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Thursday's Daily, 10.3.13 (Read 36 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Denise, I'm glad that Justin and Dominic (even with the expected 'bumps') are doing better, and I hope they both continue to improve. I also worry and hope that you are OK.


    Tramps, we also keep our cars forever, which is why we prefer to get more of what we want with a slightly-used car than a more bare-bones new car. I'm glad your run evolved into something good yesterday. Yes, you never know. Regarding the ad agency in Richmond - it's always exciting to see a small agency score a big breakthrough with some impressively creative work. Congrats to them.


    Timbo is back! I'm sorry about your fall and LH, but I'm glad that your running, overall, has been going well this year.


    Dave, it seems that you've put out a lot of fires and done some significant work under tight time frames, so don't let one fluke throw you off stride. Good luck at today's review.


    Holly, fennel is a wonderful addition to so many foods - and fresh is always better that packaged! Dorry about your early am app't. with DD yesterday. I guess I don't have to tell you that some people just are not morning people.


    Leslie, I'm glad the truck problem was an easy fix, and came at no charge to you. I hope you have fun, and good weather, at the WB 50K.


    Mike, you're making me dizzy!  Big grin I'm glad you (and Mariposia too) had fun, dancin' in the rain.


    Enke - glad to read that the saga of Door #3 continues. Did you get any post-lunch reports/comments from the co-workers?


    Nice runs by Stumpy, Deeze, Slo, CNY and DC yesterday.


    Yesterday's meeting at City Hall regarding our modified half marathon went a lot better than the meeting several weeks ago, for which we were very, very grateful. Of course, we changed the start yet again, but it turned out to be a huge improvement, based on some unanticipated road construction changes at our other proposed location. What an adventure planning this race is this year!


    After a good night's sleep (hooray!), I was up and out at 4 o'dark for 5.8 miles of racewalking fartleks. Whether the moon was sliced too small to be visible, or it was rising too late for me, I didn't see anything in the sky but 1 billion, 2 hundred and 47 stars (a couple of which might have been high-flying small planes - Troy?). At 58F, it was warm for this time of the year, but quite nice for a good workout. Tonight is the annual meeting of the Great Bay Stewards, and my last as member of the Board and president. It's been fun, but I'm glad to be turning the reins over to someone else - I need the rest before digging into my next venture.


    Have a greta Thursday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Hey Jay!


      Not much to report...nice fartlek run this morning. A little more pep in my step than my previous three runs.


      Busy busy busy at work...getting plenty of OT. Makes the DW Happy Happy Happy Wink


      Over the next day or so I need to sign up for our new Health Care choices. One includes a low premium, high deductable with a Health Savings Account where the company will toss in some $'s towards the savings plan. It's tempting, it's a big savings but somewhat risky if you end up with big medical bills before you get that savings account nicely funded. Decisions decisions.


      Heya Timbo!

        The tempos were harder than I thought they would be...actually, they were as hard as I thought they would be, but they have been easier than I thought they would be so, since they were not easier than how hard I thought they would be, that made them harder than I thought they would be. 

        Should I be worried that this made perfect sense to me?

        Good to see Tim pop in, although his posts always seem to involve pain.  Ouch; get better soon.

        Dave—hope the annual review goes well today.

        Jay--it's interesting how runners will have no idea about all the work that went into securing a course for your race.  Kudos to you.

        Slo--is DW happy because of the extra money or because she gets you out of the house...or both? Wink


        As I was running this morning, it occurred to me that a big chunk of my race this Saturday goes through a national military park. The race is actually run by the county rec dept, so the shutdown shouldn't matter but I'd better double-check.


