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Wednesday's Daily, 10.2.13 (Read 41 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Tramps, for what it's worth, we buy used cars these days - usually 1-2 years old, so they are still in great shape, and we can get a lot more for our money.  Nice easy 9er yesterday.


    I hope the cooking class was good, Holly. What did you learn that you didn't already know?


    Nice track work, Twocat. Sorry, can't help with iGoggle. I've no experience with it or any alternatives.


    Tet's running on a regular basis? What's the deal?


    Nice 5er, Tselbes, and nice bike work (up and down), TomW.


    I hope you got some sleep, Mariposai. I am sorry, in way too many ways, about the government shutdown, but especially as it hits and hurts the citizens that Congress should be looking out for. Instead of playing nice in the sandbox, they are just kicking sand at each other and making a royal mess. Don't get me started...


    I'm glad you got some rest too, Evanflein. Good job of listening to your body, and the recliner...


    I also (thank goodness) got some needed sleep last night, and was ready to go at 4 o'dark this morning. 5.4 racewalking miles in mild 57F temps. The sky was clear and full o' stars, and the sliver of the moon was barely above the eastern horizon, shedding a faint glow across a calm ocean. I worked on hip rotation and turnover rate this morning, but think the rate suffered while the rotation was good. Now, to get them to work together...


    Have a greta Wednesday (what day is it???)!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.



      Have a greta Wednesday (what day is it???)!




      Big grin I laugh every time I see that commercial. I had that same sky this morning Jay. 4 miles for me in IRC. 44°. no wind and a sliver of moon surrounded by lots and lots of stars.


      Hope the cooking class was worthwhile Holly, and I hope the girls got a good night's sleep.


      Tet is training???? Cool beans!


      Off to work - have a great hump day everyone.

        Morning all ....8.2 miles for me - 4 miles in decided to do intervals so did 5 sets of 1/2 mile pickups with 1/4 mile recovery.


        Justin being released from the hospital today, my nephew Domenic doing well post bone marrow transplant but starting to hit some of the expected bumps with blood counts lowering and blood pressure rising ....keep all those positive thoughts and prayers coming and I'll keep sending mine your way --- love having all of you in my life!!


        Trails are hard!

          {{GOOD THOUGHTS}} --------> Denise and family


          and Hi to Jay and Jlynne and all that follow.


          There were even some stars out at the late time of 5:45.  I think they were the first of the fall for me.  4 miles in IRC (53° and dead calm).


          If Tet is training, it most likely involves a Goddess (or two?)

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


             ....keep all those positive thoughts and prayers coming and I'll keep sending mine your way --- love having all of you in my life!!


            Deez...prayed for your intentions as part of my rosary this am.


            9.9 mile slog fest this morning.

            MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

              Stumps - I can't think of any other reason at the moment but the slim hope of keeping up with enke at this weekend's Run with the Fishes 5K and salmon BBQ has nothing to do with it.


              thanks for the update deez.

              You have too much going on for one person and we're glad to be virtually involved.

              annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

              ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                Jay—we tend to keep our cars forever, so we usually buy new but that is a thought

                Ribs—we mostly liked the Mazda but when we did a test drive on our gravel road…no.  It’s more of a sporty car than a gravel road kind of car.  Like I said, though, the price on the 2013 still makes it tempting.

                Tet—if you’re not careful, you’ll be laying out a training plan next!

                2cat—Google wants you to move to Chrome, of course.  Have you looked at Protopage?  I know some people use that.  I’m still hunting for a replacement to Google Reader that I like.  I’ve been using My Feedly but it’s got its quirks.

                Enke and Carolyn—thanks.  It’s definitely peak mileage time.  So far so good but I’m trying to listen to my body in case I need to pull back a bit.

                Mari—sorry to hear your family’s caught in the budget madness.  Hopefully all the huffing and puffing will be over soon.

