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Sunny Sunday, 8.19.12 (Read 386 times)


    Mornin' all.


    TomWhite - sorry about the chemical imbalance, in the pool that is. Have a good trip to KY, and a good trail run today.


    Ribs, have a good birthday weeks-worth of runs!


    Denise, you accomplished a lot at the race yesterday, especially after giving blood the day before.


    Holly - can't wait to see photos of the kitchen!


    Nice critter-sighting, Leslie. It also sounds like you and Coach are making good progress together. It's good that he's as excited as you about your goals for next year.


    Good 6-miler at a good pace, Tselbes.


    County fairs are always a blast, regardless of the size.


    Nice last long run, Wildchild.


    We used to love Bear Mtn. at any time of the year, OM. Haven't been there in a few decades, but I'll bet it is still fun.


    Thank you for volunteering, Mariposai. It sure looks like a great race to hang out at! Looks like you had a great day all around.


    9.9 racewalking miles at 4:30 this morning. It was IWC at 60F, dewpoint in the mid-50s, and a welcome breeze from the west. It seemed like it took forever for the sun to rise above the clouds on the horizon, and it wasn't till I was on my way back that I got a glimpse of the orange globe gliding between two cloud masses. It ultimately cleared all the clouds and bathed everything and everybody in sunlight. Nice. I kept up a respectable pace for a long walk, accelerating a bit over the last couple of miles because I was feeling good (and because I wanted to try to catch another walker I saw in the distance).


    We're having blueberry pancakes and melon with our house guests. Then they'll go back to the beach for a few more hours of bronzing before we all trek to Portsmouth for lunch at the Friendly Toast (a local institution). After that, they'll be heading back to NY, and I'll be heading back for more yard work.


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

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      OM, I lifeguarded at Bear Mountain all through college. I bet I pulled a hundred kids out of the deep end of the pool there.   450,000 gallons. I also worked at all of the Lakes (Sebago, Welch and Tiorati, was head guard at Tiorati) and worked at Anthony Wayne too.  I loved that park.


      Tselbs, I run a lot of miles at over 11 minute pace.  There are days down here when it can tough.  Ran 10:21's today.


      So I got 12 miles in, and now just 54 to go.  I'm going to do them all slowly, 6 in the morning at the park, and 3 in the afternoons indoors on the Y track.  Spareribs

        Spareribs happy birthday week!  I want to be around to see your 100 mile week in 24 years!

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          This was my first time at Bear Mountain. Here are a couple photos of me and the girls on our hike:



          I wasn't sure if my legs would be up to the task of my long run today, but I got it done and with a good pace too. Had company for most of the middle miles, as my friend Teresa (the woman in green in the photo above) had 12 miles to do and runs at my pace. I got my 20 miles done today in just a couple minutes over 3 hours, 9:21 avg pace. Of course when I mentioned yesterday's hike to my coach earlier, I got reprimanded for poor scheduling on my part. Hey, it was a birthday hike in honor of Teresa and Kari (the blonde in blue on the other end), and so I had no choice in the matter! Whatever, I think it all turned out FINE....


          Yes, I second Twocat's wish, to be around to witness Spareribs running 100 miles the week of his centennial! Happy upcoming birthday to you, Ribs!


          OK, have to get more food in me now, then it's off to my bathtub with a bag of ice or three...

            ..OM//........where's the Trail????...nice hiking......




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            any RoadTrips to Kentucky-


            if ever

            you think you have been given

            a plate of SPOLED Nacho's>>>>>>>don't eat them


            Odd's are, they are.





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            clean car,


            my Enduring Thanks to whoever invented Activated Charcoal.

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              ..OM//........where's the Trail????...nice hiking......


              tomwhite, see that white thingie with the red inside on the tree on the right? I learned a new word yesterday, that's called a BLAZE Big grin


                 I can show you how to Back-Mark one.........






                how to Read Scat, but you probably wouldn't want to do that.

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                  TomWhite - hope those nachos didn't do any lasting harm. 


                  OM - lovely group, lovely trail!  And nice pace today for your 21-miler, even after that hike!


                  Today I did the Little Miami HM in Morrow, OH.  With minimal tempo or speedwork over the summer, I was not sure what to expect.  However, given my lack of speed fitness, I was happy with the results.


                  Finishing time: 1:56:36 ((8:55 pace)

                  AG 40-49: 15/47

                  OA: 164/402


                  I rode down with two other women, one of whom is 36 weeks pregnant.  She did this race doing a run 2 min/walk 1 min.  After I finished, I stood around and drank some water, eventually watching the second woman I came with finish, then we trotted back out and ran our pregnant friend in to the finish.


                  13.1 miles plus 3.15 recovery miles after - 16.25 miles for the day.

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                    Jay, my DIL waitresses at the Friendly Toast on weekends (Kelly- not there this weekend). If you ever meet her say hello for us.

