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Sunday Daily, 1.13.13 (Read 302 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Lots of mild weather around yesterday - thanks for the explanation, Troy. And yes, my 'accidental' miles yesterday were fun, and not at all problematic.


    TW, I hope Pickles tested well.


    Best wishes for your mom, Bill. I'm sure she'll be glad to see you.


    Happy vacation, JBG!


    Nice sproinky long run, Holly. And congrats to DD and her teammates for their undefeated season and greta game on Friday.


    Troy, those icy roads look pretty scary to me - I'd be all over the place, and probably spend as much time on my face as on my feet.


    Today is DW's birthday, so I left cards all over our room at the inn before heading out for my walk this morning. It was 34F, and there was dense fog everywhere. Vis. was about 1/4 mile at best. I was on little-traveled roads (especially at that hour), so I kept the center line close by for most of the workout. All the moisture in the air really accentuated the rich smell of the dairy farm fields and the dense, musty smells of the forests I walked by. I went the opposite direction from yesterday, didn't miss my turn this time, and had a good 7 mi. workout. When I got back, DW was just waking up, and the cards were still in place. So I got us both some coffee from the dining room and we had a nice start to her birthday. We'll head home today, but this little get-away has been very good.


    Have a great day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ..mornin' jay//...........thanks for the Good wishes guys, somedays it just helps to Vent.......


      'Nuff Said




      70's last night (!!).......30's tonite (!!)

      which I think is referred to as a DiUrinal Variation ..............................ok, actually ''Diurnal''


      55min BikeRide

      in the Rain,

      Thunder was cranking up when I got back,


      I figure

      a bike conducts electricity less than a pair of Aluminum Canes


      I could be Wrong.


      ....................good running guys

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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        Good morning everybody!


        Jay-- I've always thought you and I were walk--I work out in the morning--I work out in the're obviously very intelligent--I ain't the sharpest light on the tree.  And, now I see you are a romantic kind of guy...yep that settles it--we're opposites.  My poor wife...


        So...I guess I need to apologize to Holly.  I had a dream where she came to Minnesota for a race.  I, of course, invited her to stay at my house.  When she arrived, I was watching TV with my DW and...some other people (not sure who they were)...but Holly came in, sat down and watched a little bit--nobody said a word to her--then she got up and left.  After awhile, I got up to look for her and she was in her car trying to go to sleep.  Man, what a jerk I am.  Sorry, Holly!


        Okay--I need somebody to kick me in the butt and out the door.  I'm supposed to do 18 miles, today.  It's about 2outside and I really don't want to go out there.  I think the high is about 13...maybe I should wait...


        So, awhile back, OM mentioned the Hanson's Marathon Method.  I went ahead and downloaded the book to my iPad and started reading it.  It really does make a lot of sense.  I think, for Kentucky, I'm still going to do my long runs, but I'm going to run the day before, too.  I went 5, yesterday, on some already tired legs, so we'll see how the 18 goes, today.  Maybe for my next one, though, I'll go all out and follow it exactly the way it's written.


        Okay--that's it--I'll leave you all alone, now.  I'm just stalling anyway.  Hold on...oh looky's up to 3!

          Ribs—glad to hear you were happy with your race.  Another AG win!

          Holly and Leslie—FWIW, falling can be an early sign of dementia.  Just something to be aware of.  It was true for my mother, though we didn’t understand the connection at the time.

          Troy--more great pics.  (And I know it wasn't particularly cold, all that snow just looked cold!)

          Mike—I’m trying a plan for Boston loosely based on Hanson.


          Rest day today with a little core work later.

            Hope your wife has a great bd Jay

            Tom, nice bike ride in the ride on top of that

            Mike, 18 mile runs are a long way back in my memory now..good luck with that

            Ribs congrats on your race!


