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Friday's Daily ~ 9/28 ~ TGIF (Read 389 times)

    I decided to give Jay a break from starting the daily.  He is one of the best at it, but the union doesn't like it when one person does all the work. 


    Also, I was up at 5:00 and out for a 4.32 mile run in the dark.  First time in a while that I have run early and it felt good.  Sky was 50% clouds but they were "glowing".  Not sure if it was reflecting light from below, or if the moon was somewhere behind them and shining through.


    Have a great day & weekend.  Especially those racing, or running long.


    09/29 TammyinGP - Enchanted Forest Wine Run HM, Applegate OR

    09/29 Sarge - Covered Bridge 10K  New Waterford, OH

    09/30 henrun -  cheering section

    09/30 Marj - Smuttynose Half Marathon, Hampton, NH

    09/30 MilkTruck - Maine Marathon, Portland, ME

    09/30 StarrRuns - Run Crazy Horse Half Marathon, Hill City, SD

    09/30 Tetsujin - Kirkland (WA) Swim/Bike/Run Wimpathon (all barefoot)

    And so it goes


      Mornin' all.


      Thanks Dave, I appreciate the early assist. The moon had all but set by 5:00 here, but was still casting a bit of diffuse light, so maybe that is what you were seeing. It depends on whether the light was coming through the clouds, or bouncing off the bottom.


      Good luck to all of this weekend's racers, runners and walkers!


      Leslie, that story about the women and a dog hit by a car is just too sad and too scary. It is another sad reminder of how important it is to be vigilant and defensive at all times on the roads, but especially in the dark.


      Steve, I agree that having a job that requires you to keep your phone on and with you at all times is nonsense unless you are a first-responder.


      I attended another interesting meeting last night on the potential impacts from the more frequent and more intense storms we've been seeing. We've had 3 storms in the last 6 years that exceeded the amount of rain traditionally associated with "100-year storms." Many scientists in the area think it is more than just coincidence. We live in a low-lying coastal community that is one of the major economic engines for the state because of the tourist influx in the summer. The question is what do we do, and how much do we do to try to protect that "engine" from these more-intense storms?


      I finally got back on schedule this morning, and was out the door at 4:10. I racewalked 6.6 miles - it was 45F, overcast, and with a nice breeze from the west. I got a glimpse of the near-full moon as it was setting behind the trees and behind some clouds drifting in ahead of the rain predicted for today. I also caught a glimpse of the little dipper through a hole in the clouds, and that put a smile on my face. I had only skipped the last two days, but getting back out on the streets today was like catching up with a long-lost friend. Nice.


      Enjoy your Friday!  -  Jay

      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Great run with Wildchild yesterday evening!  No pics yet but we're having a meetup run tomorrow so that's a photo op.  I slept 10 hours last night so I guess that's my body's way of dealing with altitude.  After that I'll be camping much of the time on my way to St. George so I won't be posting very much.

        "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

          What are you doing in Saint George, Opie? Have fun at lunch today.


          Troy, that is one scary picture. I sure hope the person was not texting and driving.


          No work for me today and I am off to do some hiking with a friend of mine whom I have not seeing for over 10 years. It should be fun!

          We are going hiking here: Libby Lake is one lake I have not been to, so the adventure will be fun.


          Later kids! Behave during my absence.


          Happy Birthday Rochrunner! This cake is for you!!!


          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            Now there's the kind of bday cake I like! Maybe Doug will share? Happy Birthday Doug!


            Leslie - that news is so tragic and sad and a sobering reminder about the dangers of running where there are cars. Even if you think you have a shoulder to run on, all it takes is someone talking on a cell phone, glancing off the road, fiddling with their tuner, etc to end in tragedy. Another reason I'm hitting the trails more and more these days.


            SteveP- that's ridiculous about the demands your boss has on you. Unless you are out saving lives or working for the POTUS, there's no reason to be at someone else's beck and call. Or maybe if you are a CIA operative. oh, that's it! I bet you are a CIA black ops guy and that's why you use your Batman alias!  and if I'm remembering what I read yesterday correctly, tomorrow is your DD#3 wedding? Congrats to her and I hope you'll share a pic of the lovely bride and groom and maybe even one of you dressed up in your finest BatSuit!


            David had a great XC meet yesterday. Brand new course for everyone - at a school no one has ever competed at, so no school had an advantage of knowing or practicing on the course. He ran a PR of 11:23 (previous PR was 12:04). In fact, all kids on the team ran PR's. it was a 3 loop course and part was on pavement going around the school campus, so I think that was the biggest factor in the PR's. David took 3/60 OA, 2nd for 7th graders and the boys team took 3rd place. Our girls team is so strong. 1st place team and our runners took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, OA also.


            probably just a walk on the trails with the dogs tonight after work, running a trail HM tomorrow. Noon start and I've never had a race start so late in the day, which means I really don't know how to eat properly for something that late. maybe a bowl of oatmeal mid morning?  This will be a VERY fun HM. Costume contest, treasures to find in the Enchanted Forest for free pearl izumi gifts, live music, catered meals, lots of wine, a kids fun run, etc. I can't wait!


            eta a few pics:


            here's one of him flying by me on the 1st loop of the course:


            and one of him coming into the finish:


            and I can't resist adding this one because I think the two of them are smitten with each other, but neither will admit it:



            King of PhotoShop

              David is sure doing well Tammy, and I love the pics you give us.


