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Tuesday's Daily, 12.10.13 (Read 34 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Good move to anchor the tree when there are little ones around, Jlynne.


    Ribs, We talked about race cancellation policies at our road race series wrap-up dinner last night. Thanks for helping to get the conversation started.


    Nice job of getting out there yesterday, Yaks and all, Tselbes.


    Nice 11er yesterday (despite the crud) C-R. Wishing your DW a good outcome with her surgery tomorrow.


    Welcome, sunkid! Nice to have you here. I might be the last to know about FIRST, so I can't help you much with that. You do live in a nice part of the country - I'm glad you get out and enjoy it.


    Nice burpees, Mariposai.


    Glad the ice spikes worked for you yesterday, Dave, after your snow-shoveling cross-training.


    Sounds like a right tasty meal, even with the power outage, Evanflein. It also sounds like a day off was the right call.


    We realized, at our Seacoast Road Race Series wrap-up last night that 2014 will be our 10th year of hosting the series. We award jackets to everyone who completes 6 of the 8 races in the series, and so far, we've given out over 4,000 jackets. Each of the participating races (all fundraisers) has grown to close to their max, so they, as well as the runners/walkers, have benefited from the series. We might try to do a special jacket for our 10th year. The RDs are a great group of people, and I really enjoy working with them.


    I got home from the wrap-up a bit too late last night, so I slept in a scooch this morning, and then did some stretching and core work. Tonight, I have to go to the town's budget committee meeting (representing the conservation commission) to get beat up one last time for this year. 6 weeks after I initially put it on the table, our budget for next year still has not be acted on. I think I'm going to really need a workout tomorrow morning...


    Have a greta Tuesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      I looked for Jay's post and didn't see it but it must be karma that we keep posting at the same time.


      Another day of single digit temps and it's not even winter yet. It was 1° at 5:00 AM so another trip to the Y to run round and round with 20 or 25 other people. This is an old building with an old track, and the walkers don't always follow the single file rule. So, 5 miles weaving and bobbing, saying "on your left" a lot and trying not to be crabby.


      Sorry about your power outage Erika but glad you had dinner when you got home.


      Great story Ribs. We had a Jingle Bell run here last Saturday and I talked to some runners who didn't show because of the cold temps and recent snowstorm (it was on a narrow trail). They were fine with their entry fees being a "donation" to the charity the run was for. Sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas.


      Nice to see a new face posting, and welcome Sunkid! DH and I have had the opportunity to play Torrey Pines a couple of times. It's an awesome golf course with some pretty spectacular views. You're lucky to live in such a beautiful area.


      Taking a second job seemed like a much better idea last month. Can you say "tired?"


      Have a good one, people.

      Trails are hard!

        Everyone hunkered down waiting for the snow?  My travel timing is exquisite--into Philly immediately after a snow storm and now I'll be heading pack there hoping to get out after another storm.


        2.15 miles on the hotel TM this morning to renew my admiration for those that use them regularly.  I know it gets better the more you get used to it, but I don't wanna.  so there.  I will say that I got it going faster than I usually do and was happy at the HR I saw, so it wasn't ALL bad.


        Welcome, Sunkid.  Afraid I can't offer anything either--you're much beyond where I train at.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        King of PhotoShop

          Am I the only one here who wants to form a committee to get rid of Sunkid?  I mean, we can't have someone who runs at Torrey Pines in the greatest climate in the country, when the rest of us are freezing!  Somebody let me know if you want me to head up a committee. Meanwhile, welcome to the group Sunkid.  Post often!


          Thanks for the comments about the Dallas Morning News post on race cancellation fee forfeiture. It sure got a lot of reaction, mostly supportive of the point I took. But I have to say I feel some sympathy for the people who shelled out $150 for that entry.  One guy wrote to me and said a friend of his confided that the entry fee was about a day's pay.


          One problem is the consumer demand for more frills and amenities at races, a better shirt, a sexier trophy, more post-race food, beer, a finisher's shirt, a corral for a big party, etc.  This stuff costs money.  So the poor soul who doesn't care about the fluff and just wants a no frills race, has to fork up the money just the same.


          On TG Day at our Dallas Turkey Trot I read a bunch of comments from people who complained about the food. Only bananas and water were left. I didn't notice. "Last year there was way more food," one of the runners wrote.  Give me a break.


