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Saturday 3-23 and Where is Everyone (Read 47 times)


    I guess I'll start. Must be everybody's racing or still hurting from their bracket being destroyed by yesterday's games.


    Finally off the road for a bit. Whew. Glad to be with the family. Makes me appreciate them more.


    Ran a local HM this morning. Gave it my all and finished by my clock with a 1:30:00. Never had something like that happen. Not sure what the official time will be but I thought this pretty cool.


    Well off to soccer and getting ready for the big snow tomorrow. I heard they indicted Punxatony Phil (sp) for fraud. Glad someone finally took that groundhog to task.


    Have a great one folks.

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    King of PhotoShop

      Well done C-R!   6:52 pace if I recall those days correctly!


      Today is a big day for local racing here, but it was a day for my scheduled 20-miler.  But I got just 8 of it in because of a wicked rain and lightning storm.  Fastest final 3 miles I ever ran to get back to the Clubhouse.  That was scary. I noted on FB that I hate the times we have lightning, because then I have to read all the other posts from people who write "lightening," and I'm getting my share of needling on that topic.  Some wiseass posted that when there is lightening, she unties her jacket from her waist and puts it over her head.  Loved it!  Spareribs

        Yowsa!  Nice race C-R!

        Ribs--Nothing like some lighting to get a little unscheduled speedwork done. (What?  Wink )


        No speedwork for me but I did get a 20-miler done.  Whew.  I was a little tired going into it so I was definitely glad to finish this one.


        Have a good weekend.

          Nice running there C-R...really nice!


          I actually strung together three days in a row of running. First time since January. I don't know what I did or what I had (have) wrong with my knee but this has been a complete SOB.


          Basketball sucks too! Black eye  At least I'm in the same boat as most everybody else. I should have had my daughter fill out my brackets.


          So, I'll try not to be such a baby and post here a little more really is though when you got nothing to add to the party.


          BTW, Nice running there C-R!!  I think I just put a target on your back.

          Trails are hard!

            If I was going to put a target on his back, it would have to be with an over the horizon cruise missle.  I'll be very happy with a 2:10 for my half tomorrow. Roll eyes  but the weather is supposed to be pretty nice and it's a pleasant course.  I have to keep telling myself it's just a supported long run.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            Marathon Maniac #957


              So, I'll try not to be such a baby and post here a little more really is though when you got nothing to add to the party.



              What?  Don't ever say that you have nothing to add to the party around here.  Running is only part of what we talk about.


              C-R - wow, nice racing!


              Ribs, I hate it when a scheduled LR gets cut short like that.  I sort of mentally gear up for it, and then when I try again the next day I just don't have the same mental stamina.  So much of running is in my head, it seems.


              10.15 miles for me today in 30 degrees, with the first 9 miles at an average pace of 8:47, not  including several times when I had to stop and tiptoe around hissing geese.  Not withstanding the winter weather, the geese know it is spring.


              Off to DD's softball practice now.


              Happy Saturday!

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              Shirtless wonder

                Sorry you did not get your 20 today Ribs.

                Slo_Hand been there done that right after Steamtown.   Never figured out what I did to mine either, I ended up just resting.  Still working my way back to pre-marathon form.


                Out for almost 16 miles {15.97} today in local park with running buddy.  He was doing 20-22 miles which is about 4 loops thru park prepping for his annual reward {Boston}.  I told him I could do 3 loops but was no where ready for 4 loops.  It was my longest run since Steamtown.


                Bright and sunny today but it was cold and windy with temps starting at 32F and ending around 40F.  Though wind chill just made it cold.  It was my longest run this year.  Overall time was 2:20:18.21 which being mostly uphills not to shabby.  But I still have dead legs from doing  2 races last weekend and think my shoes need to be retired.  Today proved it since they just didn't feel right and one foot started having issues.  So run was not as enjoyable, especially the last loop where I really dogged the hills and even hobbled a little. But I got'er done and managed to finish.  Then shook hands with my friend and left him to do same until next week..


                Have a great weekend all.




                Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                  Nice racing C-R and what a pristine finish time. very cool.


                  You should have a nice day indeed for the race tomorrow stumpy. I may drive over to see the finish and cheer and then head to Super Granny's for our regular afternoon visit together. The roads will be clear even though the lawns are still covered in snow and more coming Monday. at this rate, you Boston Marathon folks won;t need to worry about heat on 4/15.


                  Sorry about the lightening/lightning Ribs, but a fast finish workout can pay off later.


                  Congratulations Marj! It's always vicarious fun to watch you and Henry head out for journeys and I imagine there'll be even more ahead.


                  The doctor said I can go bootless now, so after re-locating all the shoes for my right foot, I am making plans! Two weeks of easy walks and swimming and then running in mid-April if it feels okay. I signed up for a CT 5k in June (the kiddo's idea) and then with luck I'll be back in the groove. I am also joining a local masters swimming group and will have 3x week structured workouts to balance out the running. I used to swim competitively, so it will be interesting to get into that mode again---it's been a L-O-N-G time!