              How about that Mariposai misspelling a word!  As everyone knows, the proper spelling is "Roachrunner."  Happy birthday Doug!


              Well, I'm home; got in last night.  I workd in Greenville, NC for two days.  The client told me "This is the real Bible Belt.  People ask you where you live, then ask you where you go to church."  I can't imagine that.  I had a wonderful time there.  Very small bank and good people.


              Ran 5.5 with my RP and we included 3 x 1/4 mile in the middle, last one in 1:36.  This is way faster than I ever do interval work, so it was quite a surprise to me. Fun morning. 


              I was going to race tomorrow, but last night the Saint reminded me Riblet has a x-country meet, so it's no contest. I'd much rather watch him run.  That means on Sunday I'll go long.  Spareribs

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                Happy birthday rochbiker.


                no wonder tammy is so pretty, and fast.

                The tragedy from Leslie's home grounds is sobering and just so senselessly sickening.

                Except maybe for rhoon-land, everybody: let's not run on roads/highways anymore at all no matter what..  It's not worth it. . 

                A cyclist friend telling me that drivers automatically, subconsciously drift over to any object that interrupts the boredom of straight-ahead driving reminded me of colliding with another other early morning skier half way down Exhibition at Sun Valley back in those days when we ere the only ones enjoying the first run in the deep, overnight, powder,


                even I have to admit sparebones is right about no comparison to running by yourself and watching kids do it. Out of five IM's, the very best was where DQ'ing the 2.4 mile swim freed the rest of the day to following DS around the bike and marathon loops.  Have fun.




                Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

                T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                The Goofinator


                  SteveP- Or maybe if you are a CIA operative. oh, that's it! I bet you are a CIA black ops guy and that's why you use your Batman alias!


                  That's it!!!


                  Great pics, Tammy.  Both of David's feet are off the ground in the finish line pic, and what a cute couple those two make!


                  I glimpsed the moon when I kicked Wilson out of the house this morning around 4:00.  It had moved on by the time I got up at 5:30.


                  What a yummy picture, Posie!


                  1 hr of core/strength training this morning. Most upper body ST, but threw in some lower for those muscles that done get as much work when trail running.


                  I'm so glad I'm in taper mode early.  I'm just plain pooped.  Have been exchanging emails with Coach re next year's schedule and have asked for a 4-6 week break after Weaver Basin.  I'm not going to stop running, just need to cut back and recharge the brain.  As for next year, if I stay healthy and injury-free, it's gonna be a tough, character building year.  We're looking at two 50ks early, the 3-day Western States Training Camp over Memorial Day Weekend, Mt. Hood 50 in July, and end the season with Headlands 50 in September.    . . . . . we'll see!

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                    Leslie, how horrible.  The poor families involved.  I hope we can all stay vigilant around cars.


                    I had the most beautiful gift this morning, a double rainbow that lasted all of my final mile home and plus some.  The beauty of it was intensified because it's backdrop was pink pink morning clouds, I had never seen anything like it before.  I got a picture but the pink clouds had changed by then.  Will post later.


                    4.2 miles, 57F, sproinky

                    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                      Great little 3-mile run with Tazzie and Ladybug this morning with a view of Mt. Mike Evans.  The weather has cleared up and the sun shining through the aspens is awesome.  Saw a mule deer! Did a cooldown walk.  A few of you wouldn't have to look at the elevation or HR chart in my log to know why.  Mariposai, I'm running the St. George Marathon, my first marathon this year.  I'm so grateful to be healthy and have such wonderful friends!

                      Happy birthday Roach!

                      "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                        ...Happy B'Day roch//...............Good Running to Ya.......

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        Bushrat Runner

                          5 miles at lunch...back to work...then flying home...good day all.

                            6.1 hilly miles with ocean views this morning. Found out later where I missed sunscreen on my shoulders. Oops. Greta pictures of your son, Tammy, and a PR is a PR! Have a great race, Opie! Nice to see you back at it, fren. I hope someone said hi to Lori from all of us...

                              Happy birthday Roch!  Good luck at St. George, Opie.  I read a book, Running With the Angels, about a gal who lost a lot of weight and ran that as her first marathon.  MrStarr and I just checked into a Super 8 in Buffalo, WY. Everything's back to usual, me on the computer and he with his TV.


                              I’ve been offline since Friday Sept 22nd!  I was nervous about doing a long run out in Yellowstone and it didn’t work out the best.  There were no safe roads without traffic where we were so we drove 5 miles into Gardiner, MT so I could run on the streets there.  I did 4 laps of the road that was in front of the tourst traps then called it quits.  The wind and hills were getting to me.  My mobile aid station (DH in the Escape) was a little too mobile.  The first two times I stopped for a beverage he was no where in sight.  Somehow he knew I was a little miffed.  I ended up with six miles at an OK speed.  After trekking around a lot of sights in Mammoth and the Lamar valley today and a super hilly climb down Uncle Tom's Trail (328 steps down and 2000 up!) didn't do much for my legs.  I ran a couple of other times, including this morning at 5am.  I saw the full moon on one lap but then it was below the trees after that.


                              We're headed out for supper in a couple minutes and then we'll get to Hill City, SD tomorrow for the pasta feed and other events before the race on Sunday.  Will try to catch up on the daily later.  Good luck to all the other racers!  Tammy, a noon start is a bit different.  My 10K was at 10:30 a couple of weeks ago.  Run Crazy Horse starts at 8:00, wish me luck!

                                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard