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    Mornin' all.


    Nice picking and racing yesterday Dave, and congrats on the AG win!


    Congrats to you too, Starr, for your OA and AG win, Big grin and especially on beating your goal time for the run. Thanks for the family history too - fascinating.


    A big congrats to Mariposai for the huge course PR! Even with your different race strategy, you smoked the course. Dinner didn't sound too shabby either...


    Sorry about your less than satisfying run yesterday, Leslie. I hope it was just an off day, and not a sign that you are coming down with something, but it is still smart of you to be attentive to that possibility.


    Yesterday's Fox Point 8K was a 5pm race, which is tough on we morning people. I got there early to spend some time working at our Seacoast Series table, but still left myself about 25 minutes to warm up. It was about 75F, partly sunny, quite breezy, and there were some storm clouds on the horizon. I got a decent start, but still tried not to go out too fast, as I often do. Lots of runners passed me in the first mile. A volunteer yelled out 10:18 as I passed the 1st mile mark. Fewer runners passed in mile 2, and I was starting to gain some ground on a few who had passed me earlier. Another volunteer yelled out 20:35 as I passed mile 2. I started passing some runners in mile 3, and a volunteer at 5K yelled 32:15 as I passed by. I had a few more runners I wanted to try to pick off before the end of the race, and found if I used more hip rotation and lengthened my stride just a scooch, I made up ground just a little faster. I was getting pretty warm, and poured half of my cup of water at the last water stop over my head to try to cool down a bit. The race has an uphill to the finish, so I just leaned into it a bit, shortened my stride and tried to increase my turnover rate, even on the incline. My official time was 52:35 (10:32 pace), which was good enough on that day for 1st place in the racewalking div. I got $50 and a nice bag for my effort. Then I came home to a great dinner that DW had prepared: soft-shell lobster, local corn, and a colorful & tasty salad. It was a nice way to finish off the day.


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Congrats on your 1st place, Jay.  That is an incredible time, good for you.  I'm sure you had fun picking off those runners.  It is tough to run at a different time than normal.


      Leslie, sorry you had such a carpy long run yesterday. Some days are like that for me too.  Did your pastor have a chance to visit with the shirtless dancer?  Nancy, congrats to you on a course PR.  What a beautiful lake! (I looked up pictures of it). 


      Rhoon Phast, I’m glad you maintain that plane and let the bicycle repairs slide.  Hope you get that moose in the freezer before winter. 


      Just for grins I looked for a picture of me running my first 10K 7 years ago.  I had forgotton that it was raining! This is in the last mile before heading downtown.  I have now idea who the old geezer is in the background!

      Turkey Day 2005


      This is Main Street, half a block from the finish


      Good running all.  I plan to go out later today since I don't have time to run before church this morning.  Good luck in your 25K MikeE, what a gorgeous Minnesota day you have for the race.


      Starr in SW MN

        ...Sweet jay//............AND you got to Sleep In


        Nice Racing starr/////




        ......24min trailrun CA............50's here, seemed colder.


        taking it easy

        since several parts of TheLeg seemed to be inflamed.


        ..............good running guys

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          I'm still on the injured list.


          I haven't ran or biked all week. My hip is getting worse by the day. I have a hematoma that isn't getting any smaller and it's putting pressure on a nerve and muscles.


          This last week at work has been terrible on it. Up and down a 3 story set of stairs all day every day, crawling over things, awkward positions and on my feet all day. Hasn't quite been the rest I need to give it.



            Nice racing Jay.  Picking off the runners is great.


            Slo - You had some sort of bicycle crash?  I can't remember exactly what happened.


            Congratulations on the marathon course PR Posai.  The way the people here click off marathons and beyond are amazing. 


            I ran an easy 2 miles this morning.  In a few minutes I am heading to the airport for a trip to the WV office where I'll be working this week.  It's like a mini-vacation for me.  No cooking, cleaning, dishes, yardwork, or cats waking me up, for a whole 5 days!  I just go to work when I want, leave when I want, and there are no non-work distractions or interruptions.


