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Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning!


    Hoping Ribs gets to go home today.


    Erika - we bought a refurbished carpet cleaner from a local dealer a few months ago and I finally got it out to use it yesterday, starting with DD's room.  Like you, I could not believe how black the water was that I poured out at the end. And that was not even using soap, just hot water to clean it..  I am going to slowly work my way through the house, room to room, and then maybe do it again.


    On a side note - I have been nagging DD to pick up all the stuff off her floor so I could vacuum for weeks.  She kept picking up some, but then adding more to the pile.  Last night I finally got frustrated and went through her room loading everything from the floor and dresser top into trash bags so I could dust and vacuum and clean the carpets.  Tonight she gets to sort it out.  


    No run for today.  I'm tapering, I think.  Although it's hard to say exactly WHAT I am tapering from....


    Some light weights and core work instead.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


      Mornin' Holly and folks!


      Sorry, but I haven't read yesterday's posts, and so am woefully behind. But I have been following Ribs' progress, and hope that his complications get uncomplicated and that he, for the sake of the hospital staff, is on his way home. Get well, Mr. Ribs!!


      Holly, will DD's sorting out involve putting stuff back in piles on the floor?   Good luck with your taper. Do you taper "from" something, or "for" something?


      Our nephew has been with us for over a week. He was purported to be very shy, and one who needed a lot of "alone" time. But last night at the dinner table, he and DW and I had a lively and rambling discussion that went on for about 90 minutes. Good stuff!


      I went to my sports massage therapist yesterday afternoon to try to figure out what is going on with my foot/ankle. She spend almost half an hour checking out the foot and (mostly) trying to loosen up my shin, which was as tight as a drum. She sure knows how to hurt a guy! She suspects (and I hope she's right) that the extreme shin tightness is the cause of the foot problems. She gave me orders to ice it a lot, skip any workout today, use a ball on the shin/foot to loosen it before any workouts, and do an easy workout tomorrow to see if I am in decent shape for Saturday's 5K. So that's what I'm doing.


      Have a greta Thursday!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Got in a run this morning.  My goal during the week is at least an hour of low heart rate running and a 2-hour minimum on Saturday.  I mention that only because of my Garmin results the last 2 days.  I ran slower and not as far today as yesterday but I made my goal with a total time of 1:02:22.60.  Yesterday I stopped at 1:02:22.50.


        Just 1/10 of a second difference.  I couldn't push the stop button that close again if I tried.

        Humanity runs on coffee.

          You are a nice mom Holly! My mother threw out anything left on the floor of my bedroom (I had a day to pick things up once warned and if still there at end of day---out it went and no retrieval allowed). I became a neatnik right quick!


          Four miles in the rain just now and then off to meetings. Lots of travel over the next months and as much running and racing with the kiddo as possible come June and July. Legs feel good.


          Glad and relieved to hear that Ribs is on the mend.


            No run today. We left at Jay o'clock for the airport. Now in the air on our way to San Francisco. After an overnight in the city we'll head to Santa Rosa to visit an old friend Then on to the meet-up for the Avenue of the Giants. More later.

            Sayhey! MM#130

              Hiya all!


              SO looking forward to peekshures and lots of fun reports from the GIANTS this weekend!  Hope you all have a fantastically good time (and get Leslie to stay up past her freaking bedtime, ok?   O, righto, and run for the gold!  Or the silver...o heck, just run and have a blast and then tell us all about it.    <<jealous...>>    Safe trip to everyone, Marj and Henry, happy landings and reunion.


              We keep talking about renting a carpet cleaner (there's only carpet in the BR downstairs, and upstairs where we don't go so much); now I think we should DO it and see what we get.  Of course, we Sox fans love that dirty water.......[double header today]


              Jay, you are forgiven (pshew, the man is human!).  Maybe following Robin's foot exercises tracing letters would help???


              Thanks Tammy and Kevin for relaying FB posts on Ribs over here.


              For some reason, I have an image of the Alaskan ducks who now have other places to go in my head.  It's just nice to think of them having choices, you know?


              Mike's warm up miles are my race pace.  It's all relative. 


              Holly, you are so committed and busy, you deserve a rest, taper, whatever you want to call it!


              Karin, glad the legs are good.  Did you see Safe Passage is looking for a graphic artist/web designer?  In case you know someone there in need of work......


              Belated hello to lamerunner!  Good consistancy on the Maffetone training, Dave.


              Friends who ran Oklahoma back safe and sound.   Stopped to chat with them this am so just did 6.7 this am when I set out to do 8.  They're worth it!    Picked some Star Jasmine and Night Blooming Jasmine (I'm learning) and have it on my desk in a little glass (one I got in Myrtle Beach, which always makes me think of Rosie [Rose Colored Glasses, a/k/a Barb], the Rocket Scientist and Perchcreek, a/k/a Steve the Streaker].  We all ran there a while back and enjoyed a super dinner together.


              Love Minnesota Nice, Starr.  Good job getting out there and going the distance.  And I totally agree on the 34 second rule (couldn't you have made it longer?  And how about one for stopping to chat with friends??)