        EZ 7 this morning.  Warm and humid, heading to near-90 today and tomorrow; low-90s Saturday.  You can use my race schedule to predict heat waves better than the Farmer's Almanac.  Roll eyes


          Hi Jay, Slo & all to follow


          glorious 8+ mile run with the sun rising (not as early as jay). ended on the local reservor where i saw someone taking a picture, so i followed his idea


          off now to class followed by washing the stuff from the dig.  it's amazing what's under the dirt.

          enjoy the day, marj


            Slo--is DW happy because of the extra money or because she gets you out of the house...or both? Wink




              Good morning everyone. Lots of posts already - that's great. Awesome picture, Marj! The colors are just starting to peak here too. I love this time of the year.


              Hey Slo - keep working overtime so you can come back to Green Bay for the Cellcom next spring. And bring your lovely DW with you Smile


              Maybe you should publish the "runner's almanac" for weather Tramps. Yours is probably more accurate.


              We need details on the lunch Enke. Report in, okay?


              Glad your car is okay Leslie.


              Listen to your body, Timbo.


              5.33 miles this morning, 9:18 pace (that's fast for me, where did that come from??)  It was raining but a comfortable 53° so it felt good. Off to work. Have a great Thursday everyone!

              King of PhotoShop

                I have a great pasta salad recipe that includes diced cantaloupe, julienned fennel bulb, chopped prosciutto and basil.  I made it for the Saint's book group and the ladies went ape over it.  If anyone wants it, drop me a line at spareribs823 at gmail.


                I'm back from Dalton, GA, via Chattanooga and have some catch up office work to do today, then off to the local running store to volunteer for packet pickup for my club's race Saturday, which I am NOT doing because of this 20K trail race I'm stuck in!


                Glad all is okay with the truck Leslie. Deez, I am thinking of you and family today.


                2 miles yesterday in GA and 2.2 miles this morning in the park.  Spareribs

                  I was supposed to have my annual review at 10, but at 9:40 I got a message that it was postponed until tomorrow, so I went out and ran 3.

                  I was watching the local news last night and they said it was going to rain today and the next 3 days too.  So I went out and cut the grass and bagged up the leaves.  I didn't plan on doing the whole yard when I started.  I was just going to start and see how far I got before I got bored.  Anything that I could cut and clean before the rain would be that much less to get wet.  But after a couple hours and with darkness falling, I found myself having finished everything.

                  Of course, today is a beautiful sunny day.

                  mta: So did I say something wrong?  No one posts to any thread on the forum since my post 4.5 hours ago.

                  And so it goes

                    very quiet today!


                    I don't have anything to say but don't want Dave thinking he's a thread killer or anything either. . . . Joking


                      very quiet today!


                      I don't have anything to say but don't want Dave thinking he's a thread killer or anything either. . . . Joking


                      Thanks Tammy, I really appreciate that.

                      And so it goes

                        Ha ha.  Now it's Tammy who's killed the thread.





                        Oh wait.  Damn.

                        Marathon Maniac #3309

                          I just thought............I only post my true feelings, and never really think of my painful situations. Not painful really.......but just part of my "interesting" single life. I always post the good - bad - and ugly. But really, everything is good now in my life.........with so much suffering in the world, heck, I'm a lucky Timothy Smile


                          Hey Slo, thought you would get a kick out of this (you still do the same I imagine) I fixed my road bike all up, and ride it to and from work everyday. Only 16 miles, but 16 miles I thoroughly enjoy. I have a great route that's pretty much all lit up, and not many cars. Something so surreal about a nice ride in the dark to work. Riding home is a little more traffic, but it's light out. My co-workers thinks it's strange, but they don't get it. Haven't missed a ride to work in a coupe of months now......little rain won't melt me.


                          I hated hated hated my current job for quite some time (I thought of you MikeE during my rough times) but it's going great now. I'm have my accounts with certain Insurance Companies, and I have excelled. When I started, we were at the very dead bottom, now we're tier one (the highest how they grade) and my boss thinks I'm a bonus checks each month are SWEET. I put that money in my savings, and act like I never earned that.......I'm good that way.  So that's going good, but I always keep my options open..........I don't trust businesses like I did, and never will. I thank Ribs for some of you didn't know that, right ?


