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Intrepid Racers - May 25 & ahead!! (Read 57 times)


    And the racing continues! Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!


    ************This week and weekend*******************


    5/23-25 tetsujin - Pigtails 100 or 150 mile Challenge (thongs)

    05/23 runnerclay -Rogue Yeti Run 12 Hour Dawn to Dusk, Whitesburg GA

    05/25 IBleedUnionBlue - Buffalo Marathon, Buffalo, NY

    05/25 CNYrunner - Edinburgh half-marathon, Edinburgh, Scotland

    05/25 Mike E - Buffalo Marathon, Buffalo, NY

    05/25 Dave59 - Buffalo Half Marathon, Buffalo, NY

    05/25 coastwalker - Runner's Alley/Red Hook 5K, Portsmouth,, NH (competitive walking div.)

    05/25 Rondog65 - Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon, Boston, MA

    05/26 Fatozzig - Trail Factor 50k, Forest Park, Portland, OR (the end of a 3-day, 70-mile weekend of fun)

    05/26 Ileneforward - Ileneforward - Laguna Hills Half Marathon, CA

    05/26 SubDood -- Brian Kraft Memorial 5K, Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN



    ****** next week and ahead *********


    06/01 StarrRuns - Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half Marathon

    06/01 milktruck - Covered Bridges Half Marathon, Quechee, VT

    06/01 SubDood -- Minneapolis Marathon, Minneapolis, MN

    06/07 HollyS - Another Dam 50K, Englewood, OH

    06/07 fatozzig - Grasshopper Peak Redwoods 30k Run, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA

    06/08 Marj - Newton half marathon with DD and DIL

    06/14 coastwalker - Market Square Day 10K, Portsmouth, NH (competitive walking div.)

    06/15 PBJ - Marathon to Marathon, Iowa

    06/15 shipo - RibFest 5-Miler, Merrimack, NH

    06/21 wildchild - Bighorn Mountain 50 mile, Dayton, WY

    06/21 IBleedUnionBlue - The Heights 1/2 Marathon, Huber Heights, OH

    06/22 deez4boyz - BAA 10k, Boston MA

    06/22 Marj - BAA 10K, Boston MA

    06/22 henrun - BAA 10k, Boston MA




    07/03 shipo - Manchester Mile & 5K, Manchester, NH

    07/04 runnerclay - Peachtree Road Race 10k, Atlanta,GA

    07/12 Fatozzig - Mt. Hood 50, Mt. Hood, OR



    08/03 runnerclay - Hot Top Trot 8HR-Lithia Springs,GA

    08/23 shipo - NH XC Festival 5K, Manchester, NH

    08/24 IBleedUnionBlue - Emerald City 1/2 Marathon, Dublin, OH

    08/30 IBleedUnionBlue - Marquette Marathon, Marquette, MI

    08/30 shipo - NH 10-Miler, Auburn, NH




    09/06 wildchild - Tommyknocker 50k, Divide, CO

    09/12-09/13 shipo - Reach the Beach - NH, Cannon to Hampton Beach

    09/13 fatozzig - Night Sweats Trail Marathon, Golden Gate Bridge Rec Area, SFO, CA

    09/14 IBleedUnionBlue - Erie Marathon at Presque Isle, Erie, PA

    09/20 IBleedUnionBlue - Air Force Marathon, Dayton, OH

    09/27 IBleedUnionBlue - Fort4Fitness 1/2 Marathon, Ft. Wayne, IN

    09/28 shipo - Downhill Half Marathon

    09/28 wildchild - Vermont 50 mile, Brownsville, VT

    09/28 CNYrunner - Vermont 50 mile, Brownsville, VT

    09/28 Mike E - Vermont 50 mile, Brownsville, VT




    10/04 Opie - St. George Marathon, St. George, UT

    10/12 Fatozzig - Dick Collins Firetrails 50, Lake Chabot, CA

    10/12 deez4boyz - BAA 1/2 Marathon

    10/12 Marj - BAA half marathon

    10/12 IBleedUnionBlue - Dayton River Corridor Classic, Dayton, OH

    10/19 IBleedUnionBlue - Columbus Marathon, Columbus, OH

    10/26 IBleedUnionBlue - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA

    10/26 pfriese - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA



    11/01 IBleedUnionBlue - Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Indianapolis, IN

    11/08 wildchild - Moab trail marathon, Moab, UT

    11/15 Stumpy77 - Richmond Marathon, Richmond VA


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      3/22  runnerclay  Bear Blaster 50k, Augusta,GA

      7/4    runnerclay  Peachtree Road Race 10k,  Atlanta,GA

      Run until the trail runs out.

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      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

        Hilenie. Hope you’re getting better and back into shape but, at a certain point that’s hard for the brain to accept until long after it happens, if ever, the younger days never come again.  However, reminiscing about them just makes 'em get better and better.
        Although my last three races have all fizzled before their respective target goals, nobody fails in something like next week’s 12-hour run as they just publish everyone’s total miles, not the times.
        3/22 tetsujin - Green Lake Dizzy Daze 12-hour (thongs)
        3/23 tetsujin - Mercer Island Half Mary (barefoot)


        If I can walk for all 12 hours on Saturday, it will be better than all of last year’s zilched-out training for the Pigtails Challenges in May.  We'll see if Sunday's planned half mary cool-down works out.

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          Hi Ilene...could you add this when get a chance?  Thanks.


          03/23 Mike E - Irish Run 8K, St. Paul, MN


            Hi Ilene,


            I didn't get in to the Reach the Border Half (03/30) before it closed, so would you please substitute this instead:


            03/30 coastwalker - Westfield Half Marathon, Westfield, MA





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              Please add:


              10/26 IBleedUnionBlue - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA

              Philippians 4:13.

                Thanks for putting this on the list, Ilene


                06/01 StarrRuns - Deadwood Mickelson Trail Half Marathon

                  Hey Ilene.


                  Couple of races to add:


                  03/22 pfriese - Frigid Five Mile Race, Edmond OK

                  10/26 pfriese - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA





                    Please add:


                    03/29  Opie - Wings to Fly 15k, Ft. Reno, OK



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                      Hi Ilene, could you please add the following:


                      5/25 Rondog65 - Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon, Boston, MA



                      Ron's PRs 5K 24:14 (12/07/2013); Half Marathon 1:53:33 (5/26/2013)

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                        I just signed up for this:


                        3/29 wildchild - Behind the Rocks 50k, Moab, UT

                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                        MM #5615

                          I just signed up for this:


                          3/29 wildchild - Behind the Rocks 50k, Moab, UT


                          Oh brother...

                          MM #7877

                            Please add:

                            09/14 IBleedUnionBlue - Erie Marathon at Presque Isle, Erie, PA

                            Philippians 4:13.

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                              Please put me in for these:


                              04/06  Holly S. - ORRRC Marathon, Xenia OH

                              05/04  HollyS - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH

                              06/07  HollyS - Another Dam 50K, Englewood, OH



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                                Please Add:

                                04/06  IBleedUnionBlue - ORRRC 1/2 Marathon, Xenia OH


                                I thought about doing the full like Holly, but that might be biting off more than I can chew.

                                Philippians 4:13.