            For me the longest run so far which is not to say much..speed might be there but the endurance sure is not!!! but felt good, the weather is mild and I have some amazing sky high brownies and home baked maple beans all homemade waiting for my attention...did I tell anyone I am trying to lose a few belly pounds...that is hard work




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              mari, it's good you're back home.  tomw, best wishes for pickles.  ribs, nice 15K with AG win.  Holly, your daughter and her team are sure doing well.  Also, thinking of your mom.  Jay, happy birthday to your wife.


              Nice long runs for XNY, bertha, Holly, and rhoon.  Good job on the speedwork for shadow.


              This morning, it was in the mid 30s and there was some wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:25 pace.


              A good day and good runs for all.


              King of PhotoShop

                Thanks all.


                I decided today to shake off this "recovery run" mental trap and run as far as I could stand today, but I got in only ten miles. Legs were okay, but the conditions were not, and finally I'd had enough. So 11 yesterday including the 15K race, and today gives me a 21 mile weekend. Next week I want to try for my first 30 mile weekend, my criterion for being in shape.


                Jay, nice going on the b'day cards around the house.   Spareribs

                  14 non sproinky miles this morning...clear and cold...22 degrees...then half an hour in the hot tub...

                  Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                  Marathon Maniac #957


                    So...I guess I need to apologize to Holly.  I had a dream where she came to Minnesota for a race.  I, of course, invited her to stay at my house.  When she arrived, I was watching TV with my DW and...some other people (not sure who they were)...but Holly came in, sat down and watched a little bit--nobody said a word to her--then she got up and left.  After awhile, I got up to look for her and she was in her car trying to go to sleep.  Man, what a jerk I am.  Sorry, Holly!



                    Big grin


                    Bummer about your cold temps, though.  We're having unseasonably warm weather, 60 degrees right now, although we will be back in the 20's tonight.


                    7.3 miles on the TM watching Season Two of Downton Abbey....that will make the TM miles go nicely the next week or so...

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      Wow, it's as warm or warmer here than in a lot of places you guys are! 34° this morning, which is bad news for us. Freezing rain advisories till noon and the roads are very slick.


                      Troy, those pictures remind me of the freezing rain event we had a couple Thanksgivings ago. What a mess! Ruined the roads and bikepaths for the rest of the winter. I think yours will eventually melt off if it stops raining, right? That's the problem with ours, it gets cold and covered with snow, lying in wait to make you slip all winter! Looks like you guys had fun though, but your truck doesn't look happy. BTW, I use 1/2" screws in my shoes, and even then lose a few.


                      Geez, MikeE, you're a sucky host. Poor Holly.


                      {{Byll's mom}} {{Pickles}} Hope all is ok. My dad was falling a lot but is better now. Part of it was getting that pituitary tumor out, but we think he also has Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (sp?) or NPH, but it's hard to diagnose. He's so much better these days that I think he's going to let it go for awhile.


                      I've been gone awhile so have missed a lot. I think Mariposai is back home though? and Wildchild? Hope the travels were fun and no problems. We were in San Diego late this past week for my son's graduation from the Marines. (Drake, there were only a couple people who got boo'd for walking on the grass!) It was so good to see him, and he seems even taller! It was pretty chilly there, and lots of outdoor events to go stand in the cold wind. Friday's graduation was 2 hours of sitting on cold aluminum bleachers or standing in the shade, with the wind picking up. Nice for the flags, but cold for the families! But it was great, and we brought him home afterwards... well, after a quick trip to In-and-Out Burger where he and his brother stuffed themselves on burgers and fries. Dead He'd been looking forward to that for a long time!


                      I only ran once in San Diego, and only 4.5 miles. I really couldn't go off the depot grounds so I was limited, and Thursday was cold and wet. Didn't run yesterday either, just seems like so much to do. And we got snow when we were gone that hasn't been plowed anywhere (what's up with that?) so the footing is terrible and I'm a weenie. Today, as I said earlier is really warm, so a run would be nice but not sure where to go.... Mileage will probably be under 20 this week. Oh well.