            I plan to run a few more miles this evening along the Kanawha River.

            And so it goes


              Congrats Jay, Dave and Mariposi!

              (((((Slo))))-Hope its not serious and you heal well and quickly.

              I'm also on the injured list. My attempt at running last week was premature and I'm again walking, cycling and swimming (this coming week, I hope).

              This morning while Marj did her long run on the Charles I cycled and brought her some much needed pretzels for a mid run snack.  Did some nice rides yesterday and today. This afternoon we're heading to the bike shop to look for a new bike to add to my collection. I'd like to be running but it looks like it'll be a few more weeks of rehab. (Ribs was right. I "healed too quickly" for an old guy).Sad


                Good Morning Everyone!  Today is a good day! Smile


                Yesterday my daughter and I ran the Dragon Fly 5K right here in my Home town of Antioch Ca. This was my 13 yr old daughter Cassie's first race and my first since my ankle injury in April. The race was held at the Contra Loma / Black Diamond regional park and is known as a dry very hilly course with no shade. The run consisted of a 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon. I had originally signed up for the 10K back in April but I changed my registration to the 5K in light of my recent injury.

                I wasnt sure if my decision to go ahead with this run was a good one, especially when during the pre race activities walking around on the un even ground was making my ankle feel like it wanted to roll Sad
                I justified my decision by telling myself its ok, you can walk the whole thing, just be careful! (Yeah right)  So just prior to the race beginning I spent some time with Cassie telling her about what to be aware of, to watch her footing, try to create gaps around her until the initial crowd thinned out, and to have fun!


                With the full intention of walking the whole race I moved to the back of the crowd......The gun goes off..... and off I go!..... running! not fast but running none the less. It felt good!!!! I wasnt running fast, I was very careful and deliberate about where my feet landed but in spite of my surgeons warnings that running was no longer in my future here I was!Big grin


                I found I was able to run up some of the hills initially but my fitness isnt what it was, so walking up them became the norm for me. So in the end I ran all the flat stuff and walked up and down the hills, although my ankle hurt a little upon starting, it never got any worse during the run and in fact felt a little better as I warmed up.
                Upon crossing the finish the announcer Sam from Brazen racing who knew my story Says comes Jim from Antioch proving the Doctors wrong congratulations Jim! That felt really good! and having my daughter waiting at the finish with a big hug for Dad was the best I could ask for.
                Cassie did very well she finished the 3.25 mile course in 43 minutes. and is already asking when we can do it again! Big grin












                  Slo - You had some sort of bicycle crash?  I can't remember exactly what happened.




                  Yeah I had a bicycle crash one week ago yesterday.  Some people cross paths with a black cat...In my case our paths met !

                    Jay--10:32 pace is blazing! Congrats.

                    Slo—hang in there.  Take the time to heal properly.

                    Dave—a work vacation, eh?

                    Henry—see Slo above.

                    Jim--nice pics!  Looks like a great day.


                    Speaking of great days....what a gorgeous early autumn morning!  13-miler for me, enjoying the cooler temps and lower humidity. 


                    I’m taking on a bunch of new work this Fall.  It’s all good but it means much less time to check in here.  Heck it’s even meant a few missed runs.  Part of me is thinking of signing up for Boston to motivate me to train; part of me is concerned I won’t be able to take the time off to run it!  Decisions, decisions. 


                    Gotta go skim some threads now.

                    Bushrat Runner

                      Tramps...I can attest to the benefit of having a race on the calendar to motivate me to get out there and put in the miles. Still working on planning what this winter's marathon will be, but I've got to get one on the board.

                        Starr, pretty good practice 10K, beating your goal.  Also, nice pictures of your first 10K.  mari, congrats on your marathon with 15 minute course PR.  Jay, speedy 8K and 1st OA racewalker.  Slo, sorry to hear your hip is still not good.  Good luck on it healing soon.  henrun, it's neat you're able to bike, walk and swim while waiting to get back to running.  Jim, nice pictures of you and your daughter in your 5K.  You sure did well considering what the doctor told you.


