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    A huge congrats to Wcrunner2 on his first 18 miler in 18 years.

    Holly, a Boston Solidarity Run/Walk event of 2.62 miles That must have been very powerful. I know that Tammy's community did the same last weekend and Twocat's running club also. Any one else?


    Erika, safe travel to your son. Is he home yet? I am glad that the break helped him. Our youngest son did the same. He just needed a little break from school  to figure things out and now he is back at it. BTW, good job at holding your pace back Smile.


    Batman, it is so good to see you back here. We did miss you!


    That baby picture belongs in a magazine. Thanks for sharing, grandma Paavo.


    Speaking of baby pictures, got any new pictures abuelita deez4boys?


    Ok, no running today, but half an hour of XT. I hope to run longish this afternoon.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

    Trails are hard!

      You're up early, Mari.  Happy Tuesday to everyone.


      4 miles this morning in a slightly nippy 41, breezy start.  But I did get it in before the mist that was in the air when I left for work.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        5.04 miles for me this morning.  Woke up feeling kind of like I fell out of a 2nd story window but the run loosened me up.


        Tet - Is it true that April 22 was chosen for Earth Day because it is Lenin's birthday? Wink  I saw that on Glenn Beck's website so it must be true. Joking


        mta - I was taught Earth Day was April 22 because it was already Arbor Day (although that is now usually the last Friday in April and can be different in different states based on the best time of year to plant a tree.)

        Humanity runs on coffee.

          1.5 easy run w/ LW


          thanks so much for the warm welcome home


          Jay - my foot is still wonky - just a flesh wound

          Marj - yeah on retirement!

          Stumpy - Bay of Fundy Marathon - what agreat destination

          Ribs - I live with an artist - let me know if I can help translate



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            Stumpy - for my 1st marathon, I followed Hidgon's Novice plan to the T.  I finished the marathon, albeit slower than I anticipated, but it was a hot Seattle day, but to be honest, I did not feel well prepared for that full distance with only one 20 miler. My next two marathons, I worked in three 20 milers (usually the middle one though is a 21-22 miler) and not only ran better, but felt more confident running that final 10K when it really gets tough.  Personally, I also like the 2 week taper better than 3 wk. I did a 3 wk taper for my 1st marathon and I didn't like it. I don't rip up my legs with lots of speedwork, so I really didn't feel like my legs needed 3 wks to go into taper/rest mode. I've always done a 2 wk taper since and feel much more ready going into a race. This past Sunday was my last 20 mile training run and then my marathon is on 5/5 - so exactly 2 wks after my last long run. For me this is the perfect amount of time because it gives my legs the rest they need after several weeks of continuous build-up, but mentally it doesn't make me feel like I'm losing fitness.

            This is what I found works for me. But this upcoming marathon is only my 4th marathon, so it's not like I have lots of experience that I'm speaking from, but I did figure out a few things that seem to work good for me. After you run your first, you'll also learn what you would do the same and what you would do differently next time.


            leaving work early for my son's last track meet. Then it's on to prelims, then districts and then state if he is a qualifier. Warm day today - should be upper 70's by the time the meet starts. Nice to spectating, not so much for running.


            MM #5615

              stumpy--I looked at your training plan and, although, it isn't what I would have set up, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for you.  Like Tammy said, you need to do a few and try different things to see what works best.  I guess, if I were to make a recommendation...I would adjust it by changing your May 7th run to a 20 miler and moving your 20 miler scheduled for May 27th to June 9th, leaving you two weeks before the matathon.  But, like I said...I really believe that what you have going will be fine, too.  Good luck!

              MM #5615

                By the way...don't you think my son-in-law is one of the luckiest guys in the world?


                  Mike, cute picture and nice family!  I really hope your Son-in-laws house has a *bunch* of bathrooms.  He has to be low priority on that deal.  Been there, done that ....


                  6 miles at Tempo pace in new shoes - Brooks Ghost 5.  Like 'em!  Ran well too.



                  "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                    Mari and Enke—beautiful trail picks yesterday; I’m envious.

                    Stumpy—a couple of 20s should serve you well, assuming you’re healthy, but there’s no magic number.  You’re being plenty conservative with the taper and all.  You’ll be fine.  FWIW, I’d be more concerned about your long runs being such a high percentage of your weekly mileage—nearly 50% in your 20-miler weeks, if I’m reading that right.  That can be tough and set you up for injury.
                    Paavo—I laughed at the baby pic.  The photographic evidence suggests that I enjoyed doing “push-ups” at that age, too.  Apparently they let me loose like some side-show carnival freak whenever a table was available. Picnic tables, kitchen tables, coffee tables; I have pictures of me doing push-ups on all of them. I don’t remember, though, and haven’t done one since.  It’s probably the trauma of those early years of cheap exploitation.

                    MS—I forgot to thank you for the explanation about the bag-o-licious run.  Since it was mentioned along with your dog, I thought the two might be related.

                    Leslie—congrats to you and Shorty.  And glad the AT’s doing well.

                    CNY—great to see you running again.

                    WC—Nice 18 but Kingston Trio?  Those young whippersnappers.  I prefer the Woody Guthrie original

                    Dave--I had no idea Lenin was an environmentalist.  Good for him.

