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A New Beginning - Wed., 5.1.13 (Read 54 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    I have a lot of meetings today, starting at 8, so this is just a fly-by posting. 5.3 racewalking miles this morning, with mile fartleks (miles 2, 4, and the last .3). I had to sluff off some hip discomfort again, but it wasn't too bad. It was good to see how fast I could get these legs moving again, even for just those mile spurts. Foam rollering helped the hip afterward.


    Have a wonderful Wednesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...jay//.......I had found these hip injury prevention exercises a while ago



      see if they help



      .......gonna try

      a hike for the first time this year,

      luckily a good buddy will be coming with me


      (translation.......he could carry me out if need be)


      ........let's see what happens


      .......................good running guys...........

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


        (translation.......he could carry me out if need be)



        Big grin What are friends for, right Tom? Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.


        Wish I was more consistant with the foam roller Jay. I think that would really help me too. Got a PT appointment tonight. I'm hoping he can work some magic on all my assorted sore spots.


        (((Leslie and Shorty))) Whatever you need to get through, you can do it together. Good luck.


        It's so nice to see MS, Steve, Derrick and the others posting regularly. Nice to have you back.


        Only had time for 3 miles before work this morning. I used to be able to run more miles in the same amount of time but unfortunately, I've gotten very slow. I signed up for a 5k "colour race" next Friday night. You're supposed to wear a white t-shirt and then at various points along the race, people "throw" color on you. It sounds like a good time and it's for a good cause.


        Happy Wednesday everyone.

          Nice start Jay and new beginnings are wonderful. I've missed a lot here and will just say huge congrats to all the racers who are breaking records, snagging swag at every turn or just doing their thing and having fun.


          Great link TW! Thanks. And while I hope you won't need a portage buddy after your hike---it's always good to carry out what you carry in ;-)

          Ran at 6 am with Hudson----frisky 5 miles with some squirrel fartleks. I meet up with the fast girls tomorrow morning for the first time in many months...roar---making my way back.


          Button busting last night at the national honor society induction. The kiddo was a speaker and nary an "um" or a "you know" or even a "like" was uttered. Time is flying.....!

            Gym day for me.  (Is it Wednesday already?)


            The Argyle Sweater does it again..  just go to Elle....Clown



            (Excuse me while I clean the coffee off my monitor.)

            Humanity runs on coffee.

              You should be very proud of that son of yours, Karin. BTW, it is so good to see you running again.


              Have fun hiking, tomwhite.


              {{{{{Leslie and Shorty}}}}}}}}}


              3 frisky miles this morning as the first layer of a wedding cake I am making for this weekend was baking in the oven.


              Flowers in the garden are in bloom. Still waiting for my hummingbird to return. They are a little late this year Sad

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              Sayhey! MM#130

                I've so enjoyed hanging out with y'all (picked that up in my TFA  time teaching in Mississippi) over these past few weeks.  Feeling guilty about lurking so just saying hi.  Congrats to that NHS young man, cr.


                I am still running....(8 before work at 9:18 pace)......looking forward to ragging on H&H with Broger.  (I'm in sw FL....Dunk City in fact.).   I'm kidding....really like it here.  There is less snow than in Rapid City (snowed there yesterday ) and way more Sox fans.


                Hope y'all have a happy hump day.

                Thanks again.


        (for a piece or two of my mind)

                  Top o' the evening to everybody!  At least it is evening here.  This is my last day in Dublin.  Tomorrow it is a flight back home.  It was a great day for a run.  Off I went for 10 by the shore.  My last run along there was in frigid temperatures with rain and snow (snow in Dublin!) but today was something else!  Partly cloudy and beautiful!  Not a drop of rain.


                  I hope everybody is well and has a great day!

                  Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                  Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->


                    And east of Dublin near Amsterdam we enjoyed our first 'warm' day in 60s.  Ran maybe 2 minutes on the beach then lots of biking thru tulips, daffodils and hyathinth gardens where you can get high on the Odors.  Then on to the beach for lunch and raw herring and onions followed by chocolate.  Then biked back to the hotel thru the dunes.  Dinner was Dutch pancakes yum!


                    good night all



                      ok May fresh start slipping in quietly!


                      You know how everybody always says, no need to catch up just start where ever you land..... that's hard to do!    I started reading today, then had to look at yesterday to see what's going on with Leslie & Shorty.    (((((Leslie & Shorty....)))))       Then, Nancy mentioned how wonderful Monday's thread was.  so now I have to read that but I'm still not done with Wednesday.       ; - )

                      During my unplanned trip to Tuesday, I saw your comment Mariposai.    thank you.


                      No time to catch up, just saying hi & jumping in with  the 'working my way back up group'.    I'm still getting pt (2 count'em 2 qualified guys) and prolotherapy.    Monday was 7.37 w/hill.s, today was 5.11 with smaller hills.


                      have to get back to work.


                      happy May!

                      100K or Bust - Busted

                        Twocat - I had snow chase me across Ireland when I was there the second week of March, a most unusual year for them.


                        Dave59 - loved the cartoon. I have to deal with that at work (I work in a bookstore, lots of returns with no receipt)


                        Fartlek today, 6.4 miles at recovery pace with one minute pickups every mile.

                        2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

                        King of PhotoShop

                          First time here since Sunday. Very busy all week here in St. Louis.  Teaching a sales training course followed by a sales management course, then doing a train the trainer with teachbacks from the learners, and have a variety of skill levels plus a nervous client, so I'm being pulled many different ways.  Still love my work however and very confident about the outcome.


                          That run of Karin's was sure encouraging to see, as was the Kiddo's performance.  To see them grow like that, and get up before an audience and speak is just so wonderful.  Good for you.


                          I took Monday off from running, but ran just over a mile today and yesterday.  Tomorrow I should have some time to go a bit longer. Can't run any shorter!  Spareribs

                          New skirt in town

                            5.5 easy peasy miles today. Thanks for the link to the hip exercises, Tom!  The hips and glutes (autocorrect wants to change that to flutes...) are definitely my weak point.  SO great to see Karin running again!



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                              Hi gang!


                              Busy at work these days, what with my best friend retiring, mentoring her replacement, the boss is in town and a new project is starting.


                              The boss wanted to run with me after work.  4 miles.  We started with a discussion of emergency pooping on the run and got sillier from there.  I really like that woman.  And she kicked my ass too..........

                              .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

                              janie b good

                                happy May!


                                4.22 miles for me... gorgeous day!

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