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    I'm Dennis, aka Ibleedunionblue. Huge hockey fan and season ticket holder of the worst team in the NHL.


    I post once a week in the 40x40 thread for accountability, otherwise I consider the internet a huge timesuck.


    And I've ran 4 marathons, about 35 half marathons, but havent done as much as a 5K since I had a knee scope in 2009. I just run for enjoyment now and without the pressures of training for a race.

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      I'm Dennis, aka Ibleedunionblue. Huge hockey fan and season ticket holder of the worst team in the NHL.


       Hey, it's December and they're still tied for first.

        Hi!  I'm Ginny, another refugee from RW, though I have been mostly a lurker there.  I'm 56 and a newish runner.  I started running in August of 2011, ran for seven months without problems, then developed a pelvic stress fracture four days before my first attempt at a HM in March.  I've been attempting to start running again since August, but every time I do more than 7 minute intervals, I start hurting again and have to back off for a while.  In my head, I am still a runner, but my body has other ideas.  I do walk every day, but haven't done any big hikes since before my injury.  I continue to read the forums, learning what I can about running, in the hope that one of these days I'll be able to go back to training again.  I'll start a running journal/log here January 1.  I'm hoping that by that time I'll be able to run more than 3 days a month. 


        Favorite running weather - spring or fall.  The weather we've had the past couple of days was perfect: high 50s with sunshine. I did get on the trail yesterday, though it was only a 2 mile walk with my husband and the dog.  I don't like hot humid weather or icy and snow, which is why I have a treadmill, since PA has both. 


          I'm another RW refugee, but mainly post in the women's forum.  I'm another Alaskan although after more than 30 Fairbanks winters, I've become a snowbird.     It was about 100 degrees warmer here today than Fairbanks.  Smile    Alaska still wins on beauty though and I'm always anxious to head back in spring.    I'm 61 and have run for many years, though I was  a very casual and intermittent runner until 9 years ago when I became interested in longer distances. I've done many halfs and 10 fulls since then.  I'm not fast, but I enjoy the race atmosphere and the journey. 


          My favoriter running weather is clear and cool with temps mid 40's to low 50's and low humidity.


            Not exactly a refugee, as I have been over here for a couple of years.  I manage the Big Sur User Group -   It has been pretty quiet over the last couple of years as I have not really been pushing it because the Marathon itself pushes a Forum on Realbuzz and Facebook. I have run all 27, henceforth the handle GRZLDVT, it is also my license plateWink

            My favorite running weather is the 70's - 80's and sunny skies.

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              I just spent the last half hour reading about everyone. It was fun.

              I have run most of my life. Back in the fall of 2004, I started training for a marathon in Tampa, FL. I found the Cool Running site and used it for the running log. Then I found the Boomers and Beyond forum and busted in there in early 2005 as "irunslowly".  Tired of folks calling me "IRS" and confusing me for the tax man, I changed my name to Rose Colored Glasses or RCG. I enjoyed this handle at Cool Running and then at Kickrunners but for some reason had trouble being RCG here on Running Ahead.  So I am Buehrle.

              I have run ~ 21 marathons. I have not counted all of the halves I have run. My husband, The Rocket Scientist, is trying to run a marathon in every state. He has 35 states so far but, has been having hip and back problems for the past few months. He got a shot of cortisone for his trochanter bursitis this past Friday. The doc is more concerned about the arthritis in his back. I sure hope he can get well and finish the last fifteen states. 


              Anyway. Welcome old and new. I am not known for anything special and I have a poor attendance record. I do like to pop in and catch up every once in a while. And. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of these fine athletes all over the USA and Canada.

              Trails are hard!


                Anyway. Welcome old and new. I am not known for anything special and I have a poor attendance record. I do like to pop in and catch up every once in a while. And. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of these fine athletes all over the USA and Canada.

