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Final Friday, 8.31.12 (Read 389 times)


    Mornin' all.


    Great photos on the daily yesterday, thanks to Sarge and Wildchild, and a randy quiz too.


    I was out at a few ticks past 4 this morning for 6.5 racewalking miles. It was 63F, noticeably muggy, and with a strong breeze from the SW. That Blue Moon was sitting higher and prettier in the sky than yesterday, and helped light the way for me. He also helped me see the couple o' skunks that were out looking for their pre-dawn snacks. Even with a full moon, the comparison of the light coming from the moon and the sun is rather remarkable. It makes me appreciate the power of the sun even more. I did mile fartleks this morning, so 2, 4, and 6 were pretty quick and intense, while 1, 3, 5, and 6+ were more la-de-da. I was fatigued when I finished, but in a very satisfying way.


    Good luck to OM in her half this weekend, to Wildchild in her marathon, and to all the rest of this weekend's racers! And I hope everybody enjoys the last long weekend of summer.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good mornin'  Coast Walker & everyone,


      Nice blue moon here today also. 


      Coast I was wondering if you ever run.  I met a local walker here that went to the Olymic trials and almost made it. He runs 2X a week for x-training.

      He recently ran a sub 18 5k, pretty darn good for runnin' 2x per week.  But he could have walked it like 19 minutes


      Leg rest day for me.....     


      Have a Great Day!                   

      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

      Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

        Good Morning!


        It good to hear that you avoided the skunks this morning thanks to the beautiful moon Jay.


        Enjoy your rest day Sarge!


        I didn't make it out for a run yesterday morning, as we were entertaining out of state visitors Wednesday night and I didn't get to bed early enough, not to mention a few glasses of wine.   We also had lots of dog/puppy discussions, so I was very restless with my thinking ..... yes call me nuts, but we are in the market for a female pup.   Big grin   


        So, this morning I got out for 3 lackluster miles.   It was 74° and humid - yuck!  


        That was a beautiful picture of yesterday of the mountains.    Last Saturday was hubby's birthday and more than anything he wanted all his girls to go out fishing with him.   So our 3 daughter's and one granddaughter all agreed and out we went for a really enjoyable evening.   We only caught 2 salmon, but that is secondary to the time spent together.    Here's a picture I took of the sunset as we headed towards port....



        Good Luck Racers and Happy Friday!!


        "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
        It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."


        King of PhotoShop

          It's possible to walk a 5K in 19 minutes?  That I'd like to see.  Wow!


          I'm going to race a 5-miler tomorrow, so I did 2.2 miles easy this morning just to stay loose.


          Good luck to you OM and whoever else is racing. Is it Wildchild?  I forget things.


          Steve Buscemi does a cameo as a waiter dressed like Buddy Holly in what 1994 film?


          What is the highest number on a roullette wheel?



            Just a quick post to say how gorgeous the mountain pictures were yesterday! As a child I used to go fishing with him and his buddies.

            Spareribs, we all enjoy the trivia questions. Bring them on.


            Well, off to the Washington Coast now for a four day vacation with some dear friends. A little bit of water, a little bit of hiking, great food and a lot of laughter is ahead of us (ohh and 8 hours of driving too Smile). 


            Enjoy the long weekend, folks!


            Go racers go!!!!

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              I've also wondered if racewalkers do much running. It's such a different motion, really, that you'd think it would make for good XT.


              Awesome pictures recently. Sarge, that looked like a really nice trip on your bike. Carolyn, yes you truly are blessed to live and run where you do. I loved Colorado.


              Have a fun time on the coast, Nancy! I'm taking today off too so will have a 4-day weekend. Will go into the office tomorrow though when no one is there to get some clean up and straightening done.


              Ran a trail race last night. There's a local trail race series held by the running club that started up a few years ago. A nice complement to the regular series which has a lot of road races (although a couple with trails, like Gold Discovery Run and the Equinox). This trail series has races you do have to drive to, like Wickersham Dome about 100+ miles away, but most are pretty local. Last night's run was the last of the series, and the first I've ever done. It was fun, but hard! I ran it like a training run because I don't want to do anything to mess up Equinox in just over 2 weeks.


              This race was called the Musk Ox Run, because it starts at the Musk Ox Farm behind the university, takes the Equinox trails back a couple miles, then heads up through "Musk Ox Subdivision" and up the hill to a radio tower. Turn around and come back. Billed as an 11 mile run, it was more like 10.7, with lots of hills and rooty trails. Turned my ankle a couple times and landed wrong on some roots a few times so my right foot/ankle was sore afterward, but fine today. I ran it in about 1:45 or so, for about a 9:50 pace. And I'm not sure I could've run faster if I'd wanted to! Yesterday was the warmest day all week, and the temps were about 70° at the start. Here's the profile:

              Musk Ox Run Profile


              Today I've got some errands to do, and some puttering around the house this afternoon, but might get out for a short easy (very easy) run later.

