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Very Brief Manhattan Half Race Report (Read 270 times)


    Fashion report, red hat, black gloves, red shirt, black windbreaker and black shorts. This was my longest run for some time so I decided to run it as a training run, as did many people. Nearly 5,000 people turned out in 30 degree weather. Last year I marshaled this race in 17 degrees. I was meant to pace a couple of team mates to a sub 2 hour finish, one of them a female half-marathon debutante, the other a 200 pound boomer with a 1:37 half in a previous life. The problem was that I was still queuing for the porta-potty as the gun went off. I jumped in the race with about two and a half minutes gone. The runners around me were running around 9 minute pace, so I was passing runners for most of the race which always feels good. The course was 2 laps of Central Park with about 1,000 feet of elevation changes along the way. RoyC would describe it as "undulating". My heart-rate was in the easy zone most of the way but my legs were tired. My Garmin was .3 of a mile off by the end although it mapped perfectly on Google Earth. My slowest mile was 8:23 and I ran the last 4 in under 32 minutes. All-in-all a good, fast, training run in 1:48:02. There is another half in the Bronx in 2 week but my target race is Brooklyn at the end of April. As for the debutante, she ran 1:52 comfortably. The guy struggled to 2:14. I guess he shouldn't have gone hiking on Saturday. Time: 1:48:02 Average heart-rate - 139 (77%) Place: 1603/4989, AG 161/385, AG% 59.9%

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      Great race, especially after your forced delay. We were signed up for the race but decided to wait until Tampa next week-a little bit warmer.

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        Nice job BAP. Even with a late start, and easy training-run pace, you beat my best HM time...Smile

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          Hi bap, That's a huge crowd for a half! I'm glad that the weather was warmer this year. It's a bummer being lined up at the wrong place when the gun goes off, but you gotta' do what you gotta' do! Still, it seems you had a pretty good run for a training run, as did the debutante in her first half. as for the other guy, perhaps a hike the day before his half wasn't the best plan.... Jay

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            Hey BAP, great job! You will do well at your target race in Brooklyn!
              A training run with 5000 other people. Nice! That Central Park loop is challenging, so you must've gotten a great workout in. Good luck with your other upcoming halfs.
                I'm with Holly. Your easy training run smoked my best half. Nice race, bap. TomS
                  Nice come-from-behind finish, BAP! I'd love to run in Central Park someday. Heck, I'd like to see New York someday! For a training run with 5,000 of your friends, this is a really impressive result.
                    Man I wish I had a slow race like that. I had a 2:00 half on accident once. As a result, I bonked on the full. Black eye Thanks for the RR...It's sweet!!!!!!


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                      Nice run, nice report. You even started with the fashion report - glad to see the boomer goddesses have you well trained!

                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


                        Touche BAP! I've heard of missing the start from alot of runners via postings or word of mouth but have never had this actually happen to me. Seems like you never really missed a beat! Shorts in 30 degrees, wow! Nice race and again, that is just about my PR for the half. grat job! Congratulations! Chris
                          Nice race bap! thanks for the report.
                          Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM
                            sounds like a great race!! nice report!!



                              Note to self: Don't depend on BAP to be your pace bunny. I loved the Central Park run with the NY Road Runners club. It was their last training run for the NYC Marathon and they had a 20 miler scheduled. A training run with 10 thousand of your closest friends complete with pace based corrals to start, aid tables with water and sport drink and gels, and even a couple of ambulances in strategic points inside the park. Also a roped off area for drop bags and race bibs for a training run. Oh and bagels, and bananas at the finish line. It was a multi loop course, so you run shorter if you wished. And the park is absolutely beautiful.

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                                That's what I call a good "training run". The conditions sound as good as could be expected for January in NYC, so I'm sure you enjoyed it. Passing all those slowfolks just added to the fun. Wink

                                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI