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Last Day Daily, 12.31.12 (Read 314 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    No workout for me today: Too much wine last night, too much fun, and I was up way too late. This morning, I slept a little later than usual, and then had to get breakfast ready for our guests. Our 16 year-old niece was the only other person awake, so we had a great time talking while I was working. We'll all play games and talk in front of the fireplace today, eat well, go to the beach to watch the fireworks tonight, and we're all signed up for a 5K tomorrow morning.


    Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all good health, good times, and good runs for 2013!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Sounds like a great plan for the last day of 2012 coastwalker---enjoy!


      Ran an easy 4 miles this morning---overcast and in the 20s here. Roads were pretty clear of ice and traffic. I came off a big mileage weekend so today's easy run was needed and welcome.


      The kiddo is at his last day of intensive driver's ed (30 hours in 5 days) and we'll go into town for some First Night activities once he's dismissed.

        Just in from a 10 mile run to bring December's total to 300.3.


        Todays agenda...Take a nap.

          Good morning Jay, Karin and all to follow. Sounds like you had a great evening last night Jay. A nice way to end 2012, and good luck with your 5K tomorrow.


          Insurance rates going up Karin? Wink It's great to see our kids get that extra "independence" but it also comes with a fresh set of worries. When is the big road test?


          Slo - how 'bout some feedback on the Schmidty weekend?


          Marj - that Dave Barry story was hilarious.


          Stoopid Packers. Now they get to play the Vikings again. On Saturday night at 7:00 PM. In Green Bay. In January. Not sure how to dress for this game...


          Cross training today since the Y has a contest going for free membership and other goodies. Your name goes in a drawing every time you work out there until January 5th. 5 miles on the eliptical, 3 on the bike and some bosu and stability ball stuff. Oh - and a 60 second plank that just about killed me. But I'm going to try Tammy's challenge.


          We're going ice skating tonight, then out for dinner. I'm sure we'll never see midnight. So - to all of you wild and crazy party people - stay safe and drive carefully. Happy new year everyone!

            I did 10 easy miles this AM. It was a balmy 30 degrees!


            Mrrun,nice Davy Barry article. Reading it,I woke my wife up who was sleeping on the couch next to my computer. I was trying not to laugh too loud.  I've been a  Dave Barry fan since I was a kid,but I don't get to read him much anymore since my local paper dropped his column. My oldest sister used to clip columns from her Chicago paper and mail them to me,but it's been a while. She has met him many times over the years.


            Yesterday my 18 year old son asked me if I had an old pair of skis he could have. Sure. I asked what for. Seems him and a friend found an old recliner chair and plan on attaching the skis,then go out to a sled hill. I think alcohol may be involved. No pics yet as he slept at a friends house last night. I guess I know what they have been teaching him in the Marines.


            The wife and I are going on a "date" tonight. I rented a room at a local hotel that has a hot tub ( DW loves hot tubs!) Restaurants,movies,and bars within walking distance.,baby sitter lined up.  Sometimes ya just need a break from the kids!


            Jlynne,stoopid Packers is right. Peterson was in beast mode as usual. I would feel a lot better if they were going to play Da Bears next week,but nooo...

            Last January playoff game for me was when Al Harris "picked 6'ed" Matt Hasslback (sp?) in OT to win the game. I always wear my hunting/ice fishing garb. I'm nice and toasty.


              Jay - for all the early mornings this year you deserve one rest day. Sounds like you had fun.


              Way to go Slo! What type of moron would put you up to that?


              CNY crusin into '13. Nice.


              Jlynne - you get the Vikings and we get the Ravens. I like both our chances to move forward. Have fun skating.


              9.2 this monring to get to an even number. Maybe a late night run to ring in the New Year in my style.


              Be safe everyone.

              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                Saturday night at 7:00 PM. In Green Bay. In January. Not sure how to dress for this game...

                Uh, warmly? Big grin


                It was kind of ugly but there are lots of happy Redskins fans around here today.  Unfortunately, they won’t have Romo playing against for them next week.


                Wow, Slo!  300 is special.  Only idiots would try that.  Didn't your mother warn you not to hang out with those kinds of people?


                EZ 7


                Have fun tonight, however you're celebrating.

                  Schmitty Weekend...I asked for pictures to be forwarded.


