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Javelina Jundred RR (very, very long...but with photos!) (Read 832 times)

    All the great adjectives have been used, but they bear repeating...Spectacular Dove! I know you are tough, strong, and one heck of a runner and this accomplishment just reinforces that more than one jundred times over. Congratulations on realizing a dream, sharing it with good friends, and already looking ahead to the next challenge.


      I started reading your report not really knowing what time of a race it was.    As I read through it, I was in awe over the whole experience.   That is some story and one that would be good for all of us to have a copy of for times when we need motivation.


      Great pictures, even the one of your feet just to see the results of such a race.


      Thanks for sharing this excellent report and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


        What an amazing experience....Thank you so much for sharing it.


          ..What an INCREDIBLE Race//..........and you are an Amazing Runner Dove......


          great RR

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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            Yikes!  I finally had time to sit and read your report - amazing!  I agree with Tramps, it seems nuts to me, too, but glad you had a successful race and that you want to do it again!  And I love RRs with pictures (except the one of your feet) - the desert looks beautiful.

            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

              What an amazing experience, dove.  There just aren't words to express what you've accomplished.  Thanks for taking us along and posting the great picures.



                Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.  The race sounded interesting.  The after part was kind of icky.  Seems like all the 100 mile races are on tough terrain.  Why is that?

                And so it goes

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                  Next time I am struggling to finish a 10 mile run, and I do, I will think of this report.  What an inspiration.

                  Honestly, I think of you, Dove, every time I'm out there on one of my double-digit runs. Triple-digits, yikes, it just boggles the mind!


                  Such grace in the face of such an immensely challenging feat. Wow.


                  Thanks for sharing your report, beautiful pictures and all. Glad the recovery, albeit a bit scary with those ankles, went well too.

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                    Amazing report and an amazing feat (and feet)!  Thank you so much for providing such detail.  The photos are phenomenal and add so much to the report.


                    Congratulations, Dove.  You rocked this course.


                    MTA - My inlaws have homes  and winter in Yuma, AZ.  I love the desert and always enjoy visiting them there.  My SIL's house is right on the flightpath from the military base.  It's so cool to listen to/see the huey helicopters fly overhead, especially when they're heading out after dark for night maneuvers.

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                      Dove, I must have been having a senior moment when I originally read your report and responded.  Thinking back, McDowell Mt. Park rang a bell, a big one.  I finally realized I've been there several times.  I have a brother in law and his wife who live very close.  In fact, McDowell Mt. Road forms one boundary of their subdivision.  We've been hiking in the park several times.  My brother in law tells me we've hiked some of the trails you ran.  One time, we hiked to the top a a saddle from which he said, when we looked back towards Scottsdale, we saw much of your course.  No wonder the pictures looked like someplace I'd been, I had.  We saw a few people running in the park but I only hiked.  When we visit again, maybe I can run a couple of miles in the park, but it sure won't be 100 miles.  In the middle of the winter, when we can escape from the MI winter, it has been nice to go for a 5-8 mile run in their subdivion. I'll think of you when I'm back there.




                        Dove, after reading your report I'm at a complete loss for words.  Thank-you for taking us along with your journey.  If you ever need another pacer just let me know.  Congrats.

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                          WOW!!!  That's as close to 100 miles as I'll ever get.  Congrats on your journey & wishing you a speedy recovery.

                          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.


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                            An amazing performance.  But your feet are almost as ugly as mine!  Seriously - congrats - you did it! 


                            There's a spring race in the northeast called the Vermont 100 - no sand, but there is a mountain.


                              Thank you for the report.  I'm getting ready.  I've been working on my pacing and eating strategies.  Now I'm into reading race reports.  Thanks!  I just added "warm clothes" to the Jackass Junction drop bag. 


                              I've done 80 miles (at the ABQ Relay for Life) on a track and my feet looked sort of like yours without the little water blisters except my rash went all the way up my legs.  My Dr (not an ultra runner) said it was a reaction to the rubberized surface of the track.  Now I know different.  It just is and I'll need to SUCK IT UP, Buttercup!!


                              Thanks again for the fantastic report!!


                                Congratulations on your finish! and thanks for a great read!Smile