                    La Tortuga—let me add my welcome back!

                    Mike—Just guessin’ but I suspect the women in that photo are related to each other aren’t they?


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                      Tet - Is it true that April 22 was chosen for Earth Day because it is Lenin's birthday? Wink  I saw that on Glenn Beck's website so it must be true. Joking  mta - I was taught Earth Day was April 22 because it was already Arbor Day (although that is now usually the last Friday in April and can be different in different states based on the best time of year to plant a tree.)

                      Thanks Nancy.

                      That's a good question about April 22 dave.

                      We had ours in March between terms

                      This article about it indicates 4/22 for the national one corresponded to end of most terms but before finals at other schools.



                      Stumpy! Stumpy! - just don't let them tell you that you have to train that much, if any, if you don't care how long it takes and all you need out of a  marathon is some good fun with others and excellent exercise at any pace. Smile

                      Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                      T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                        Our internet quit working yesterday and is now fixed.  I felt a bit lost without it and my wife was having serious withdrawl problems.


                        jlynne, congrats to your son on his engagement.  Also, exciting for the rest of the family.  mari and enke, it sounds like a great visit, including a run on scenic trails.  Paavo, cute Jocelyn picture.  Holly, it sounds like your daughter saved the day for her team.  You have every right to be proud.  fatozzig, what a fantastic milestone for Shorty.  I'm sure you deserve a lot of the credit.  WC, I loved (and still do) the Kingston Trio.  "It takes a worried man"  was one of my favorite songs.  I'll have to remember your version on my runs.  Mike, what a good looking family.  breger's  quote "Mike, cute picture and nice family!  I really hope your Son-in-laws house has a *bunch* of bathrooms" reminds me of a book I read where the main charater lived with his wife and several daughters in a one bathroom house.  He commented, "The bush outside the back door is well watered".


                        Nice long runs for OM, evan, Tammy, breger, Holly, henrun, and WC.


                        This morning, it was in the mid 40s and there was a pretty good wind.  I got in 8 miles, in shorts, at an 11:13 pace.


                        A good day and good runs for all.


                          stumpy77 wins the what the comment referred to contest!  Congratulations!  Now, personally I would not wait by the mailbox for your prize money to show up but you did win!


                          Here in CT this March weather continues to be awful!  Cold, windy and cloudy.  <Editor:  Knucklehead it is April.  Twocat:  April!!  Shocked  You got to be kidding!  Do you see what it is like out there?>  All right then, this April weather must be about the worst on record for April!  Where is the warm weather!  Did somebody hide the sun or something?  Angry


                          One reason I am noticing the weather again is that I went off to run 6 miles this morning.  On my way I saw my old training partner.  It was great to see her again.  When we met she turned around and ran back towards her start with me.   That sort of worked for her since she was about half way into her run at that point.  I loved having her to talk to again while running.  It was almost as if we just picked up where we left off last spring, which was like where we left off oh about 3 years earlier!  She is as fast as ever, winning AG awards at races with thousands of runners without really doing any systematic training these days either!  Shocked  Wow, wish I could do that!  My right calf was fine for about three miles of my run then it started complaining.  I would not run tomorrow no matter what.  I may yet wind up skipping Thursday and waiting until Saturday to give it a try again.  Time will tell.

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                            2K - You and I need to run together.  We can support one another in our injuries that never seem to go away. Wink


                            Thanks for all your comments re Shorty's sobriety.  He had a really wonderful conversation yesterday with the husband of a friend who is 15 year sober.  I always thought he and Dennis would get along, and now that they've gotten to know one another . . . Dennis and Kathy will be moving. Sad  That being said, he had a huge smile on his face while telling me about their conversation.  Priceless!!


                            Got fitted for orthotics today, they won't be ready until Monday, and it'll take at least a week to work my way into them.  I am hoping against hope I can start to run some the first weekend in May.  Keeping fingers crossed.  I showed my shoes to the head PT who will be making the orthotics and we talked a lot about fit, etc.  She thinks my trail shoes are too flexible, but since I like them so much, she didn't try to talk me out of them.  If I'm still having trouble in the trail shoes once the orthotics are in, I will probably have to consider a different shoe.


                            Last night it was a solid 30 min stat bike ride.  After a 5-min warm up, I'd pedal fairly aggressively for 3 min then sprint for 2.  I was a sweaty pig by the end.  Followed that with a good hard 35 min of strength/core training.  When I was on crutches, I developed some leg strengthening exercises that don't require standing, so I'm back to those for now.


                            Tonight I'm going to try to stay on the bike for 45 min.  Ugh! Black eye

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                            janie b good

                              i was glad to read that orange mat's eyebrows are doing fine... Wink


                              7.1 miles for me in sunny, mid-60s weather.  BEA-UTIFUL.

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                                starting my week off,  4 paper bag miles for me today.


                                Stumpy:  I am not a big fan of the Higdon beginning marathon plan,  I feel just one 20 miler before the big day is a little week.  I like his intermediate plan, and I used it for my first marathon.  That being said,  thousands of people finish their first marathon smiling, after using his beginning plan.   It sounds like you are somewhere between the two training schedules.   You will do fine.

                                RE: taper.  don't go to nuts.  two weeks usually works for me.