                  It started with teaching one BIL how to shoot a hand gun. Then the kids opened presents. Then the adults exchanged alcohol then we put  Packer Fans, Bear Fans, Viking Fans, Cowboy Fans and a 49er fan in the same room to drink and watch football. Nothing got broke.

                    Schmitty Weekend...I asked for pictures to be forwarded.


                    It started with teaching one BIL how to shoot a hand gun. Then the kids opened presents. Then the adults exchanged alcohol then we put  Packer Fans, Bear Fans, Viking Fans, Cowboy Fans and a 49er fan in the same room to drink and watch football. Nothing got broke.


                    I hope the hand guns were locked up for that last part.

                    King of PhotoShop

                      Slow recovery run of 3.4 miles in a light rain, which felt fine despite yesterday's 20, so I was happy with it. Did a full flexibility workout afterwards, so now I'm set for the day!

                      This week in the Dallas Morning News I'm writing about ideas for improving your running in 2013 in a two-part post.  I've asked readers for their suggestions and would like to hear yours as well.  What are your thoughts?



                      I wish all of you a healthy 2013, and an enjoyable and safe evening tonight.  Spareribs

                        As a die hard PATS fan the games yesterday couldn't have gone much better, excpet of course if Denver had lost but there was pretty much no way that was going to happen.  However, Houston losing SWEET!  The Giants not sneaking into the playoffs even SWEETER and watching the Cowboys lose beyond SWEET!!


                        Felt kind of stuffy yesterday aftrernoon and woke up this morning feeling even more so.  I usually fight off a couple of colds like this every year so it looks like tomorrow won't be a racing day for me.  The last thing I need is to get sick just before heading to Florida for my Half on the 20th.


                        Rest day today comes at a good time for me.  We will be heading out this evening for DW's youngest brothers 50th surprise birthday party.  I would much rather be home where I know I am safe.  I don't think we'll be out too late, and I hope to be safe in bed before the ball drops!


                        Happy New Year to all my Master Running friends, may 2013 bring lots of healthy running miles!


                        PS - Now I know why Ribs is such an old curmudgeon ...he's a JETS FAN!   Wink

                        MM #5615

                          Hello everybody!  This is my last day in Florida (insert, sad face).  Tomorrow I go back to 10temps and snow.  Man, I wish could retire down here.


                          I went for a little 3 miler with my DD...29:33...yeah a little slower than I like to go, but being able to run with her was well worth it.  I might run again later but since I've already started drinking, it probably won't happen.


                          Okay--that's it for now.  See ya!


                            Another year shot to hell. Happy New Year to all of you!~


                            Back in Manchester briefly last night and today. had to work a little and check on the animals. Lots of sholveling last night...and cat greeting.


                            Swam 1500 yards this morning then did 60 minutes of elliptical plus a couple of weights at lunch. Knee tolerated it but it is a little sore now. I have an appt on Wednesday so should get a better sense of what is going on.  I am guessing  LCL strain or ITB, though neither makes complete sense. .... annoying.


                            I have been able to hike with only minimal pain,  and I  had a nice walk up Mt. Pierce and Mt Eisenhower  in Crawford Notch  on Saturday with a high school friend.  Generally good snow conditions.


                            High winds closed Wildcat today, so DD got out of work quite  early and is packing up for NY Eve party at one of the RMC huts. She will hike in with some friends. it will be bitterweet this year after the recent untimely death of one of her trail crew mates and friends, but at least much of the group will be together and they won't be driving.  Might be a fun party too.


                            I hope 2013 is good to all of us. Hug your kids....

                            janie b good

                              HNY to everyone... be safe out there tonight!


                              3.2 t'mill miles for me.  heavy snow today and i still haven't gotten the screws for my shoes.  if it would stop snowing, i might be able to make it to the hardware store.  i'm a big chicken when it comes to driving in the snow.


                              my christmas tree gave me a bad case of poison ivy, so i had to take a little over a week off from running.  but i'm finally back at it--  and very glad to get an end of the year run in today.

                              goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.


                                Today I did not run. But I did start a day early for my resolution to add  cross training into my schedule. Baby weights count, I hope. It was only about 20 minutes worth but I concentrated on arms. I am still a work in progress.


                                *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*