                        Nice long runs for evan, fatozzig (a tough one), and marj.


                        This morning, it was in the high 40s and calm.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:21 pace.


                        A good day and good runs for all.



                          Tramps...I can attest to the benefit of having a race on the calendar to motivate me to get out there and put in the miles. Still working on planning what this winter's marathon will be, but I've got to get one on the board.

                           Exactly what I was thinking. Having a race to train for keeps me going. I am one of those who are lost without a race training plan...


                          JimL, what a great first race for your DD. She looks great on the pictures. The finisher picture of the two of you is priceless. So, when are you guys running your next race?

                          Tramps, having a pile of work is a good problem to have! So, what is my idol tribee training for?

                          Dave, congrats once again on that AG win!

                          Jay, any lobster left over? You are one fast race walker, a 10:32 pace is Surprised.

                          Henrun, why are you back on the injury list?

                          Slo-Hand, is the hematoma on your hip? Take care! and do post here when able. We miss you when you don't.

                          Holly, no pictures of the dress up party?

                          Tamster, I wanted to mention about the great pictures you posted of your son! What a handsome young man his is becoming.

                          Any posting from Spareribs? I was thinking of the family during the memorial service yesterday.


                          Thanks for your kind comments on my marathon yesterday. Yes, Erika, you will enjoy this course, but it is the Sunflower Mt. marathon that I want to run with you Smile.  Results are up, I came in 8/13AG (funny, I was the oldest racer in my age group Big grin). 22/47 OA.


                          Well, I am hoping that we will not have a twocat sighting around here today and that I would be safe to post my easy like a snail 4 recovery miles this morning. If he shows up, I am dead meat.Black


                          Now it is time to put another batch of marinera sauce on the stove. Got to love a bumper crop of fresh produce from the garden. 

                          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                          MM #5616

                            Nice racing, Jay!

                            Slo, hope you heal up soon.  Sounds painful!

                            Jim, congrats on racing with your DD and on proving the doctors wrong!  So happy to hear you're running again!


                            Today I got an email that the official race photos are posted for the American Discovery Trail Marathon - the one I posted last week was a free one taken by a volunteer from Pikes Peak Road Runners... well, the official ones, that you have to pay $30 for, are nowhere near as good. (I didn't pay for this one - just did a screen shot from the website...)  So just to prove that not all my finish line photos are good:


                            I look tired in this one, but I think it's funny because there's a guy with a stroller who's apparently staring at my butt...



                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              They're all good photos of you, wildchild...Good work on that marathon, Mariposai...a couple of random thoughts and now I would like to check in about my race yesterday. Harder than I expected so now I know I should just be content to finish the marathon in 4 weeks. Very sore today esp. upper quads so I'm wearing compression shorts for recovery. Dare I try the foam roller?

                              "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                                Jim, wow, what a great day indeed!

                                SLO, sorry to hear that things are rough right now.

                                Wildchild, ummmm, exactly what is bad about that photo?


                                I must have picked up Leslie's funk, because I had a really carpy run.  I was planning on 8, maybe even 10 miles (I was going to treat myself to a big burrito if I did 10 miles).  8 should have been no problem.  Around 5 miles however, I had to walk.  I was just sweating too too much for a relatively cool and windy day, and feeling weak and zapped of energy all over.  I think maybe poor eating yesterday, a poor sleep and a very bad breakfast choice (piece of chocolate cake), made me a bit hypoglycemic when I went to run later in the morning.  Took me awhile to recover in the car before I drove home.  Plus I've just been waking up really sweaty for about the past 3 weeks, so I think I should get my thyroid levels checked.  I may be taking too much of the hormone right now.


                                So, 6.34 miles, but most of the last mile was walking.

                                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."