                          After I got home after work, I fast walked 4 miles tonight (thought of you Jay)  Funny, as that seems as hard as running 4 miles. I'm cleared to run tomorrow after my injections, but will wait till Saturday morning.........looking forward to that !!!! I have a marathon I could run with a gal friend from Ohio Saturday, but I have another gal friend coming to visit from Indianapolis this weekend. She's going through a rough patch in her life, and I feel it's more important being there for her (Vicky is her name) Sweet gal, but mixed up right heart breaks for her, and she reached out for me.


                 and Donna got back together for about a month - she said she missed me so much. We had SO much fun together, and ran lots together. Then she was gone again...........oh, my heart was very guarded this time, so it was ok (really it was) I'm a big boy, but I do love her. But you know what........who am I to judge. I know she struggles with life and such, so I totally understand, and I would be a shallow man not to let her go. Honestly, she's so so sweet and beautiful to much so, that I want her happy and content in life. With me, without me, I love her. But more importantly, I wish her joy and peace in her that not what true love should be Smile  I love her so much, that letting her go is my way of saying....I love you sweet baby. Took me awhile, but best for both of us.............maybe not a end, maybe is. But my heart is at a good place right now.


                          Maybe I will have another door to open for me.............


                 run fast like year around - you impress me my Fren


                          Tet training...........oh my ! But miss my "non" runner barefoot runner friend )


                          I wished I could have ran the Germantown 50K with Holly......honestly, when I ran that with her a few years ago, was my most enjoyable race ever. So much fun, and such a beautiful jaunt in the woods. She's a blast to run with..............hope you are doing well


                          Heck, may get up and run in the morning...........may not. But will do the right thing.......



                          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                          Trails are hard!

                            I'll rescue you, Tramps.  Although I really didn't see what Dave said that drove everyone away. Wink


                            Late posting for me--4 miles yesterday and 5.1 this morning.  Beautiful clear mornings with the stars out at the start.  Now up in Maine at the lake and it's another clear night.  You can really see the stars with a lot less light around.  The Big Dipper looked Huge.  Tomorrow morning we start carting roofing materials over to the island camp so our contractor can install the new metal roof.  Supposed to be beautiful weather, so hope things go well.


                            ETA:  guess I typed too slow.  Hi Timbo--welcome back.  Glad to see your life is as boring as ever. Wink

                            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                            Maniac 505

                              Enke:  We are waiting for the report.  Wink


                              Mari:  Thanks for the offer,  That was a lot of fun a couple years ago.  It looks like my schedule will let me get away for a few days that weekend.  I am sorry I am working this coming weekend, so I can't help for your race.


                              I have 3 bicycles,  my commuter has disk brakes (excellent in rainy weather and they don't tear up the rims),  My road bike with no fenders, and has only seen rain once (Tet,  remember that Chilly Hilly),  and my new Brompton travel bike that I try to avoid rain with,  (leather saddle and rim breaks)  I lost a fender on my commuter yesterday so I am on the Brompton for the rest of the week,  hopefully it won't rain too much.


                              I ran for a few miles after work tonight, I should be able to do it for most of the days this week.   I am SO out of shape.  Hopefully I can get in shape to run, not walk, most of the Ave of the Giants Half.



                                It is late here in CT but somebody has to keep the forum open!  Sorry, but at 11:22pm it is far too late to comment on the day's posts.  Heck, it is far too late for me to be typing!  My DW is still in NYC but will return home tomorrow.  I joined her last night and then spent all day today in the city too.  Up early for a 22 mile run.  Fortunately, I had some company for about 6 of the later miles or I am not sure I would have made it.  I tell you those hills in Central Park are tougher than you would think!  Then to a memorial service for a former colleague and friend of mine.  He was a man with a good heart.  I found out during the service he had an art collection.  A museum was interested in it and when he came down with Parkinson's he donated it to the museum.  That was back in 2005 but he wanted it to go into their collection while he was alive and could make the transfer easily.  After the service it was off to a conference and dinner.  Then the drive home.  Night all.

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