                I was wrong about the Roulette wheel, I was going to say 31.


                Nice race Erika with lots of elevation, should help for Equinox.

                Nice weekend coming up here.


                I saw that moon when I set out, just that alone made it worthwhile getting up early.


                Did 6 easy miles, 52 or 53F this morning, nice and cool....

                Big toe hurt a bit, I think I will start taking calcium and vitamin D because I feel like it is a stress fracture waiting to happen.

                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                  Ran 4.81 miles with 3 of those at hm pace.  Then I got a new Garmin in the mail (that I ordered.)  So I charged it up and ran one more just to try it out.  It is a 410 and it will take some getting used to, but my 310 stopped making any sounds and when I do certain workouts I like to here the beep to let me know when to start and stop what I am doing.

                  And so it goes

                  King of PhotoShop

                    I was wrong about the Roulette wheel, I was going to say 31.



                    Thanks for the spelling correction. I had two l's.  Spareribs

                      It's possible to walk a 5K in 19 minutes?  That I'd like to see.  Wow!





                      ...No Kiddin'................SMOKIN' JAY/////////////

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        evanflein that is one crazy race course! wildchild I think I have found the ideal race series for you!

                        Good news on my heel. The day after my first run after a four day running and all on the feet exercise hiatus my heel feels fine! Tomorrow is the final race in the local race series. This one is actually at a normal distance: 10 miles. Must have been a mistake of some sort! My big goal is to come home with a shirt for finishing in the top three in series pouts in my AG. There is only one scenario I can think of that will upend that goal. Now I just need to make sure it does not happen!

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                          5k in 19 minutes speed walking??  Holy Guacamoly!!


                          6 miles last evening after work, with 3 tempo miles at Miles 3-5.  Same place as last week, so a slight incline for most of 1.5 tempo miles, then a slight downhill and some flat for the second 1.5 miles.  Too bad I couldn't harness some of the "put put putting" I was experiencing.  Maybe I could've gone faster. Wink


                          Was suppose to get up for core/ST this a.m., but I turned off my alarm at 4:30 and was totally zonked out until 7:00. Roll eyes  Tomorrow 16 trail miles with a new trail running friend.  He's a bit faster than me, so we'll see how I survive trying to keep up.

                          Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                          Trail Runner Nation

                            Yeah Twocat, I've often thought Carolyn would love some of our races around here. One of these days, maybe!


                            4.1 easy miles today. At first it seemed like my right foot was not going to play nice with this easy-run-after-hilly-trail-race idea, but after the first mile it seemed to warm up and feel better. I think my shoes were too loose, or my socks too thin (both?) last night. I could feel my shoe shifting around my foot when I'd hit some of the roots. Need to be more careful with that next time. That much uneven and variable terrain needs a more secure shoe, I think.

                              Nice picture of the fishing trip with the family, Mary.  Are you getting another puppy so you can raise even more of those cute little puppy cows?  Erika, that is quite a profile, glad your ankle is OK.  Do you have trail shoes?  I was thinking about getting some for my race in the Black Hills.  It’s on a trail with crushed limestone that’s pretty well packed.  I ordered a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline 12’s today instead.  What’s wrong with your toe, Enke?


                              We ate supper so late last night I wasn’t able to get out in the Blue Moon for a run.  It didn’t work out this morning either.  So after work it was for 4.6 miles (I was aiming for 5).  It was supposed to be a pace run on the Hal Higdon half plan. I’m still not sure what my goal pace is but tried to push myself faster than usual.  It ended up to be 12:17 average pace with the miles at 12:28/12:05/12:16/12:27/12:06.  I am wondering if I could run the 10K at 11:45 in two weeks.  A month ago I was at 14:00 minute miles or slower.


                              Tomorrow we are going to work in the garden and then out for breakfast.  After that we are cleaning out boxes in the garage. After we moved on June 1st everything got moved to the garage.  I finally have time to go through some of those “treasures”.  I’m ready to simplify and get rid of stuff, I counted 13 beach towels in the closet,,,, for a two person household!  I think I should watch a few episodes of “Hoarders” before we get started.


                              Starr in MN

                                 Nice Sunset. 



                                Steve Buscemi does a cameo as a waiter dressed like Buddy Holly in what 1994 film?





                                 His most outstanding role was as Commissioner Gordon in an Emmy worthy Saturday Night Live skit


                                The Musk Ox sounds fun!