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                      OM - The hike looks like loads of fun!


                      Holly - Nice, HM.  Kudos to the pregnant friend for keeping the mojo.


                      5 miles this a.m. in damp, muggy conditions before church.  We saw the sun for about two hours today, and of course it was while we were doing yard work.  Got in a couple of hours there, and now I'm getting ready to buckle down to some transcription.


                      Before I came in here, I went on to see what kind of shoes they were had sale and got two pairs of my road shoes (Inov8 Road-X 238) for basically the regular price of one pair.  Woot Woot!  Gotta love a deal!!  Now I just need someone to have my Inov8 trail shoes on sale as one pair has over 400 miles on them.  This is about 100 more than I ever got out of my Mizunos, but I can tell they're coming to the end of their running life.


                      Okay - Off to work ~

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                        Had a nice post earlier with some shout-outs that disappeared into the nether regions of the interwebs so let's try again.  Had a good race yesterday, 2nd AG and very close to the pace I thought I would run.  Had a good chat with Coach afterwards.  Today it was nice to only have 9 miles on the schedule and he had me run the last 4 miles harder so that ended up about marathon pace.  He warned me I'll be a little undertrained for my marathon but will get to the starting line healthy.  Very happy lately!

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                            You are high performance machine, Orange Mat. WOW!


                          Ahh dang it Tom White. Sorry to hear about that. I thought all ya all had down there were BBQ and grits. 


                          I've been on a few trails in the 30+ years I've been running. The section with the wet clay on hills is one of the most challenging. Taking two dogs and keeping the unruly one on a leash put an extra challenge to the course. At the trail head, Tag bolts and Honey is doing her best to stay on his heels. The up hills were not bad. When feet slip, you're only going to fall so far. On the down hills, I had a Tasmanian Devil wannaba on a leash trying to catch her evil twin. Her leash was being switched from hand to hand as I grabbed on to trees during the descents. Most of the time, Honey did a great job of staying on the trail though Tag increased his lead by taking short cuts. Several times, on the down hill, I had one hand on Honey's leash and one on a tree to assist with the hairpin turns and both of my feet were airborne going around the turns. There's on tree I like to grab with both hands to keep from taking an unscheduled dip in the Manistee River. It was a bit challenging while holding on the the devil dog.


                          The last time we were close to the river, Tag jumped in for a drink. The up hill was a straightway and he decided to bolt between Honey and me. He caught the leash and cloths-lined himself. He left arm got yanked and all four of Honey's feet were up and over as she bounced onto Tag's left side and they got tangled.  


                          On the home stretch, some partridges were spooked and Tag took off after while Honey and I , (now) plodded along. Two birds took off next to Honey. That was the only time she was unruly.  Tag made up a rule: "Last one back to the truck has to buy the ice cream". Chump.




                            Steve, please tell me you weren't driving when you took that picture... Sounds like another fun-filled adventure with the pups.


                            Holly, nice job on your HM! For all your complaining about being slow and all that, I was wondering if you'd break 2 hours. Good for you!


                            OM, that was a really good long run you had, especially after all that hiking. Love the pictures.


                            Happy Birthday week, 'Ribs! Nice way to celebrate.


                            I was determined to get my 20 miler done today, and I did. Lost over 7 lbs on a not-too hot day, so I think the wind and low humidity combined to really dry me out. The last few miles were very tough, but got it done. Yay. So that gives me 64.5 miles for the week; the most in a really long time. But now I at least feel somewhat on track for Equinox, with one more 20+ miler on the course in two weeks. 

                              I've been on a little camping with DH since Thursday so have missed the dailies. I seek that many of you had great races over the weekend, great job.  Mike, I'm anxious to see how you did at Ragnar.  My coworker was on a team with her family. 


                              Thanks for the encouragement and support for my upcoming HM.  It seems like I think about it all the time. It is nice to have a goal...Econo told me that once and she is really smart!  I'd like to do fairly well in the 10K since it's right here in my home town. My priority in training has been getting the long runs in for the half but hopefully that will carry over to the 10K too.


                              We did a couple of long bike rides and several hikes at the campground.  Yesterday I ran the 6 mile bike path while MrStarr pedalled along and carried my water bottle.  I thought about making it into my 9 mile long run, but was having a lot of hip pain.  Even so, I took 14 second off my pace from my tempo run on Monday, woo hoo!  After we got back and unpacked today I did get that 9 miler done, wheh!  I raced my virtual partner and lost by 12 seconds,,, I shouldn't have stopped to pet that cute doggie.  I didn't have a water bottle biker with me this time but found a couple of drinking fountains at mile 4 and 8.


                              Starr in SW Mn

                                ...steveP//.......we do, and it's my own fault.............but I sure was hungry




                                like one of my customers said-


                                 ''you'd be Surprised what you'll eat if you get Hungry Enough''

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