                 Well, maybe irregular attendance here, but you couldn't ask for a more diligent cheerleader if you happen to be running by her during Boston.  No, it wasn't for me--I was just watching in awe.  Big grin

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                  I am not known for anything special

                  except for being the first goddess to marathon in a running skirt in the PNW

                  note: econo is also famed in this regard.

                  ps - we believe RS really is RS because he likes rs's too.

                  annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                  ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

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                    I guess I haven't done a formal intro here for the RW folks. I'm "rochrunner" since I run in Rochester, Michigan, at the far north of the Detroit metro area (yes, home of the hated Red Wings, Dennis!). My handle is often abbreviated "roch", but there are a couple of special people here who are allowed to call me "roachrunner" or "roach" (right, Mariposai?).


                    I'm also one of the seniors among seniors here, being 66 and retired. I ran casually off and on starting when I was about 30, but never ran more than 5 miles at a time until I was over 50 and then ramped up quickly to do a few marathons. Those are well in the past, but I continued to get more competitive in distances from 10Ks to half-marathons and set PRs in most of those in my late 50s. Since then I've started slowing down but can usually finish in the top third of my AG, which is good enough for me considering where I started.


                    In addition to running I'm also a fairly avid cyclist and have done a couple of duathlon events for fun. If I could swim without sinking to the bottom I'd like to try a triathlon as well.


                    I started my online posting like most of the others here at CoolRunning, then split my time between Kickrunners and RA after that folded, but found that most of the people I liked were over here and have stuck with it since then. In my CR days, I also went to the RW boards a few times and may have made a post or two, but that was quite a few years ago.


                    Anyway, it's quite a friendly and enjoyable group here and after posting a few times to test the waters I think you'll find that it's easy to fit in. And by the way, Spareribs acts as our Sergeant-at-Arms here and will collect fines for violating any of the forum rules (such as complaining too much about the weather, etc.).

                    Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    janie b good

                      i am janie.  i migrated from coolrunning.  i hardly ever post anymore.  not sure why, as i still run what i call regularly.  i keep a running log at another site, but lately the log site keeps going down, so i've decided to start using my RA log again (beginning in 2013)... i happened to log in today to make sure i still knew my password and HOLY BATMAN, HELLO LOTS OF NEW PEOPLE!


                      i run about 18 mpw... don't like going long... never race... love martinis... and rarely, if ever, worry about my pace (if i can't breathe, i slow down... MORE).


                      i'm not picky about the weather.  i will run in almost any weather/temps (25* to 90*).  i live in the midwest and welcome the change of seasons!


                      WELCOME to all of you!

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                        its janie b good!!   Smile


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                          Hi, I’m Hemerocallus (aka Heme)!  I haven’t posted here in quite some time, but still lurk a bit once and a while.  A former CR lurker and current KR poster (can I say that here?), I admit I have difficulty keeping up with all the goings-on here on RA.


                          I’m 56, female, been running for the last 8 or so years and live outside of Toronto.  Also an avid gardener....hence my on-line handle (miss-spelled Latin for daylily).  


                          While currently on the DL for plantar fasciitis, trail running is what’s keeping me going these last few years.  Have never run an official marathon, but completed my first 50K at Haliburton Forest back in September.  Am not sure if I will try to train for another one or just stick to the 25Ks from here in. 

                          Berthaslayer, the Vulture Bait 25K was on my must do list for this year, as I really wanted one of those shirts, and I managed a distance PR on the course.  Maybe if the heel heals up soon, I might go back for the 50 this next season. 



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                            I can't believe this thread is this long and so many RW folks.  Wink  Welcome.


                            I'm shadow runner.  Came here when CoolRunning fell apart like others here.  I never joined RW but have searched or lurked multiple forums at times.  Though I do like RW's what to wear...or at least I used to before they broke it.  {It was a good tool though it seem to overpromote tech shirts on warm/sunny days. Wink }  I also use Athlinks to track my races but do most of my logging and comments here on RA.   


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