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Sunday (done your taxes yet?) 4/14 (Read 44 times)

    Stumpy—great race!  That thing is huge so I’m always surprised anyone can run well.

    Mari—so sorry for your sad news.


    Full day today: short run, scouting expedition to figure out how I’m going to get to the start tomorrow, Expo for bib, Robin/RA meet-up.  We’re in one of those Residence Inn places complete with kitchen, so we’ll be eating in tonight; familiar food and all that.  Temps are going to be warmer than ideal for me but still pretty darn good, so no complaints there.  Should be fun….until it’s not.  Wink

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      I slept great last night, so that's a good thing.  There's just a bit of a nip in the air here and I am hoping that's the situation tomorrow.  40's and cloud cover would be ideal.  off to jog a couple of miles, then Robin's party, then pasta dinner at Maggiano's, then an early sleep.   Spareribs

        Couch potato day for me today.  Well as much as possible.  Expo, rtravers meet up, dinner and off to sleep somehow. My support crew's big quest today will be to figure out where to try and see me and a friend of mine on course and then at or near the finish.  The problem is our friend will likely finish about an hour and some after I do.  I am guessing that means trying to catch us as near the start as possible and then make a beeline to the finish.  Any suggestions or better ideas?

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          I slept great last night, so that's a good thing.  There's just a bit of a nip in the air here and I am hoping that's the situation tomorrow.  40's and cloud cover would be ideal.  off to jog a couple of miles, then Robin's party, then pasta dinner at Maggiano's, then an early sleep.   Spareribs


          see u this afternoon  - but you might not see me because we know you only have eyes for Robin!!  WinkWink

          I love Maggiano's - you'll have a great meal there!!


          We had our MVS pasta party last night then I slept great too with a little help from my friends Benadryl and Ibuprofen Roll eyes  I've been waking up at night with allergies tho and I really wanted to get a good night last night knowing I'll have butterflies all night tonight!

          Heading out now for 2.2 easy miles.


          Nancy - so sorry to hear your sad news - I will keep them in my prayers xoxo

          Leslie- hope your foot is feeling better!!


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            Good morning everybody!  I never knew I could get so excited about a race that my kid or I wasn't doing.  I am really looking forward to seeing how everybody does, tomorrow.  Unfortunately, with this new job of mine, I won't be able to track you all...that stinks.  But good luck, tomorrow, and have a fun time, today at the party.  TAKE IT EASY, THOUGH!


            I had my last tough run, yesterday.  My plan called for 13 1 mile repeats.  I really did not want to suffer through that again so I decided to the Yasso 800's.  I've always wanted to see if I could get 10 under 3 minutes, so I figured this was perfect timing.  I went to the middle school track and found that it was buried under about 6" of snow.  I couldn't even make out where the track was.  So, I went to the high school track and jumped the fence.  This track had about 1" to 2" of snow on it but, for some reason, the back stretch had a clear path down lane 2. So, I figured I'd give it a try....besides, if I couldn't do it, I would have the snowy track as an excuse.


            So, I scraped out a starting line in the snow and went for a 1 mile warm up in 7:26.  Then I did another 400 in 3:33 while stopping to find where the curves were so I didn't go too far off the tangent...this was going to be hard enough, I didn't want these laps to be any longer than they had to be.  I took of for my 1st 800 and knew it was going to be tough at the very first turn.  I was being too cautious.  I hit the back stretch and went to lane 2 to get some decent footing.  On the front side, I had to high-step it through the deeper snow and my legs were already feeling it...and it was only the1st lap!  Anyway, I finished the 1st 800 in 3:02.  Dang!  There goes getting all 10 under 3 minutes.  But, I went ahead and jogged another 400 in 3:00 and took off again.  Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a lap by lap description.  Here's my 800 times.  I jogged 400 meters between each one in 3 minutes.

            1 - 3:02

            2 - 2:57

            3 - 2:56

            4 - 2:56

            5 - 2:57

            6 - 2:57

            7 - 2:57

            8 - 2:57

            9 - 2:59

            10 - 2:59


            As I packed down the snow with every lap, I found that it was, actually, getting more slippery so, on the front stretch, I kept moving over into fresh snow for better traction, but it also made me change my normal stride.  Anyway, after one last 400 recovery lap in 2:38, I hopped back over the fence and hit the streets for another 3 1/2 miles.


            So, for you Yasso experts--can I expect a sub 3 hour marathon in two weeks....even though I didn't get that 1st one under 3?


            Oh, shoot!  I gotta go!  I'm going to be late for church!


              Mornin' everyone.


              Mike, I remember that snow storm a couple of days before the '96 Boston Marathon. Luckily, all the snow was gone by race day, but it did leave the fields in Hopkinton a mess. I found a solid surface where I could sit and relax for a short while, but spent most of the waiting time on my feet, walking around, taking in the activities and excitement.


              Nice long run yesterday, Opie. Must have felt strange to have to slow down to your pacer pace.


              Congrats to Tammy and Stumpy for some great racing yesterday! Sorry your missed your PR, Tammy, but you were oh-so-close! Kevin, how nice it is that you are surprising yourself with your running and racing - very cool!


              Hi Fran! I'm always glad to have another walker in the clubhouse - even if you are running and walking. Good luck on meeting your goals.


              You sure have been on an air tour, haven't you Troy? I hope you've made it back home.


              So now it's "Mustang Mike," eh?


              Dave, did they change that race in the park into a duathlon? Yowsa, that's a lot of water!


              Nice truck tale, Tom. I guess it's pretty clear that you kind'a like your trucks...


              I'm glad to see the Boston crew is getting settled in and ready to par-tay and race. I hope you all have a great afternoon, dinner, and a restful night. And I hope to see you in the morning.


