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Summery Friday Daily, 6.21.13 (Read 39 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Happy Anniversary, Holly and Mr. Holly! your life is so busy, I'm not surprised you forgot, but am glad you were reminded.


    No, I don't usually crash & burn by mid-afternoon, but by sundown, I'm usually a bit weary.


    I'm glad & sad that it is summer. Glad because of the weather, sad because the earliest sunrise of the year is behind me, and each morning now it will be rising a minute later. So, for us early folk, we will be back in darkness far too soon. Sigh...


    3.25 easy racewalking miles today, just staying loose for tomorrow's 5K. I went to the beach, and saw a potential violation of our wetlands ordinances. So when I got home I grabbed my camera, drove back to take some shots, and sent them in an email to the appropriate town and state authorities. So a busier start than I expected to what will be yet another day when I won't get everything done. When will I ever ketchup?


    Have a greta Friday - and wishing fleet-feet, comfortable temps, tail winds and big finishing smiles to all of this weekend's racers.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Happy solstice Jay and all who follow,


      Ran 6 this morning (sleeping while Jay was out walking) and saw no violations, just lots of runners, walkers, fishermen on the pond, and a cardinal.


      happy anniversary Holly and good runs to all,



        Woo hoo! Winter's coming!  Well...not right away but I can keep telling myself that through the summer heat.  I understand, though, how others might feel differently in cooler climes.


        Glad to see the site seems to be back to normal.  I suspect Eric's had a helluva couple of days.


        Didn't seem quite as humid this morning, which made for a more pleasant 10-miler.


        Have a good weekend and good luck to the racers!  (Go Stumpy!)


        06/21-6/22 TammyinGP - The Wild Rogue Relay, Southern Oregon

        06/22 wildchild - Slacker half marathon, Loveland Ski area to Georgetown, CO

        06/23 arf - Banff  Marathon, Banff Alberta

        06/23 Stumpy77 - Bay of Fundy Marathon, Lubec, ME (1st!)


        ETA: I meant to thank Dave for inviting lurkers to pop in.  It's always a nice thing to do and it's interesting to see whose out there...besides the NSA.


          Good morning. Nice day in the northeast!  I dropped off DS for his last day of middle school then headed to the rail trail for about 7 miles.  Sunny, mild but comfortable temps, maybe 60 and not too  humid. . A few dog walkers.  I have been going over there,  or points east on the same trail to get off roads a bit more.


          I had a moment of panc when I got back to my car and saw that the gate to the parking lot had been closed-- mowing in progress by the lake. Luckily the watershed patrol guy was there and let me out...


          Promotion ceremony last night for DS. Very hot and crowded, but it got done.  It is appropriately low key, certificates and a few awards, kids dress up a little, but no cap and gown deal, which seems silly for 8th grade, at least to me.   He got a principals list award for maintaining at least a 3.85 all three years ( He had straight  As all three years.... Wink . When my DD got out of there, the award was harder to get, required nearly  straight As. I guess  they wanted to include more kids.  he also got the "Count Basie" award for excellence in jazz band.


          Onward to summer... happy running, and good luck to all the weekend racers. Bay of Fundy sounds cool


          Yesterday I ran 6.5 on roads early a.m.

          King of PhotoShop

            Missed you all yesterday.  Took the day off from running, a rarity for me, but I had this project I simply had to finish, and I did.


            Riblet's 17th birthday is today.  Mind if I brag a bit?  He has grown so much this year!  (Not physically, but emotionally.)  Has a part-time job as a supermarket checker, uses his own money to buy things, puts gas in my car when he uses it and does stuff around the house without being asked.  Plays the Minute Waltz on piano beautifully, practices on his own, gets up 3 days a week early to run with the cross-country team, and is always thinking of others before himself.  This is a waaaay different kid from last year's version!  So happy birthday to him.


            After the day off yesterday I felt very sluggish today, just 4.4 slow miles.  Spareribs

              Holly S. happy day after your anniversary!  Pretty funny that you forgot it!  The guy is supposed to do that not the gal!


              Spareribs brag away!  Happy birthday to your DS!


              Speaking, or writing, of today's events my DW and I are celebrating our xxx1st wedding anniversary!  (Rats that first number key keeps getting stuck.  Well, at least it offers a hint.)  Boy are we getting old.  Sad  Better than the alternative!  For my individual celebration I ran just over 8 miles and successfully escaped every zombie horde that came after me!  So I have one happy avatar!  Tonight my DW and I are going to one of our favorite restaurants in the US which luckily is right in town Le Farm.  Dinner should be great!

              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                I'm feeling practically human.  Maybe I'll run tomorrow.


                Come on Twocat, I owned up to 30 years.  It can't be that much more than that?


                arf is running in Banff.  That will be so cool.  My wife had a job where she used to have to travel around a lot and one time I went with her when she was up in that area.  We were in Banff for a day.  I went for a run down the main street with a mountain in front of me, just like this:



                One of my all time favorite running memories.  Thanks for bringing it back.  It was about 23-24 years ago.


