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Wed End-of-July Daily (Read 42 times)

    Last chance to get that July mileage up.



    The purple banana is still dancing for me.

    The code-breakers at NSA are scratching their heads over that one.


    Untimed recovery 5-miler for me.  Humidity's back with a vengeance.

      My July mileage probably does not break 100...hell, make that 80 miles.


      Trying to get things organized before taking off for PA...I have a quick out and back meeting at one of our sister plants tomorrow. Got a nice 5 miler in this morning.


      Agree with the humidity.

        62° and rainy here.  A stripe of west to east rain over the center of Michigan has kept it raining all day.


        I ran 3 which leaves me at a prime number for July.  It was either 3 or 9 to accomplish that and 9 would take way too long at this point.

        And so it goes

        King of PhotoShop

          Thanks for reminding me it's month-end Tramps, although I didn't need a reminder that today is the 5th anniversary of my open heart surgery, new aortic valve and triple bypass.  So on reflection about all this, I'm way slower today than back then, but I won my AG two weeks ago in a big race and I'm still able to run and race, so I have a lot to be thankful for.  Next week is the Dr. appt. and I'll know more about the heart condition.


          5.4 easy miles today, on pace for 40 this week again, but monthly total was just 130, as I took a week to cut way back before my race.  Feeling fine.  Spareribs


            will comment only to say that your posts make me smile.


            purple banana still dancing here too


            nice picture Marj!

            raining here too but not quite all day..... Dave what time does your day start?


            a non-prime month, but that's just because I'm a brat.   would only have taken one mile ; )


            OM I love that link.   it still makes me laugh.


            waiting patiently for Ribs to post.
            edited to add..    that was just so that we could talk about him.   in harmony with the brat theme.   but now that I see your post Ribs.....oh wow.   5 years today???   I remember that day well, as I'm sure any of us here do.   I'm so grateful that you're still here and doing so well, for the example you set, and for the way you shared your experience with us.   Very proud of you.


            no run today, but am intending to... (so far so good) to do a pt exercise of some sort every time my get up off your butt timer goes off at work... which is every 15 minutes.


            hope all your fruit is dancing


              Howdy everyone.


              Didn't get around to stopping by till mid-day today - yikes!


              Lots of gushing and gawing and rug-ratting and banana-dancing going on yesterday! Some running too...


              Congrats on the 5er anniversary, Dr. Ribs. I'm glad you are running and racing and feeling fine.


              Good luck in PA tomorrow, Slo.


              6.4 racewalking miles before the dawn this morning. 62F, and relatively dry - nice. My head wanted to go fast, but my legs didn't and the legs won today. My left shoulder was sore, either from improper posture at the keyboard, or from painting the garage door last night. Whatever caused the problem, this morning's workout cured it.


              Enjoy what's left of this Wednesday, and of July.



              Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

              MM #6177

                Five years, wow Ribs, that's quite an accomplishment. I think I started posting here just a little while before that. Glad you're still here, in every sense of the term. Smile


                No prime number month total for me, sad to say. Got my 8 miles in though, my first PCR of this training cycle. A bit slower than my recent tempo out & back runs have been lately, but that's fine. And not that I've been doing HR training per se, but I did notice with keeping the pace steady for the 7 middle miles, effort did get easier in the latter miles and my HR dropped a point or two overall. So that's something, I suppose.


                I've been procrastinating doing laundry all week. I suppose one more day won't hurt....

                  32m pr nb

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    Hi again,


                    I have been lurking these days too, but now don’t feel as guilty for not posting replies to everyone.  Lots of stuff going on this month!

                    • We went on vacation “up north” with all the kids and grandkids. Lots of fun even though we were all in one 6 bedroom cabin. I even pulled one of our boats up there, a first for me pulling a trailer. We even caught a few fish, I ran 3 times and water skied once.  
                    • We bought a house! The kitchen is absolutely fabulous!
                    • We sold mom’s  cottage 2 weeks later, (where we now live)
                    •  We took a bike trip with a group from our church.  We invited two girls, age 9 and 15 to join us.  Their mom died of cancer in May, so sad.  I think they had fun. We biked about 20 miles each day, that was enough.
                    • Running off and on, hopefully on again.  Last night around the lake, oh so slow!

                    It's good to back. I have 7 weeks to get ready for the King Turkey Day 10K.  Uff da!

                      Hi all! Back from a couple days of camping in the Redwoods to escape all the smoke from the SW Oregon fires. When we left the air quality was at dangerous. Now it's at extremely dangerous - like don't-even-go-outside-with-a-mask-on-dangerous.  I think I'm ready to leave again.


                      July miles suck. Between several days of 100+ temps, then several days now of unhealthy smoke, I hardly have any running in at all. boo.


                        here's some beautiful trails at the campground that I took the dogs walking on several times a day:



                          I can not even imagine the smoke all around Tammy. Yikes


                          With DW out of town, I'm surprised I have not had bacon. We'll have to fix that real quick. After work, I've been walking right out to the clothesline and hanging up whatever I've worn to work. Of course, MUGS have been turned inside out. As soon as it rains...PRESTO!!!...Clean clothes.


                          MM #6177

                            Tammy, that's absolutely beautiful! So sorry about the smoke though... Sad

                              Steve, I can only hope you are joking!

                              Starr, wow, so busy, and lots of great stuff in there too.

                              I refuse to even look at my monthly mileage total.  With weekly totals of 0, 5 and 13, a preschooler could probably add up my monthly total in his/her head.

                              Indigo Girls last night was Fantastic!  I went with my disabled boss and her son, and so we got to skip the long line up, and sit in a special section, about 25 ft from the stage, and I had a clear view.  Sound quality was very good.

                              I've gotten 3 free meals this week.  It is like someone is looking out for me.  First at a burrito place, their cashier couldn't find his log in card, so they let me leave without paying, then a free concert last night with a free dinner, then my neighbor just called me a minute ago and invited me over for dinner tomorrow.  Being sans kids this week is really paying off!


                              Tomorrow, I will run.

                              "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                              MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803


                                I never thought metropolitan Seattle where you used to live would have cleaner air than where you now are in Oregon. Maybe come up here for the weekend's Seafair hydroplane races.  Is your Giant's Marathon this fall or the one next spring?

                                Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                                T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."