                Deez--Best to you and Justin


                A belated congrats to the weekend racers, sore ones and epic race survivors included!


                During today’s run I saw a pudgy middle-aged white guy I’ve never seen before walking in a sweaty cotton t-shirt.  Furlough walker, I bet.  We’re less than 2 miles from a commuter rail station used by folks headed to DC so furlough time makes a big difference in traffic, too.


                EZ 12 this morning in a run that started out horribly.  I was stiff and without energy, even contemplating cutting this short.  But after a few miles I seemed to settle into a groove and it turned out to be a good run.  You never know.


                Summer is making a return visit; we’re headed into the upper 80s today.

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                  Hi all.............did someone move the forum (I just found your secret hiding place) Smile


                  I lurk almost everyday - I do. But just got out of the habit of posting I guess. Ok....add me to the one's who posts on Face Book. I know people post silly things every detail of their life. I mainly just post my runnng stuff, and I help many who sends me PM's asking me for diet and workng out advice (I posted a before and after picture of my over 100 pound weight loss) Thrills my heart to help anyone with that, and see some have some great results Smile I read the other day when someone posted - "I'll be back, I have to use the restroom" Roll eyes. OK, now that's silliness there, and why some don't like FB.


                  Long story short, I'm off work today and thought I would say HI - HI. I had a little ankle biter dog get between my legs on a run very early Monday morning, and I tried my best not to step on the little thing. Doing that, I tripped and fell down hard, and hurt my back really bad. Hurt so bad, that I had to get injections yesterday morning....I could barely move. If you remember my last back episode and surgery  (sure most do) at some point in my life I will need a spinal fusion. But my Neurosurgeon said it's not necessary yet, but will need one if my back gets worse....I want to avoid that for as long as I can.


                  My running has been very good this year, and was planning on a 100 mile trail race (would have been last Saturday in Ohio) But I developed a Inguinal hernia a few months ago. My doctor friend said it was not imperative that I get that taken care of now, but maybe this winter when the weather is bad for running (but weather never stops me)  Bad thing about all of this........our company did away with health Insurance, and is counting on us to get our own with this new Obamacare act.....we could see that one coming. I thought companies would be fined not offering health Insurance (right?) Maybe I'm wrong, as I don't really understand the plan yet.....but will now.


                  I know how I caused my hernia...........wayyyy to much ab work, I know that did it and felt it tear when it did. I was happy with the results of the core and ab work, but now know it wasn't worth the effort (hind sight is 20/20 huh?)


                  My doctor told me wrapping it up is just fine to keep the hernia in while running, and said if it stays the same it's ok to run all I want. But one thing I found out......trail running hurts it. Well, running on flats I'm ok - running uphill is fine - running and pounding downhill not so good) So I just quit trail running (sadly as I love that) but just sticking to road running. But just happy I can run period !!!


                  I'm sure everone is curious about my love life, LOL. But no one right now.......but hey, I think Enke and myself would make a cute couple Wink. But seriously, hope "door # 3" is a true keeper.


                  OK, need to move around a little.....hate sitting like this


                  I can run again Friday I think, but may wait till Saturday )



                  Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                  Marathon Maniac #3309

                    Looking at my post......I forgot I like to talk a lot Smile


                    But have missed everyone..........I wanted to add that (but couldn't edit my post above)

                    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                      I'm always memorized by how a camel walks, moving both legs on one side and then both on the other, and it makes them sway back and forth.  If I had 4 legs that's how I would want to walk.


                      I ran 5.59 miles this morning.  I ran while waiting for some help from the main office.  Apparently I had a glitch in my connection to the main computer yesterday and when I went to start work this morning, the program I have been working on for 2 weeks was gone.  The file was empty on the main system and on my PC.  And since it was brand new, there are no versions to go back to.  First time in 32 years of programming I've had that happen.  So, I am waiting to get my stuff back from Monday's backup.  It's stored off-site by a separate company and takes some work to get it back.