              Despite the fact that we were out late last night, I still got up at 4:15 for today's workout. It was 40F with heavy cloud cover, a westerly breeze, and dampness still in the air from last night's rain. I did 14.5 racewalking miles at an easy pace that felt hard. I also got into a dehydration situation, and felt wickedly wiped at about 11 miles. So I took a little breather, then regrouped and even managed a decent pace for the last half mile. I don't usually have dehydration issues on my long walks, and didn't prehydrated any differently today, so I don't know what happened. But I took in lots of water when I got back and at breakfast with DW at our favorite dive, and am feeling somewhat normal now. So I guess it is time to dive into today's project and chore list.


              Have a scintillating Sunday!



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                I wasn't sure if non-Boston folks were allowed to post this weekend, but since Mike and Jay posted, I guess it's okay?


                 I am really looking forward to seeing how everybody does, tomorrow.  Unfortunately, with this new job of mine, I won't be able to track you all...that stinks. 

                Mike, did I miss that you got the new job???  Congrats!  What will you be doing?  All I remember you posting was a bunch of truck and car stories... and really impressive Yasso 800s!


                Mariposai, I'm really sorry to hear about your friends with cancer.   Like SloHand says, cancer sucks.


                I'm excited that Holly signed up for the Moab Trail Marathon!  Anyone else interested?  They also have a half marathon if you're not up for the full.


                Yesterday I ran 25 miles on steep trails in Centennial Cone park, since my next race is another 50k on steep trails.  Hoping my quads will be in better shape than they were for the Gorge Waterfalls race!   I feel fine today, so I think it's working.


                GOOD LUCK TO THE BOSTON RUNNERS!  And have fun at Robin's partay. Take pictures!

                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


                  Excitement is in the air-even for those of us not running Boston. We ran 4+ miles this morning in the Jamaica Pond area. One of the elite African female runners zoomed past us (we think she's Ethiopian). Marj was doing a slightly different route than me and was able to wish her luck for tomorrow and she replied 'thank you'.

                  Now cleaning up-reading the Sunday papers and heading to the partay!

                  Bushrat Runner

                    Good luck tomorrow Boston runners.


                    Cedric and I made it home yesterday early afternoon. In the evening, he hopped in the pool and swam a mile race after not swimming for three weeks, while I was barely able to stay vertical to officiate. I thought I was okay, but I was totally thrashed and just hadn't realized it. More swimming today, hopefully I'll be more on top of it.


                    Behind reading daily...missed Posie's news. Sorry to hear that. Good work to Daniel on the long run though, feels pretty good to hit that first 18 miler.

                    MM #5615

                      No, wild, you did not miss any news of me getting a new job.  I still consider this job I've been at for 9 1/2 months my "new" job.  Believe me, when I get another new job, you won't miss it.

                        stumpy, great race being better than expected.  Tammy, congrats on your almost PR race.


                        Nice long runs for mari and wild.  Good job on the speedwork for Mike.


                        This morning it was about 30° and there was a light wind. I got in 3 miles at a 10:31 pace.


                        A good day and good runs for all.


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                          Good luck to all the Boston runners! I took my Sam Adams 26.2 mug off the shelf to toast you all. It looks like ideal weather for you. Have fun!

                          Mariposai, very sorry to hear about your friends.

                          Congrats on your races, Tammy and Stumpy.

                          10 hilly miles for me today, 57F and sunny; and now to the garden for the rest of the afternoon.


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                            I sure am glad I got my run in, yesterday.  It is cold and windy and drizzly, here, today.


                            So, I suppose all the Boston runners are all together, yucking it up, now...leaving the rest of us out of all the fun.  Well...guess what...I don't really care.  'Cause in less than two weeks, I'll be in Loiusville, KY running my own dang marathon and having my own dang party with Holly and her friends!  Yeah--take that Boston runners.  After tomorrow, your fun is all over and I'll still have something to look forward to. Ha!'re right...I still wish I were there.  Dang!  Why did I have to already have Massachusetts done?  And Utah?  It will be nice when I'm done with all 50 so I can just run anywhere I want.


                            Sorry...I'm just rambling.  I have a little time to kill before I get picked up to go bowling.  This will be my last night of the season because the next time we two weeks...I'll be in Kentucky!  Actually...I'll be driving back from my little white Ford Focus Wagon...that smells like cigarettes...


                            Okay--that's it--I'll leave you all alone.  See ya!

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                              Mike - Excellent Yassos!  And that on snow and slippery surface!  Yup, you'll be done with the Derby Marathon, back at the penthouse, showered and enjoying a cold beer on the rooftop before I even cross the finish line.....Smile  Tara and Lindsey are running the half, but you may be finished with your marathon before they finish their races, too.  Big grin


                              Boston Marathon weekend, always such excitement in the are....Like Mike, I won't be able to follow the race at work, but I'm wishing for a great race for all of you and can hardly wait to hear about the adventures!


                              15.4 lackluster miles for me today in the middle 40's.  Just no stamina today.  Not a confidence builder for KY Derby, but still, while I may not run a fast marathon, I am uninjured and expect to be able to finish the distance, and for that I am grateful.


                              Godspell was a wonderful production last night, and DS and I had a great time. Have I mentioned what a great boy he is?

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                Go Boston runners!

                                Forced myself to do a steep trail run, 6.1 miles.  One section had 600 ft elevation in just over a mile.  Walked all of that part.  Got lost.  Even though I had that map engraved in my mind before I left, somehow the trail always looks different in real life than the dashed lines in my head.  Finally over 20 miles for the week, a small achievement.

                                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."