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Thursday April 4 Unseasonably Cold Runs (Read 48 times)

Bushrat Runner

    So...we were supposed to talk about running? I guess I should run more so I can participate...


      So...we were supposed to talk about running? I guess I should run more so I can participate...

      Not really. Lately the weather seems the big topic and I too am tired of winter. Frankly I hope they find the little groundhog guilty and sentence him to a long term.


      That being said (hat tip to Jay), I ran half of my run with my son today. He's really excited about track and is getting more comfortable at paces under 8 for training. I'm in trouble but it sure is fun.


      You can feel the Boston vibe in here. I'm hoping everyone gets the run they want down Boylston.

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        I got in 6 miles at a relatively easy pace of about 8:46 avg per mile.  I felt pretty good even with the wind in my face in every direction I ran!


        I've have been so busy in my personal life and at work.  We are in the middle of a promotional process for a patrol sergeant and I am in charge of the written poriton of the test to include 75 questions that count as 1 point each and then 5 essay questions which count for up to 5 points each.  I just finished grading the tests and reading and grading the essays as well.  They are now under lock and key until Monday morning when I sit down with the Lieutenant in charge of the oral boards being conducted today and the chief who conducts his interviews tomorrow,  We will tabulate all three portions and rank the candidates in order of finish 1 through 8.


        I finally got a closing time on the apartment house and they moved it up to Thursday afternoon next week as I have a commitment to work at packet pickup on Friday in Boston.  So that will be a done deal and then we close on the Florida house on the 16th, of course some of that will be done via overnight mail etc.  I've never done that with a house before so we'll see how that goes.  Hopefully by the 18th all should be said and done and we will own the house in Florida.


        Have a great day everyone.

        Marathon Maniac #957

          I, for one, am glad we talk about more than running.  Running may have brought us together and it's neat to talk about our mutual interest /addiction.  However, if all we talked about was our running, we'd just be running acquaintances.  As it is we're running friends, maybe even a running family.


          Well said!


          Maine - what a wonderful thing to buy a property in FL and have a place to escape to during the worst of the winter weather.  You should rent it out to Erika to keep her sane in February.....Big grin


          I'm still at work because my boss bought tickets to a polical function for that other political party and we are all expected to go.  This is more of a marketing thing, I think, and there will be dinner and drinks provided, so not too bad but probably pretty dull.  I'm trying to talk my co-worker out of her drink tickets to make it more exciting.  Joking

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          King of PhotoShop

            I don't think the subject of running has enough interesting content to support a forum, honestly.  We would bore ourselves to death. Back when that discussion about non-running content took place, the group actually tried a "banter thread" which was a kind effort, but it made no sense after a while. Why post off-topic stuff in the "banter thread" and then your running activity elsewhere?


            It was sort of pleasant to fine Jay today though.  if anyone is new to this group and would like more information on the sum of money I have collected over the years I'll be happy to provide it.  Spareribs

            MM #5616

              Hi Mary, nice to see you back here!

              Jay ran today?  Is that allowed?

              Dave, I know what you mean about some people complaining too much - it gets old sometimes. But that's different from people coming here to vent about something (bad boss, working too much,  or something the spouse or kids did).   I used to tell my DD that venting was okay but complaining was not.


              My legs are finally recovered from my race last weekend and I did 8 miles on the dirt roads today.  45F and mostly sunny today, but lots of snow left from the storm on Tuesday. The first lap (3 miles) was with Tazzie and Ladybug.  They took a couple of snowbank breaks, and they're so funny to watch.  Ladybug pushes her nose into the snow, and Tazzie mostly just eats it and digs.

              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                I, for one, am glad we talk about more than running.  Running may have brought us together and it's neat to talk about our mutual interest /addiction.  However, if all we talked about was our running, we'd just be running acquaintances.  As it is we're running friends, maybe even a running family.



                So very true!!  It's nice to get to know more about each other than just what we are running!!  I definitely think of all of you as part of my running family!!