                  Hang in there Slo_Hand and we'll both need that target ahead!

                  King of PhotoShop

                    " so after re-locating all the shoes for my right foot, I am making plans!"   Something about this just made me laugh. I can just see you going all around the house saying, "Now where did I put all those right shoes?"   Spareribs

                      That is a sweet HM time there, C-R! Well done indeed. I won't bother with any target, my best HM time is about 10 minutes slower than that.


                      Good to see Slo and ShadowJoe making their way back. And yeah, I agree with Holly, there's a lot more to this place than running.


                      Nice 20, Tramps! Your mileage has been very solid lately. You're gonna have a greta Boston, especially since it might be cold!


                      When we get lightning storms here they're usually in the afternoon and you can see 'em coming. I've been caught in a hail storm before (ouch) and a cloudburst type downpour (yikes!) but have avoided lightning so far. Good suggestion about the jacket though.


                      Mike, I think you're going to see a lot more employers doing that in the future. Many smaller companies will find it easier to either use a private exchange to get insurance for their employees, or do what you're company is doing and just giving vouchers or some other assistance. I hope you find something that works for you soon.


                      Karin, congrats on sans boot! Easy does it, and pool running/swimming will be good rehab. Yeah, I got a kick out of that looking for the right shoes comment, too!


                      Holly, nice run, grrl! And I know what you mean about not running in unfamiliar areas. In the dark. Alone. It's just not safe, and that fact really makes me mad. Most guys wouldn't think twice about heading out for an early morning run in a new place by themselves. It's just not right.


                      I got in a run yesterday after work, outside! and that felt really good. Today is colder and we got 2" of snow last night. Windchills are expected to be -24 today and -33 tomorrow, but that rarely seems to really pan out. But, whatever, glad I got the outdoor run in yesterday. Today I'll be on the treadmill unless things improve drastically real quickly.

                      New skirt in town

                        18 miles out on the Boston Marathon course today, in an average 9:18 pace.  I started off with a few minutes of walking because my calf still felt a bit grumpy and I wanted to test it out.  My splits were:

                        11:16, 10:40, 9:10, 8:49, 9:10, 9:05, 8:49, 9:19, 8:59, 8:58, 9:08, 8:55, 9:06, 9:00, 9:10, 9:00, 9:00, 9:48.


                        Feeling pretty good about the run AND my calf, which is no more grumpy now than it was before the run.


                        I finished up near where my Melanoma Foundation of New England table was set up, handing out refreshments to the runners...and they told me that Henry had stopped by the table and said to say hello!  Hello, Henry!  I'm sorry that I missed you!



                        NO  MO MELANOMA! Help me run 26.2 miles and raise $5000 for the Melanoma Foundation of NE.  Visit this page to learn more:

                        New skirt in town

                          BTW, I know that Deez was having problems pulling photos off of Facebook, so I did it for her and started a whole new thread with pictures of her grand baby!



                          NO  MO MELANOMA! Help me run 26.2 miles and raise $5000 for the Melanoma Foundation of NE.  Visit this page to learn more:

                            I am in the last week of a pretty tough project at work so about all I do day and night is work.  It will be this way until April 1st and beyond probably.


                            I fit in a run or a short trip to the gym just about every day which helps keep my sanity.  Today it was a 4-miler.


                            I was headed for bed last night and did a quick flip around the channels.  ESPN had a USA vs. Costa Rica World Cup qualifier game on.  It was in Colorado and there was massive snow falling.  I had to sit there and watch the last half hour just out of amazement.  USA won 1-0.  They had people constantly shoveling off the sidelines and end lines.  The players somehow did very little slipping but the ball would just plop in the snow and stop.


                            Cloudy today but fortunately no lightening.

                            Humanity runs on coffee.

                              Thanks Robin those are great pictures of my baby!!Big grin

                              I have a couple more I think we me and dh holding the baby and then one I took today with the new parents and 2 of my other sons that I love too -- I will get this picture thing figured out one of these days Roll eyes


                              4.3 easy miles today - running 20 on the course again tomorrow with friends -- we might start at the finish and run 10 out and back to change it up from last run there and still capture heartbreak hill!!


                              Happy Saturday!!


                              MM #6177

                                Just a quick stop-and-brag.... Ran my HM today, VERY hilly course, and beat my previous PR by close to a minute, official time was 1:55:11. The blurb sent out by the RD specifically says this is not a PR course.... beautiful route, though, a combo of roads and carriage trails. Got 3rd AG too. With the mile warmup and two for cooldown. a total of 16.15 miles for me today. I'm very pleased. Smile


                                Great race for C-R!

                                I have to go check out those baby pics, congrats again Deez!


                                OK, I'm outta here. Enjoy your weekend, folks!