                        Had a pretty successful recovery run today. Was going to only run 3-4 miles but ran with a couple friends whom I have never run with before  instead. They had me running faster than I probably should have but it felt good. Then I did a dvd yoga workout with DD2 which kicked my butt because I am not bendy nor do I have upper body strength. But I am working on it.


                        *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

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                          Hello everybody!


                 bad as I felt, yesterday, for my Packers friends, I feel 10 times as bad for David.  Oh, man, I thought the Seahawks had that game won.  What a game.


                          So...I waited until it got up to 6o before going out for my run.  I got in 10.4 miles outside in 1:19:45 but the wind was blowing at 13 mph and I had just run 3 miles into it and my hands were frozen, so I went inside and hopped on the treadmill for 8.1 more.  Total 18.5 miles in 2:21:56--I'll take it.


                          Oh--hey--nice running this weekend, Ribs.


                          Tramps--yeah, I actually snuck in and looked at your Boston Training Plan a week ago, or so...where do you think I got the idea?  I'm not sure about the speed work.  I don't have a track during the winter, so I will probably stick to mile do you handle that?


                          Okay--I'd better get going.  See ya!

                            I sure have so much to catch up around here. I must admit that I am glad to see tall back and to see twocat running again!

                            I can see that Boston training has began for some!


                            Being gone for a month was fantastic, but now it is pay back time both at work and home. This extended vacation was a blessing. It allowed me to visit my family and spend quality time with them. Being there for the holidays was great. I have forgotten how much fun it is to have a tropical Christmas!


                            Now I am back and the old wiseone is trying to change on me Big grin



                            I decided today to shake off this "recovery run" mental trap and run as far as I could stand today, 



                            I am wondering the reasoning behind this decision. Clown. Good racing yesterday ohhh wiseone!

                            Erika, great to read that you were able to make it for your son's graduation. Now, what is next for him?


                            Well, it was 18F when I finally left for my first run to speak off this year. I did hit some Berthas during a lovely 10 miler.


                            That is all for me. I am still suffering some significant jet lag. Now it is time for a nap.

                            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                            Trails are hard!

                              8.2 miles this morning in shsort and long sleeve shirt.  As much as I like the  cold weather, I sort of like a shorts run in the middle of January.  Longest run in a long time.


                              Tomorrow I'll be doing my duty as a citizen and report for jury duty.  Sure hoping that I don't get picked--I have a trip to Memphis Tuesday night for a couple of days.


                              eTA:  Welcome back, Mari--sounds liek as much temperature lag as jet.

                              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                                I'd like to hit those routes some time Jay.


                                Wrap foil around your helmet to keep radio waves out too Tome White.


                                If the happen up here Holly. You trying to nap in your car cause MikeE was too busy with TV. I'd at least bring out a dvd player with scary movies in it and tell you about the lunatic that just escaped. Oh...and sleep tight....Sheesh Mike.


                                There are not words to describe how good it is to see you again, Tall.


                                Erika, proud parents rock. If there were a picture or two...


                                Welcome back Nancy!!!


                                Good luck with jury duty Stumpy. If you hitch hike to the court house, any mileage reimbursement will be 100% profit.


                                DW and I took Tag out on the local roads. Poor guy had to have a leash. It got stoopid icy and I didn't want to slip over to the trails. As soon as we got done DD#3 was on the phone. She crashed though a fence. She was shaken but OK and could not get a hold of her husband. I have know idea how fast she was going, but the skid marks across the ice covered road were some of the longest I've seen. At one point the car spun backwards, hit what was left of a snow bank and she went airborne backwards. Her car was pinned against a fence post and the other side just missed an old growth black walnut tree. The back of the car is a little banged up, but still drives well. !0 ft of's seen better days.


                                We yanked her out and went to tell the property owner who shoed us out before we got all the way into his drive way. Oh well, I'm not going to get my blood pressure up over trying to the right thing.