      (for a piece or two of my mind)

                Like Holly S. it is a do nothing day for me.  Well one thing I managed to do is work on arranging to see the lovely Mademoiselle Holly S. in Cincinnati on Saturday for lunch near the race expo.


                CNYrunner if tried with my DW (a total pack rat and leave things where you are non-neat person) what your mom did I would be lucky to just get hit with a divorce petition!


                henrun and the rest going to Avenue of the Giants have fun!  I hear the weather report looks really good!

                Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                  Perchcreek - Anybody every hear from him anymore?  He just suddenly "disappeared," what - about a year ago?


                  I grew up in a very small house and my brother and I shared a room until he moved out/got married at 18 (that's what happens when you get your girlfriend pregnant), so my mom was constantly on us to pick up our stuff.  Her favorite line: I was not put on this earth to be your slave.  Pick up your _______(fill in the blank) and take it/them with you.


                  Aamos - I know right?  The whole before 9:00 bedtime thing?  Believe me, I've been thinking about that., 'cause it's an hour drive from where all the RA folks are staying back to our house.  But - I shall survive!!  And I'll let The Hub drive home so I can nap if I want to.   (PS - Giant runners: He agreed to make cookies - and maybe even banana bread - if I did his invoices.  Done deal!)


                  Last night after work, I had a very nice 7-mile shirtless run.  Of course, I waited until I was off the main road before taking off said shirt, and then I promptly tucked it into the back of my shorts in honor of Ribs (heh heh heh).  On the return, when I got back to the main road, I threw caution to the wind and kept the shirt off until I got back to my car.  As I didn't hear any sounds of screeching tires or crashes, I'm assuming my blinding whiteness didn't derail any of the drivers.


                  I am so looking forward to this weekend!  Beware, RA-ers, I will have camera in hand, taking LOTS of pictures.  Just smile and deal with it.

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                    Perchcreek - Anybody every hear from him anymore?  He just suddenly "disappeared," what - about a year ago?


                    He just happened to post in the April monthly mileage thread.

                    Humanity runs on coffee.

                      And Leslie takes great pictures so I'm looking forward to seeing her capture many fun moments and for getting to spend time with her again. I can't believe it's been a year since I first "met" you in real life!


                      we haven't had our carpets cleaned in several years but this summer we are definitely doing it. They look good but we know after 3 yrs of having the dogs, that they are much dirtier than we thought. I don't even know if I want to see what the water looks like that they suck out. I'm sure I'd be very grossed out!

                      Not that I'm complaining (maybe a little), but we should be hotter today. 95 degrees! but much to my husband's chagrin and to my pleasure, we'll be back into the 70's in about a week.  I will leave work a bit early today to get in a few miles while David is at practice. Next week he has Prelims and then Districts on Saturday and then track is officially over. Only those that qualify for State which takes place later in May, will have continuing practice. David is currently 3rd in the state right now and they take the top 16 for the 3000m.  Yesterdays meet was HOT. he ran his 3000 slower than usual by about a minute (11:02 was his time I think), but still won by over half a lap.


                      no school tomorrow so he's going home with a track buddy after practice and spending the night there. his friend has a twin, who is actually quite high functioning but is in the special olympics in softball. So tonight they have a softball practice and his friends' mom (the coach of the softball team) asked David to help coach and work on drills with the athletes. He is so excited about this. David loves coaching and I think he'll be a great helper with the special olympics softball team. Who knows, maybe this will open up another volunteer opportunity that he'd like to pursue.


                      King of PhotoShop

                        Kidney function now normal. We wait for blood count to rise and it did. Just by one tick but that is good news. Home tomorrow we think. Walking a lot now. Thank you for thinking of me. And no I am not harassing the nurses. They are gods to me.

                        Sayhey! MM#130

                          Oh, Ribs must have been assigned male nurses.  (He says they're "gods.")   His reputation from the last admit.......


                          Thanks for stopping by!  Keep on walking the halls; so glad you're up and about.  (Are you wearing a pedometer?  Cuz you could post your miles.)

                          Best to the Saint.

                  (for a piece or two of my mind)



                            Sorry, but I haven't read yesterday's posts, and so am woefully behind.


                            Jay - I am behind by 2 months!


                            Later afternoon run with LW. Popping in to wish a wonderful race for all those heading out to Avenue des géants. Have fun!



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                              Oh, Ribs must have been assigned male nurses.  (He says they're "gods.")   His reputation from the last admit.......


                              Thanks for stopping by!  Keep on walking the halls; so glad you're up and about.  (Are you wearing a pedometer?  Cuz you could post your miles.)

                              Best to the Saint.



                              Glad to see Ribs is "functioning" again.

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                              2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

                              i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                                A little birdy said to come in and say hi.


                                What do I find? Holly, Jay, Amos, Leslie, Ribs, Twocat, michigan's Dave59, Tammy, LaT,  henrun (and marj I assume)


                                I mean, it's like I just left!  nice!



                                hope everybody is running well and injury free (or soon to be)


                                I've just been running everyday and enjoying it even more after that Michigan winter of slip slid'n  away.

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