that's another long story...


              Okay--that's it!  I really gotta go.  Again, welcome to the group! 


              Space Cadet

                Thank you for this thread. I have seen several of my fellow RW'ers mention checking out this group. I have said good things about you.


                  Hey RW masters. I'm C-R and have been in this forum for about a year and a half. Great people on this forum. You will enjoy the discussions. Don't be shy and post frequently.


                  I'm a reformed soccer player and golfer that found running later in life. It helps me relieve stress and meet great people from here in real life from here. That is a genuine treat.


                  I'm looking forward to hearing your stories.

                  "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                  "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel



                    I lurked a lot at RW,and just started posting there before the take over of spam.

                    I'm 47. I started running back in the 90's to get in shape. I took the last 8 or so years off being busy raising my kids.

                    I quit tobacco last December and went from an overweight 215 lbs,to 235 in about 2 months time! I was getting out of breath tying my shoes. So in April I told the wife and kids I need to get back into shape.

                    I'm currently 205lbs,and feel great. I was up to 45 MPW over the summer,but running the kids to school and sports I'm back down to about 35 MPW till school lets out in the spring.

                    I just ran a 5K with my family on Thanksgiving morning.  I ran it in 24:31. I new PR. (well I was faster back in the 90's,but a PR for this time around!)


                    My favorite time to run is in the summer,before the sun comes up. Either on the deserted rural roads or bike trails.

                      Another newcomer from RW, although I did not post in their masters forum.  I am 50 and have been running for about 23 years.  I've done 11 marathons (but none since '06 - I was supposed to do one a few weeks ago but had to DNS due to injury).  I also did a 50K trail race last year and am registered for a 24 hour race next September (YIKES, what am I thinking???).


                      My favorite time of year to run is fall.  I have very little tolerance for heat and humidity so really suffer trying to run through the summer.  I really enjoy winter running as well (I'm in southwestern Ontario) but sometimes find the footing to be too challenging when it's snowy or icy.  It's almost never too cold for me t run though!


                      Space Cadet

                        I introduced myself last  week, so I'll give a short version.


                        I'm 52 and I started running at 47. In the first 3 years, I ran (completed) 3 HM's and 1 full. All slow, but I finished. The for the last year I have just run when I wanted to. So, not much.


                        My DH is a firefighter that gets to retire next year. The house is sold and closes in a few weeks. We are downsizing from 4br to a 2br apartment. Then in late spring/early summer we move from dry and dusty to beaches, sand and palm trees. Smile


                        Lots of changes.

                        MM #5615

                          Hey, stealth--will you adopt me and take me with you?

                          Space Cadet

                            As you can tell from my name change, I've been ready for this move for some time.

                              Hi all. I am not here often, but like to mingle with the other masters at Real Life gatherings.


                              I'm 47, started running at 38, and run lots of marathons and ultras. I'm too much of a wimp to run much that's shorter.


                              I just moved from Vancouver, BC to the California Bay Area (Portola Valley).


                              My latest claim to fame (might seem out of character for those of you that know me?) is managing to get my naked butt on live TV during Bay to Breakers this year.

                                HI All, 


                                Thanks for the warm welcome.  Also a transplant from RWOL (although, I was mostly a lurker).  


                                I'm rkymtnanna - aka Angela.   (rkymtn - for the Rock Mountains - I live in the Denver area.   anna = childhood nickname).   


                                I love running in cool, crisp, sunny weather - high 30's (F) to low 60's.  Autumn in Denver regularly delivers this weather - but sometimes we are lucky enough to get 60's in the summer, too.   


                                I will be 42 in February, and I started running shortly after my 39th birthday.   


                                I've been dealing with a bum leg all summer, and am trying to ramp my mileage back up over the next few months.   


                                Look forward to getting to know you all.  

                                You can call me Anna