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Rehab Thread - Starting it up again (Read 856 times)

    I am making one last ditch effort at rehabbing this leg. Then I am throwing the towel in. Its been 4 long painful years and one more effort is all I have left in me.

    The hamstring is fine. Actually I havent felt hamstring pain in many months. And rarely do. Its the hip flexors (glutes and piraformis) that are giving me hell. My PTist and massage therapist both think its due to me favoring the injured leg and now the supporting muscles are weak and sore.


    I made the mistake of going out for a 3 mile run the day after a rock climb. I know better than that. But the weather was great and I wanted to get outside. By 2.5 miles into it my hip was in agony. I limped home and spent a week on the couch. I took 3 weeks off and went out 2 days ago for a trail run. This time I warmed up and stretched. But only  a half mile into the run I was in agony again. Stopped and walked home.


    Gonna give it 3 more weeks of rest and strengthening and stretching.


    Anyone have a good hip muscle program?


    Anyone else rehabbing and need support? Join me here.



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      [[[[ laurie ]]]]]


      I know The Frustration, took me 3-years to ReHab my hip


      just do what feels right

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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        Hey Laurie, sorry to hear you're still having issues. I suppose I'm technically on the DL once again, though it's not from an injury. Had surgery this past Monday, follow up to the reconstruction of last summer, so my running has once again come to a screeching halt. I walked 2 miles yesterday, first time out post-op, nice and careful, and I felt fine. I have a HM in 5 weeks which I'm sure I'll complete, though whether I'll run the whole thing is debatable. One day (and one step) at a time.


          ,how about adding 10-15 min of xbike AFTER the work-out??


          just to loosen things up.

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Om, it seems like its one thing then another. The challenges in life never stop. Youre smart about the way you rehab. So let us know how its going.


            Tom, Hows your leg? Was the stationary comment for OM or me? Or both? I like the stationary bike. I do an hour each time. BUt then after an hour my legs are shot. I stretch and cool down and thats it. I suppose I could do an half hour and then stretching.


            Leg is bad today. Not sure why. Going to try a little something to warm it up and get some stretching in.



            Shamrock marathon March 2016. Burlington full or relay if I can find a partner May 2016. Wine and Dine half Nov. And a tri or two thrown in just for the hell of it.

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              Laurie, I'm sure the stationary bike comment was for you. I'm just working on keeping my exertion level nice and low. Been walking and running on alternate days, keeping my running pace at an 11 min/mile or so, if not slower. The intent is to run without breaking a sweat. How's that for a plan, eh? Wink


              Sorry your leg is still giving you trouble. I remember with my back pain I had finally given up trying to stop the pain and just the least I could do and remain comfortable, and somehow things just got better from there. Had no expectations of getting better, just went out and ran anyway. Can't really explain what I did, other than stop trying to actively fix things. Hey, it's worth a shot, after trying everything else, right? Hang in there, Laurie.



                 I posted that ( to laurie)

                I hurt MY leg overdoing it hiking..........meh



                I'll be on the xbike tonite>>>>>Let's Race///////





                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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         THIS is where I sign up


                  Rehabbin' Paradise Smile

                  Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                    OM, yeah I think its possible. There was a day when I needed at least a 5 mile run to get a  minimum workout. Ah the good ole days. And youre in good shape so I think its possible to do a minimal run without breaking a sweat. Sounds like a plan to me. I know what you mean about the back pain. I was running that way for a while. But my hip pain is new and so bad that it prevents me from running.


                    Tom, I hope I didnt jinx you. ugh. I am the weather jinx at work. I am always there when bad weather comes. But in my job bad weather slows things down and is welcome. Are you still pool running? I'll race anytime but I have a feel you would kick my butt.


                    Tim. you were the running machine. What happened?


                    Leg is still bad. p90x actually helps it. I have a feeling that I will have to chose between running and rock climbing. Together they are just too much for my old leg. DD will be pissed as she is just getting into rock climbing and loves it. I just want to do it all.