          Today my RP and I stumbled around at the park for 5 miles, dodging icy spots. But it's getting better.  Spareribs

          Marathon Maniac #957

            Ribs - our TG Turkey Trot sent out a questionnaire afterward and one of the questions was about the food (they had potato chips and fruit-n-grain bars).  I didn't particularly care either way - not like you are going to collapse without food for a 5-mile race, plus bananas would turn brown with temps in the teens.  Besides, it was Thanksgiving Day, for crying out loud - not like folks were not going get enough food later.  What I REALLY could have used was some hot cocoa......Smile


            New snowfall caused schools to be delayed, then eventually cancelled.  I called work and said I would be an hour late so the snowplows could get the roads cleared a bit, used the time for a little more running.


            8 miles on the TM.

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              Finally back out amongst the community today. Have been snowed/iced in since Friday.  And yesterday we were w/o internet at home until the evening, so DS and I played a 3 hr game of monopoly, in which he totally bankrupted me, forced me to mortgage everything and seemed to find pleasure in this. . . great, he's my only child - who's going to take care of me when I'm old and feeble now??


              He's on a 2nd day of no school but I did make it into work. Roads are still quite icy and we've been in the teens and single digits since Friday. We might make it above freezing today though.


              Only got in a couple very short runs over the wknd, but did go walking each day.



                Before you get rid of me, please consider that I did have to scrape ice off the car yesterday and I do not have the luxury of owning an ice scraper. And then there is the challenge of starting a run with temperatures around 45F and finishing it with temps around 60F. Winters are hard for us too, you see. Cool


                Getting ready to do 9 or 10 miles in a little bit... unfortunately, the park's trails are very nice and picturesque, but not really long enough, unless I wanted to do endless loops or add +/- 2000 ft elevation change on that distance. So I just pass through on my way down and back up the monster hill (part of the La Jolla Half Marathon, if any of you ever get here around April. It's a gorgeous race!).


                Jlynne: I probably saw you parking in the TP lot, as this is the view out of my office:


                Happy trails!

                  sunkid welcome.  To butcher a phrase post early and often!


                  That is it for me and shout outs.  Yesterday was the last day of class.  Today I am trying to get IT to return my notes asking where they moved the program for calculating my class' grades.Angry  Every ^%@# year they do this to me!  The take the program, move it to a new server and then fail to tell me either that they did so or more importantly where it is now located.  All this and today is my last day in my current office meaning lots of stuff is all packed up.  When I come back to campus I will have a new office in the new building.  Whether this is good or bad seems to depend on who you talk to.  I am hoping it is good.


                  As to running 8 miles on the TM.  Dead  I had to get my run in while it was still dark and there is ice everywhere from the storm yesterday.  All of which is getting a nice coating of snow from today's snow.  Is the drive home going to be fun or what?  Black eye

                  Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                  Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                      What I REALLY could have used was some hot cocoa......Smile





                    Did someone say hot cocoa?!


                    Greetings from the train to NYC (from New Haven)! The work travel is intense right now (except on weekends) so I keep forgetting to post or I think I have posted and then whoops!


                    I had the enormous and fabulous pleasure of meeting up with La Tortuga and The Pro From Dover over the weekend at my town’s 10th annual Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage (Safe Passage is a wonderful shelter and resource center for families dealing with domestic abuse and violence).  Now capped at 5,500, this race can boast of: 1) speedy competition (more on that later), 2) amazing generosity for the recipient cause with $300,000 raised this year and all going to the charity since the race services, timing and support are donated free of charge, 3) 10 years of original art work by Hilary Price (Rhymes with Orange cartoonist) on the mugs each finisher receives and of course---4) hot chocolate! This has become a huge event for folks here and draws dear friends too.


                    You may have seen (on FB) that yours truly was dressed as a snow-fairy complete with a tutu and a tinsel neck warmer.  It was about 25º at race time on Sunday, but calm and perfect for this 5k jaunt.  Turns out costumes can slow one down, but I was happy with my 22:18 that matched my fellow teammate snow-fairy exactly---we ran together.  As to speed---the men’s and women’s podium were swept by my teammates with the top 3 women all under 19 minutes---tops ran an 18:27.  And the men from my team (identical twins going 2-3) were all in the 14:45—15:00 range. Whoosh! And this is not a flat 5k either. The shots of me and family and teammates in the gallery here were taken by Mr. CNYrunner at the top of a short but steep hill that runs through the Smith College campus. The kiddo and other friends are in here too.




