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    Welcome RW people... I am lamerunner.  Female, almost 52 and have been running and racing  most of the time since age 15.  I don't race that much these days and I am not as fast I used to be.  I live in Manchester NH but spend a bit of time in the White Mountains north of us, especially in winter.


    Favorite running weather is probably cool and dry, upper 40s/low 50s, followed by running in light snow but no wind.



    I have a 13 year old DS and 19 year old DD.


      Howdy, and welcome to all the new folks in the neighborhood! It's great to have you here, and to learn all your stories.


      Every forum needs a token racewalker, and I got elected here. Actually, I'm very grateful that these fine folks let me play with them, and are patient as I go on and on and on about all this racewalking nonsense. I used to run (lots of 5Ks, 10Ks, and 4 marathons) until foot problems sidelined me in '03. Post-surgery, I started racewalking, and have never looked back. I'll do any distance up to half marathons, and love to hear the colorful language I get when I pass some of the slower runners in road races. I lead racewalking training clinics and training sessions about twice a month, and organize a local USATF-GP racewalking race, as well as a couple of road races (5K, half marathon).


      I live in coastal (now you know about my forum name) NH, and tend to be an early riser: If I don't get my workouts done early, they won't happen, and that wouldn't be good. Weather? Yep, we get that here too, and I usually go out in it. I learned this year that DW would still need me and feed me when I'm 64.



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


        Hi all, I'm Mike and another RW refugee. A master in age only as someone else said. I started running about 8 months ago. Ran/walked a few 5Ks. Slow progress due to circulation problems but trudging along. 


           Waving hard from the sticks in eastern WA state as well

          Big grin


          Hi Maraiposai! I'm at WAZZU, and have kids and grandkids in Spokane and Moses Lake. And hi to Hopes Mom as well, even though Prosser is practically on the coast from where I sit... Clown


            Good to meet you, Blue and Zeke.  The places you talk about are about the same distance to the north and the south.  A few other folks who came over from RW are connected with this area in some way, too.  It's a small world.  


            Coastwalker - - you have my respect.  I used to powerwalk back when I still did wild-land fire.  Not exactly race walking, but it took a while before I could run faster than I could walk


            Plenty of wind and rain tonight. 

              Hi Maraposai! I'm at WAZZU, and have kids and grandkids in Spokane and Moses Lake. And hi to Hopes Mom as well, even though Prosser is practically on the coast from where I sit... Clown

               Hi  back from Omak Clown Go cougs!!!! Big grin

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                Every forum needs a token racewalker, and I got elected here.


                This "token racewalker" manages to walk faster than many of us run!

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                  This "token racewalker" manages to walk faster than many of us run!

                   And he has the best "start of the day" posts! 

                    ...and as

                    Token's go,

                    he's one of the Best.

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                      New from RWOL...checking it out.

                      Dream big. Dream fast.


                        Welcome halfcrazy!  Smile


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                          Welcome RW refugees. I abandoned CR when it Activated...or more accurately, collapsed in on itself...initially I went to Kickrunners, but ended up here primarily because I was looking for a good running log, and found this lovely forum to match.


                          I live in nowhere Alaska, work as a scientist, and have been running off and on since I was 11. 


                          I think I probably like fall the best of all seasons if I had to choose, but really, my primary preference for when to run is when I'm in shape. It's always more fun than the getting in shape periods are.


                          And while I've been up here for many years...I hail originally from Mariposai's town...

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                             Go cougs!!!! Big grin

                            i'm a dog and my DD is a coug.

                            I was even a wolverine in A2 for five years.

                            I used to be a husky until some other team on the East Coast that has nothing to with huskies but rhymes with Yukon got good and we became dogs ever since.  I like cougars better though.  According to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, cougars are in the Guinness Book of Animal Records for being able to jump straight up 20 feet and jumping down to the ground far below from 60' up in trees at the park.   .


                            I don't like wearing shoes so run barefoot most of the time.

                            As a more casual, recreationalist fitness runner, I don't like training so do most,

                            . . . if not all, of my running in various events, the longer and harder, the better.

                            I am thinking of starting training after my 70th birthday in May but I doubt it.

                            I don't like running when it's cold.  Only one marathon below freezing (29-degrees) 

                            . . . but two at 97-degrees and 102-degrees, respectively..


                            2007 White River 50-Mile Endurance Race

                            (Merrell Bahria trail thongs)


                            annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                            ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990


                              Hi, I am Cris and 46, living in Chicago. I have not run in over a year due to a bad injury. I had surgery almost four months ago and running might be finally in sight again for me.


                              Thank you for the welcome!


                              Those Alaska pictures make me shudder, also because my husband wants to move there. I am more the Grand Cayman kind of runner. Better warm than cold for these bones.


                                I really did split this post up into paragraphs.. Hi everyone! I don't know if I'm considered a RW transplant since I don't think I posted 20 times over there...but I have done a lot of lurking and learned quite a bit. I like it here and I can post from my phone so, I am making the switch. I'm 41 and have been running since the spring of 2010. I am positively the least athletic person I know. There is not one team sport I am even decent at. But, running has opened a while new way of life for me. The only person I can disappoint is myself. So far, it's been great. My first couple of Summers I ran maybe 5 miles a week and slowly at that. I'm not much faster now. This summer I had a really bad 5k so I decided it was time to get serious. I started running further and more often. I also started using a stationary bike on days I can't run. I want to run all winter but it's tough when there isn't much daylight (preaching to the choir here, huh?) so it seems I'm on the bike a lot. Anywho, thanks for the welcome! I'm digging it here.

                                2014 goals

                                Well, there's always next year.