                    Shamrock marathon March 2016. Burlington full or relay if I can find a partner May 2016. Wine and Dine half Nov. And a tri or two thrown in just for the hell of it.

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                      Taking roll call, who's still here??


                      I am. I restarted running last week week, nice and easy and super slow, and so far everything feels fine. As I've said, my plan is to alternate walking and running days so that I still have the net effect of time on my feet, but not the heightened exertion level from just running. Plus the crosstraining benefits have to be good for me too, right?


                      Oh, and I just restarted PT yesterday as well. They're having me do passive and active gentle stretching and ROM work. And work it is! I couldn't believe how stiff I had gotten with only two weeks of barely moving my shoulder and arm. Though for the past couple days (started before PT, byw) I've been plagued with a near-constant muscle twitching in my shoulder and upper arm. Rear deltoid, I believe it is. You'd think it was from a nutrient deficiency, like potassium or calcium, but no, there's been no major changes in my diet, nor any drastic increases in muscle use (as if I'm lifting weights now, ha!). So I finally gave in and called my doctor this afternoon, and he told me to do what I had expected he would: take 2mg Valium which I still had from my immediate post-op days. He says spasms like that can happen, in various neighboring areas, for up to 8 months after. Good to know it's not an unheard of side-effect, but man, has it been annoying!


                      Hope everyone's being diligent and patient in their recovery/rehab processes. Please post and share!

                        Hi OM, yeah I am still here, unfortunately.


                        What is ROM? Maybe it might help me.


                        Yeah I get those twitches too. I had them for days in my right arm after a hard night of rock wall climbing. I have to remind myself I am not 20 (like my climbing partners) anymore. Aging. What fun.


                        Question for experienced long post pain subsiding do you wait to start running again? I know OM you mentioned running through pain and it subsided. I have done that before. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it makes it worse. Who knows?


                        Leg is actually a lot better. The right hip is weak, sore and stiff but improving. I made a teared up phone call to one of my run club members last week asking for help. She was great and encouraging.


                        I found that a ten minute forward bend yoga routine first thing in the AM followed by hanging out in childs pose for a few minutes works wonders.



                        Shamrock marathon March 2016. Burlington full or relay if I can find a partner May 2016. Wine and Dine half Nov. And a tri or two thrown in just for the hell of it.

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                          ROM = range of motion

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                            Sorry, was posting from my phone last night, hence the very short response.


                            I don't think it's an issue as to how long after pain subsiding, but rather the type of discomfort you've been feeling. Every pain is different, ya know? It can vary from a dull ache to a sharp stab, to a feeling of tightness and uncomfortable compression, to just plain wrongness. Honestly, I've never thought about how long to wait until pain goes away, but rather what my ailment was. If it's posture-related (which is usually is), I work on correcting the bad habit that's created the issue, then practice running with that correction in mind. I haven't really had any structural breaks or tears to rehab from (I've been lucky, I know)... though I did fall and sprain my ankle back in February 2009. I just looked back in my log and I see that I didn't run for two weeks after that, then eased back into a run/walk (based on my recorded paces).


                            Don't know if that helps at all. Best of luck to you!

                              Yep that helps thanks. I might do the Tom White method by trying it out on the track for a short lap or two. Then going from there.



                              Shamrock marathon March 2016. Burlington full or relay if I can find a partner May 2016. Wine and Dine half Nov. And a tri or two thrown in just for the hell of it.


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                                I don't think you have to choose between rock wall climbing and running - you can do both.  Just don't get extreme with either sport.  If rock wall climbing strains your legs more than your arms, then you are climbing correctly.  And running should be excellent cross training for climbing. 


                                As far as when you can restart running - that's up to you and your leg.  Listen to yuor injured area - don't push it - but don't baby it either (unless it's doctor's orders).


                                As for me - I'll be sitting on the bench at the track, waiting for my turn to get in the month to go.


                                Good luck.


                                ps - OM - you always have excellent advice.  It must come from the years of body understanding achieved through yoga.  Does that make sense?