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    Les, good for you for getting into the Hood.  We could sure use some of your rain here in OK.


    anothr 1.75 today.  It was nearly 60 F when I went out this morning.  Unusual temps for this time of year.  You just nevr know what the weather will be like. 



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    Trails are hard!

      Welcome back, Ev.  Evry little bit counts.


      Congrats for getting in, Les.  Guess you knew what you getting yourself into.  Wink


      Hope Joe and Arla are still on the 2000 trail.  I know my 1000K won't happen.


      But--I did get in 7.2 miles this morning.  Longest in quite a while--I would need to do a search to recall the last.  And I was able to speed up somewhat for the last mile or so.  Off to NC for most of the week.  at least that's the plan for the moment--delivery on some parts I was expecting to be there when I arrive are on an unknown delay, so I might have to be there a little longer.  have to get out and keep up the running.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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        Nice running, Stumpy!!


        Ev - I'll send the rain your way.  Shorty had to pump under the house part of the day.  The ground is absolutely saturated right now and more is on the way.  Of course, it's nothing like what the folks back East are still dealing with.

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          I had a decent run week up to 23 for calandar week and 24 for the last 7 days and like Stumpy longest long run yesterday since our fall harvest/wheat seeding run. Haven't had the courage to crawl on the scale yet but my pants are getting looser. The mild weather had us working outside, my friend helped me servicing equipment and working on our storage shed so staying physically active working is helping also.


          Congrates Leslie on getting into Mt Hood, and ya us plainspeople will take all the rain/snow you don't need. Hope the rains cause you no damage.


          Hey Ev good to see ya and getting some runs in.


          Hey Stump, nice long run and hope you can get some runs in during your work travels.


          Arla and Joe great mileage you guys. With full time jobs I know it takes dedication to make the time to get that kind of mileage.


          While CA and the PNW is getting dumped on we are on track for the driest year on record. Fire is still raging in my playground of Rocky Mountain National Park and threatened to jump park boundries and head into the town of Estes Park over the weekend.

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