                    What great fun and I am so proud of this little homegrown race that helps so many. The highlight was seeing dear friends from RA and they also got to see and chat with Dr. J a bit (there to cheer for her younger kids).


                    I am always curious when folks demand more and better amenities. I can’t even think of eating after a marathon and while a medal is nice, I send them all to lest they just hang around and collect dust.  Oh well.


                    The story you posted the other day was so moving Tramps. Thanks for that link and the good reminder of how others face down challenge with hope. Great half-marathon for you too!


                    Okay, I am yammering on here too much---all this captive train time! I hope those of you dealing with extreme cold, wild weather and even power outages will see some relief.


                    Onward! And welcome Sunkid!

                    King of PhotoShop

                      So much for my attempted coup at getting rid of Sunkid.  Not only does he post more pictures, he's got CNY on his side.  Mission aborted.  Go back to what you were doing.  Spareribs


                        I'm not sure how you can handle such harsh conditions for running sunkid. Good luck with that.


                        I like the jacket deal Jay. Rewards for persistence which seems fitting for us runner types.


                        13.6 today which gave me two hours to think. Didn't solve any world problems but I did manage to discover that I'm a very fortunate fella with lots of blessings.


                        Nice racing CNY.


                        I'm with you ribs. Our local USATF races are $10. You get a medal for a top three or ribbon. There's water at the end of the race which you pour yourself from a cooler. No shirts, no swag, not frills - just racing. Doesn't matter your speed. I really like this so much better. I've come to the conclusion that if I need to register six months in advance for a slot and it still costs more than $100 (and isn't Boston or Monkey) they are unlikely to see me. I guess I'm getting a bit old fashioned but it seems everything is getting over commercialized for my tastes.


                        Nice travel timing Stumpy.


                        Hope you can find your data twocat. Perhaps you can hide something of theirs as a d'etente option.


                        Well off we go.



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                        MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                          But I have to say I feel some sympathy for the people who shelled out $150 for that entry.  One guy wrote to me and said a friend of his confided that the entry fee was about a day's pay.


                          One problem is the consumer demand for more frills and amenities at races, a better shirt, a sexier trophy, more post-race food, beer, a finisher's shirt, a corral for a big party, etc.  This stuff costs money.  So the poor soul who doesn't care about the fluff and just wants a no frills race, has to fork up the money just the same.

                          That’s why some runners started the low-key, formerly-free, Seattle Ghost Marathon that used to attract a dozen or so runners along Lake Washington bike/pedestrian paths instead of the expense of closing down I-90 Express Lanes, police handling disrupted city traffic, etc. .  Now it’s the day before to accommodate runners accumulating multiple marathons, as do several others, e.g. Birch Bay Ghost, Ghost of Tacoma, and Bellevue Ghost.  Exploding to 350 entries nowadays, The SM Ghost’s got a $33 entry with "high quality long sleeve soft tech shirts, excellent finisher medals, and great food and aid."  Pretty soon there’ll have to be a Ghost of Seattle Ghost for bare bones runners.  Oh well.
                          ps cnyammer - I always wondered what the “y” was for; we love your yammerin’
                          pps - no particular reason <<<(sunkid/sunkid)>>> but would someone post a real picture of winter.  Thanks.

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                            Today was a big exam and then off to work. As you may know, I am now running my life, so it will come as no surprise that Idecided (against the wise judgement of others) to run home from work. Cold, dark, and precipitation is the winter trifecta of HHH. But there was a subway delay and so I ran home in my yoga pants and Chuck Taylor High-tops.




                            Tramps - when I arrived home, I saw your post on Kenneth. What a joy and delight it is to be able to get out there no matter!


                            CNY - the Hot Chocolate Race is an impressive event. Well organized, it started right on time, Northampton handles the crowd very graciously, AND cocoa at the end.


                            Hi Sunkid - I have CA roots as well. Welcome!




                            Thanks as always Jay for starting us out and catching us up.



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                              here's a photo of winter in southern Oregon. After 4 days of snow now, I'm done. it can go away. If I want more snow I'll drive to the mountains. TYVM.



                              Marathon Maniac #957

                                Karin - I LOVE the costume - you look awesome!  Might have slowed you down a little, but still an awesome time and you rocked the snow fairy look!


                                Tammy - lovely, but do you normally get snow where you are?


                                Made another batch of English toffee tonight.  Now I know why I only make this once a year....I can hardly stop eating it!

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."