                      So many weird things have been happening the past few weeks, I really have lost my confidence in work.  If I was a baseball player I would be in a bad slump.  I have to install some new stuff over the weekend and I'd almost rather just quit and walk away then have to do it.  Hope I snap out of it soon.


                      And my annual review is tomorrow....  to be conducted by the only manager I have ever had that considers my work average.  That ought to build my confidence. Roll eyes  i didn't realize how vain I was until I stopped hearing how great I was at work. Roll eyes Roll eyes Roll eyes


                      But in good news, my 2 favorite hockey teams (Buffalo & Detroit) open the season tonight against each other.  They are in the same division this year.  And tomorrow, my hometown Buffalo Bills will actually be on TV so I can see them play.

                      Humanity runs on coffee.


                        Trivia.  The Hump Day ad--like all of Geico's efforts in recent years--was created by the Martin Agency, a relatively small ad agency based here in Richmond, far away from the Madison Avenue heart of the industry.  (Until the route was tweaked a couple of years ago, the Richmond Marathon used to end about a block from their offices.)  The agency has a close relationship with the university where I used to/sometimes teach and as a result of Martin's success the graduate advertising program at the school has exploded, becoming highly selective.

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                          Hope the cooking class was worthwhile Holly, and I hope the girls got a good night's sleep.


                          Thank you, but, which girls?  Confused


                          Jay - For one thing, I learned what fennel looks like, when you get the whole plant.


                          Timbo - howdy!


                          Overall a fun time last night, but we won't go back to that one.  The other location where we have taken cooking classes (Dorothy Lane Market School of Cooking) is much friendlier, more organized, and I think a better value.  Still, it was a fun evening out.


                          No run for me this morning, due to DD's 7am ortho appointment.  DH loves to schedule early, early appointments, but it's so hard to get DD awake at 5:30am.  Plus it interferes with my running....Joking

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            Prayers for Deez and Family!!!


                            Dave - I never realized that about camels.  I had to go watch the video and see for myself. Big grin


                            Tet is training????


                            Tim - Good to hear from you.  Take care of that back.


                            Obamacare - Fingers in ears "lalalalalalalalala" . . . . waiting to see what happens.  And I, too, am disgusted by how Congress is acting.  Are they getting paid during this furlough that they caused?  Prayers for Posie and Easy Pacer, as well as all the other families affected by this.


                            Did my 3 miles last night.  Could definitely tell it had been 7 days since I last ran, but that's okay.  Another EZ 3 tonight and maybe tomorrow.  Am still keeping the fingers crossed on our truck.  "Check Engine" light came on, so it's back at the shop where they did a $700+ overhaul a couple of weeks ago . . . . . and hoping against hope it's something they did when they did the overhaul a couple of weeks ago.  Yeah, I'll say it - I would very much like for it to be on their dime! Big grin  I also hope it comes home today or tomorrow as (1) Shorty has worked completely backed up now, and (2) I want to run the Weaver Basin 50k over in Weaverville. However, if we're down to one vehicle, I can't go. Evil


                            Speaking of cars - this past weekend basically convinced me that, if I can figure out how to do it financially, I would love to get rid of my Toyota Camry and get a small SUV or something like that Subaru Outback.  The roads I've taken over the past few months to get to races and my concern of whether or not I'd be able to get out this past weekend has just about sealed the thought.  Now to figure out the financial end of it and get Shorty on board . . . . . .

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                              Thank you, but, which girls?  Confused



                              Posi and Erika mentioned they were tired, and I think Leslie was having some "issues" too. Here's to a good night's sleep ladies!


                              Hey Timbo - nice to see your post.  Maybe you'll find Door #3, just like Enke Smile


                              (((Deez))) I hope things go well for Justin.


                              Good luck with the car Leslie.


                              Good night John-boy! Good night Jim-Bob! Good night Mary Ellen!