                Yesterday's swim session and easy run really tired me out - I think I slept over 10 hours last night!!

                Today did my last interval workout before Boston - 1 mile warmup, 5 sets of 800's/400 recovery then 4 sets of 400/100 recovery - lots of stretching, abs and back work!!


                Also, want to thank everyone who either donated or just sent positive thoughts my way for Boston - I surpassed my $4000 commitment and feel like I helped renew awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome!!   Thank you running family!!


                New skirt in town

                  Denise, you are a fund raising animal! Bravo to you. I suck at fundraising!


                  And you are running so strong!!!  For having jumped into this event so late in the game, you have been training so well!! Bravo x2



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                  Bushrat Runner

                    Spent my day working on real work and FAA paperwork work, then took a break in the afternoon to do an eight station workout with Cedric (DS). Made me tired. Everything seems to make me tired. Then again, I had to be up and calling Oklahoma City when they opened because I'm trying to get everything done so I can leave before Tet chases me down and makes me swear to show up for YRCM...


                    ...actually I would like to show up. Early indications are pretty foul winds for that little adventure though, so we'll see.

                      Thank you Robin!!Smile


                        Come on Troy, do show up at Yakima. It will be fun. We can run about 12 miles together and then I will leave you to your own destiny Big grin.

                        (why 12? because I know it is the longest you have ran lately Smile).


                        Denise, congrats! Incredible fund raising effort!


                        Robin, roarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


                        Marathon is on Saturday. I am busy doing home care tonight before I pack. I will leave for Ellensburg right after work. It will be a long drive, alone, and I hope it is not raining. I have yet to look at the weather forecast...I am scared to look. It has been raining all day long here.

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                          rtravers I am not sure you know this but the link in your signature

                          line to your find raising page goes to your page from last year.

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                            At the risk of boring ya'll to death, I'm gonna talk about my running some more (I'm tempted to rant about my job search but I've had a beer and it's getting late).  I got back from teaching tonight and thought, I don't know if I've ever done a tempo run as long as I did today.  Maybe I have a few years ago but nothing lately.  The closest was on March 19th when I ran 7.4 like this: Warm up, 3 mi. @HMP, 3 minutes recovery jog, 1 mi. @10k pace & cool down.

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                              I know we’re not supposed to say it but I’ve about had it with my boss.  After such a great start to the running year in Japan with four training runs right off the bat (equaling all training runs put together since 2008) and the Takebashi Imperial Palace New Year’s Marathon when I was in Tokyo, I’ve DNS’ed every marathon and beyond ever since, even a half mary, as whenever something comes up, Mr. Boss expects me to do it. Now it’s happened again over my beloved Yakima River Canyon Marathon weekend.   Oh well, at least my efforts are appreciated by my boss <<<(that would be me)>>>. No wonder I love being “retired” so much.


                              So TROY, please, please, if at all possible, do run the Canyon’s first 12 miles with mariposai.  Then, when you get to Little Rosa Hill at mile 13 and Mama Rosa at mile 21, you can pretend you’re me and walk if you want.  You will not be the only one with a smile on your face when you see her for the first time. Have fun.

                              ps - Mariposai - it’s usually pretty cold for the first hour at the start <<<(gloves, etc.)>>>

                              pps Troy - it’s usually pretty warm at the start, . . . and keeps getting warmer so forget your shirt and just hope you can keep on your shoes and everything elst.  Have fun.


                              ppps Opie - job search talk is fine, especially if there's any chance it's up in the PNW,.

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                                I was gonna say... Tet, you work for yourself!!


                                So cool that Rhoon got to run with Mariposai this past week! It sounds like a real coming home week for Troy.


                                Denise, the fund raising fiend! Well done, dear! And I agree that your running is going so well! You're going to have so much fun at Boston!


                                5.6 mile run tonight after work, and man was it windy! Not windy like Troy deals with regularly, but enough for me to notice. It's been windy all week! Today it was a tailwind on the way out (uphill) and headwind on the way back (downhill) so my overall pace was more consistent than Tuesday's run.