                Happy anniversary Holly.  Over the years, Cindy and I have each forgotten the day.  Her more than me but I don't care.


                Happy birthday to Riblet.  That's a good sign that Riblet is doing all that good stuff now.  He won't be one of those guys who shouts at his wife to bring him a sandwich and a beer.

                Humanity runs on coffee.

                janie b good

                  holly-- happy anniversary!

                  riblet-- happy birthday!


                  4.22 sunny, EZ miles for me in 76* temp.  I was a lone ranger in the 'hood today.  where are all the kids?-- too nice of a day to be inside!

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                  mustang sally

                  Bad faerie

                    Happy anniversary, Holly!

                    Riblet - could you come around and give my 17-y-o a few pointers?


                    I'm staving off summer for another day, as tomorrow is the day selected for the Stupid Summer Solstice Century around our park's 1-mile loop 100 times.  I would love to get a photo at dawn, Lion King-ish, of a person on top of the park's hill, silhouetted against a colourful sky, holding a bike aloft, but I doubt we'll have time for such silliness.  I am making a raft of PB&J sandwiches tonight and will go to bed early, as we're starting at 4:00.  It is deliciously pointless and I'm looking forward to it.  There should be about a dozen of us to share the work, so we may be able to bundle right along.


                    Rode a very moderate 90 minutes this AM.  Now it's time to make the donuts.



                    Singer who doesn't run.

                      Mmmm ... donuts ....  Big grin

                      When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

                        HAPPY 31st Wedding Anniversary Twocat!!

                        Happy anniversary to Holly too.....16th, 17th?


                        Dave, interesting about the lurkers, I just assumed it still registered every view as unique.


                        With the kids out of school, and sleeping in everyday, I have more time for morning runs.  Smile

                        So 4.4 miles in very humid, but pleasantly cool 54F, with those light misty sprinkles that occur when we are really just shrouded in cloud.  It was very enjoyable, and with the heavy overnight rain we had, I took many opportunities to douse my head with water by brushing underneath the over hanging foilage along the sidewalks.

                        "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                          Outed by enkephalin! Smile Ahh, old I am getting.

                          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                          Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                             Smile Ahh, old I am getting.



                            you're starting to talk like Yoda.........

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              Happy Anniversary to Holly and Hubby (belated) and to Twocat and Ever Patient and Loving Wife.   My friend and officer co-worker is celebrating 48 years today with her hub.


                              Erika - WOW!! Shocked  Talk about a successful weekend.  "Tracy's Fatass?" Tracy as in "friend," or Tracey as in "town"?


                              SteveP - I am sorry to hear about Roman.  Foster care is tough on these little guys, and I'll be praying that the transition goes as smoothly as possible for all concerned.  And I think Noah may be hanging around Tag a little bit too much re the hand-licking.  Just sayin' . . . .


                              Twocat - If you have no stove, how will you ever make all those beautiful muffins we are all dying to try?


                              Dave - Sounds like you're feeling better.


                              Wednesday morning, I did about 30 min of core/strength training, and yesterday it was 6 steady miles at the McKay Tract.  Toward the end, the tendon on the inside of my left foot behind the ankle bone wasn't very happy and things were pretty tight last night, but I iced and massaged and feel better today.  I think part of the tendon issue was the kinesio tape had been on for a few days and basically wasn't doing anything to support the area.  Will retape before tomorrow's 10.


                              I had an interview Wednesday that went well.  It's for a temporary position as the current secretary is out on  maternity disability and they don't know if she will be returning; however, if I get offered the job, I will take it.  The attorney is very nice, and the firm is up growing by leaps and bounds.  His basic comments were that if his secretary returns, they will try to absorb me elsewhere, but if they aren't able to, well . . . . .


                              He and I also acknowledged that, if during the temp period, I find a permanent position, I am free to leave.  Of course, I am free to leave regardless, but if I could just come in one day and say, "Dennis, I gotta go," and he would be fine.  The benefits at this office are exactly what I'm looking for, so fingers crossed.  He has to run it by his partners and hopefully I will hear from him soon.


                              I also have an interview on Monday with a solo practitioner, but I doubt very seriously the benefits I want are available.  And a friend of mine is trying to get me into her office.  However, that attorney is concerned that I have just a small background in civil litigation.  That may be, but I'm a fast study and I'm willing to learn.  Just need to be given the chance.


                              But we'll see what happens.  I have no doubt God will put me where He wants me to be.

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                                A fast post here since I am getting ready to go to Wenatchee.


                                10.5 miles at a sproinky pace. Happy with this since I just ran a tempo run last night. The paces for today were effortless. I will take it!


                                Happy Anniversary to Mrs. and Mr. Twocat. Enjoy your meal!


                                Banff marathon was in my plans earlier this year, but since Dr. J asked me to run a marathon with him I decided not to do it.

                                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard