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Saturday February 9 Frisky Runs (Read 49 times)

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    Nice long run for you Spareribs! Curious, do you take fuel on your long runs or abstain? I've been running sans nutrition this cycle and I'm finding it's not as horrible as I've thought it would be. Then again, I'm running my long runs a lot slower now, so it's creating a different effect.... Always learning, indeed!


    4.25 recovery paced miles for me, wearing my trail shoes once again today. Was a big mistake, since the park paths were completely clear and my body could've used a little cushioning for a change. My sacrum felt every step. Sad

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      OM, this is a good question for further discussion with others chiming in.  At our course at Lake Grapevine, the standard out and back that everyone does is 4 out and 4 back, for 8 pretty hilly miles.  Those who wish to go longer simply run it over and over. I did it 2 and a half times today for my 20.


      Each weekend day, some Club volunteer puts out water and Gatorade in big jugs with cups at two places along the route, so you are never without liquid for more than two miles.  I don't bother with it for an 8 mile run but for a LR I take Gatorade every time I come by it.  But I never take any GU or supplement on a training run.


      A few years ago I posted here that it's a good idea to try to train on LR's without taking any supplements, as your body will adapt to it, and one poster here took me to task over this assertion saying that there is no proof of this.  But of course common sense tells you it's so.  If every two weeks I directed you to go out and run long with only water, each time you did it you would find you could go farther and farther.  The body adapts to stress.  What did people do before there was GU?  I thought her argument was ridiculous but again, there was no "proof."


      So let's say you experiment with GU or some other supplement until you find the one that suits your stomach.  Train without it, and then get teh benefit of it on race day is how I view it.  Spareribs

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        In addition to the financial aspects of retirement, have you figured out what you are going to do with your new-found free time?


        Jay - I am quite sure I will have plenty to do.  All those books I've been wanting to read, those hobbies I've been wishing I had time for, the garden and flowers I could finally keep up with, plus those physical activities I've been wanting to get to - hiking in our many local metro parks, swimming at the YMCA, biking on the substantial system in Ohio, etc.  All this, and plus as much involvement with my kids and grandkids as they will allow, and golfing and traveling with DH, volunteering at several organizations, including and especially the local running club....I have NO END of things I am hoping to do when I retire.....just hope I have the, I may very well continue to work part time after I retire.


        Ribs - that is wonderful that you have LRs supported with water and Gatorade.  My biggest LR problem in the winter is that the water fountains along the river path are turned off, and I truly dislike carrying water on runs.  I do have only the McDonalds in the next town to stop at for water at about 6.5 miles, but that's about it (and I dislike veering off the path to go into town for that).

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


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          I am completely OK with you posting on this forum.



          Divechief -  Sir ;  Thank you for your permission Sir.


          arf   (Ana)


          It was sunny and windy when I set out on my 12 miler today.

          As I climbed the country roads out of town I noticed the wind picking up.  At 6 miles I turned around and saw the black sky to the north.

          In an instant I was in the middle of a blizzard with strong winds and pelting sharp stinging snow.   I made it home and it's sunny now.

          My thoughts and prayers go out to all enduring the storm on the east coast.


          Marj and Jay - 2 feet?  We never get that much all at once, never.


          C-R  -  so awesome you ran your son's first race with him....very very special.


          Holly - Great run!!!  Nice when you have to "slow yourself down"!


          Ribs -  Excellent job on the 20 miler!  And yes I wish to chime in re; fuel on Long Runs

                I took nothing on my 12 miler.   I did however eat a meal very high in carbs last night.  I also drank water just before my run.

                Runs longer than this I will sip on gatorade and water.  I totally believe in the body being able to adapt to the stress.


          Take care all

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            Got a big hug from him at the end. What a great way to start the  day.

            Congratulations C-R!  The race was pretty good, too.


            I really hope everybody whose been dumped on with snow are okay and can get back to normal as quickly as possible.


            I was scheduled to run 8, today, and 22, tomorrow but with our own little storm rolling in overnight, I decided to take care of the 22 miler, today.  I went out 11 miles and, on the way back, took a wrong turn.  Ended up with 23.3 in 2:56:45.  I'll go ahead and run something, tomorrow...just not sure how far.


            Okay--I guess that's all I seems like I had a lot more to talk about when I came on here.

              ...arf//........I am happy to see both of you posting again,


              will Hold My Breath til I turn Blue if either of you quit............and that will probably hurt a LOT.






              Southerners can do Guilt Trips.


              If nighthawk starts posting again ''Quilt Trips'' )

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                Interesting discussion on fueling on long runs.  I'm training for my first 50k, so I'm practicing eating real food while running.  Gels will get you through a marathon but you need more calories for an ultra.  Plus today it was cold and snowing, and I needed calories to stay warm.  I did 23 miles today, and it snowed from mile 8 to  mile 18.

                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                  Arf, I will always love you.  Ribs

                    Well, I'm glad to have a lot of other subjects in this forum besides just running. Like food, for instance. We talk a lot about food. We also talk about things going on in our daily lives. And more than I care for about football and baseball. So I figure discussions about retirement are certainly relevant to most of us, since most of us are closer to retirement than the beginning of our careers, so... whatever.


                    During long runs, I just take water usually. Years ago I used to not even do that, but after 50 I found I just can't go without like I used to. I like it when DH meets me at some points of my run with hot tea or cold water, depending on the time of year, and a Gu or some other treat ( Smile  ) to help me get thru the run.


                    Today was absolutely gorgeous! Temps got up to low 30's but it was pretty windy. No problem though, because the wind was cool at times, and sometimes weirdly warm. It was great though. The only problem is the grader came through just before I headed out, and they did probably the worst job plowing I've ever seen. We really pay too much for our road service plowing, because they don't do a very good job. at. all. So... tried to find the tire tracks and the bare spots, struggled thru where they must've lift the blade. Are we on a "learners" grading course? Feels that way sometimes. But... got in 7.4 hilly miles in beautiful conditions, lots of folks out walking with their dogs, and even the wind wasn't bad. Was nice to run in just a vest over my L/S shirt to help block the wind. Gives me over 33 miles for the week, nice for a winter week with low mileage runs, mostly on the TM.



                      I'm just posting to keep Tom White safe in case he misses me.


                      Interesting discussion on fueling on long runs.  I'm training for my first 50k, so I'm practicing eating real food while running.  Gels will get you through a marathon but you need more calories for an ultra.  Plus today it was cold and snowing, and I needed calories to stay warm.  I did 23 miles today, and it snowed from mile 8 to  mile 18.

                      WC, I think Ribs advice still holds, but additionally it is smart to train with "real food"  as you plan.  You can do both.  -Craig

                      -Craig ced53 at yahoo dot com