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Monday - 11/26.....back to work time (Read 459 times)

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    Good morning...


    Short on time, but thought I would start the's been a while


    Up at 4:00 this morning and got in a nice 7, but a beautiful clear sky


    This is a funny story...I had this gal send me a message at the dating site I mentioned yesterday....she sent me this :


    Hello fellow Marathon Maniac


    I just became a Marathon Maniac this week by virtue of running  Indy & Columbus in the same weekend! I am hoping to run my first ultra in  March or April. (I need something on my calendar to get me out the door during  at 5:30 a.m. on those dark & cold winter mornings!) Do you have any  suggestions for a first-timer? Maybe a 50k to start.


    Ok, she also said the she's a new runner and I didn't know how fast or how slow she doesn't matter to me. But we've had some nice conversations and we want to meet up for a running date sometime real soon....she lives in Ohio about 2 hours away. Very sweet gal it seems, and it's been fun getting to know her. Like I said....she never mentioned race times or anything like that.


    So last night I looked up her finish time at the Indy Marathon.....omg, she was the womens overall winner  Shocked - her name is Dianne Griesser and finished in 3:14. Not particularly a super fast winning time for a overall winner, but geez....when she said she was a new runner, I had no idea how fast she was


    Mercy Goodness, I'm going to have to taper hard, to try and keep up with her on our run date Big grin


    LOL....I have no problem meeting wimmins - I just can't keep um Roll eyes


    Hope everyone has a great day......I had a 4 day weekend and needed that, and feel well rested and ready to tackle the day head first Smile



    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

    Marathon Maniac #957

      Very cool, Tim!


      No run for me today, just 30 minutes or so of core and weights.


      DH and DS are staying home sick today.  We all seem to have caught a cold, except that DD and I don't seem to be as miserable as DH and DS.  While I would love to stay home and rest with them, I have too many things at work counting on me being there.  The last week of the month is "crunch time" for me - getting sick is not an option.


      Of course, I was just reading a post on FB from a friend who is undergoing chemo right now and sick as can be.....kind of makes my little problems seem a bit insignificant....


      Enjoy the gift, folks....

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


        Mornin' everyone.


        Timbo, you sure have an interesting life! Regarding the potential meetup with Donna - it may be just me, but I don't see a real upside. She'll quite possibly think you tricked her (which you will have done) and be pissed, and you'll be hurt. I agree with Tet and MikeE that you should fess up before it gets to that point. Meanwhile, have fun meeting the speedy Dianne!


        Holly, I'm very sorry to read about your friend undergoing chemo. I wish them well. And, yes it does help keep everything else in perspective, doesn't it? I hope DH and DS recover from their colds quickly, and that your's and DD's don't get any worse. It seems you've had a great racing season, and congrats on the PRs and nice cash awards.


        Karin, I'm very sorry that I missed you at the race yesterday! The lead woman passed me as she was in her last mile and I was just about to start my second loop - I imagine you weren't too far behind her. I also didn't hang around after the race (the wind cooled everyone down pretty quickly once we stopped moving), and took a nice hot shower as soon as I got home.


        Welcome back, Jim L!


        I took today off as a PRRD, and spent my early morning hours planning the work week to come. Having 4 days off was quite nice. Coming back to a 5-day work week - not so nice.


        Enjoy your Monday  -  Jay

        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


          Good morning. Great to see Karin and Tim back here. Great racing, Karin, I have seen a few of your results. Very impressive!  


          I seem to be recovering pretty well from OBX and have been on a trail/rail trail streak lately.  I have had to drive DS all over the place the last couple of weeks so I have found trails to amuse myself- Raymond NH the weekend before TDay to take a soccer ref. course, so I hopped on the Rockingham rec trail in that area, which is a very nice sectino by a lake.  He went to a preseason ski camp at Sunday River for a few days, so this past Wednesday I ran 10-11 on the Presidential rail trail in Randolph NH on the way to pick him up. Then up to Wildcat for ski practice this past Saturday; I ran on some Jackson XC trails and fire roads. .. then back on the Rockingham rail trail at the Manchester end yesterday.


          Normal rest/swim day today. DD has started her ski patrol job and seems to like it. She is off to CO. Springs tomorrow to look at Colorado College.


          Another ski season getting underway; it is cold but not much snow yet...



            Thanks for the welcome back shout outs!


            Lamerunner! My buddies Vanessa and Annie loved meeting you at the Manchester marathon and while disappointed not to run the NYCM, so grateful to be in NH and using their training. Vanessa ran a seven minute PR and while Annie didn't have the race she wanted, she was pleased to get a BQ after "unqualifying" in the sauna of Boston 2012. Colorado College is a recent client of my firm---so maybe we'll cross paths there (!)

            I also see that Manchester is on the NE Grand Prix series ballot----up against Cape Cod. I voted for the Manchester option. Our club hosts the 10 mile race option in February---we'll see how voting goes!


            I may plan my racing schedule around the kiddo's college tours this spring and next fall. Lots of new adventures on tap---stay tuned.


            Four easy miles this morning---hips tight and just generally fatigued, but good to shake it all out. Jay, you are kind to think I was close to the overall women's winner yesterday but she was in at 1:24!  I was very close to the second place woman and in fact beat her at the BayState 1/2 and she beat me at the Hollis Applefest 1/2----next time is my turn again! Same first name too---just different spelling!

              Good morning.


              Great to see Karin back and still racking up PRs! 

              And Tim, too.  The drama continues.

              Lame--I never knew there was a rail trail in Randolph.  Is it new?  I'll have to check it out  next time we're up there.


              Easy 7 this morning for me.

                5 frosty miles...


                Mariposai- Registration doesn't open til March...I will know then if I will be ready...last thing I want to do is over train and hurt myself...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                  Tramps, there is one called the Presidential rail trail, goes west sort of parallel to Route 2 from Gorham; not sure how far. I parked in Randolph and ran east; footing mostly good but not as groomed as some other similar trails; there were some frozen moose footprint  rut sections!  I have read the conditions get sketchier west of Jefferson Notch road.


                  It is not new but seems to be realtively lightly used. I have walked on it before between hiking trailheads...


                  Thanks for the vote Karin. I worked long and hard on that Grand Prix application.  Time for a new marathon in that series.


                  It was great meeting Vanessa and Annie too!  I understand about the unqualifying... I did that too, then got injured. I am done with Boston for a while.

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                    If I'm not mistaken, didn't Mariposai qualify for Boston at the Tunnel? I may be thinking of a different race, but one of them she did had a packed dirt trail on part of it and I was worried for her, as soft surfaces tend to slow the runner.


                    I got a FB friend suggestion from another friend there and I was thinking, "who is this guy? I don't know this guy!"  Then this morning I realized I know the guy very well, here on RA, but only by his RA name.  Very happy with that friend addition.


                    Regarding roasting of vegetables, you can do them in just about any way, but the trick is that caramelization and color, so I take twocat's advice very seriously.  If he says this is the way to do it, I'm in.


                    Tet, nice going on completing another SM.


                    3.3 slow on the dirt this morning with my RP. I'm hoping for a bit more energy tomorrow, then a tough hill workout on Wednesday.  Spareribs


                       is the only Runner I know who can Blame his Own Sunglasses.................quite Impressive



                       Nice Running,

                      how's the knee??





                      pt xs tonite


                      ................good running guys

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                        Here are some observations about our Dallas Turkey Trot. Every year people complain about the crowds, but they fail to realize the TT is not really a race:




                          Good CyberMonday Morning!


                          Tet - nice running at the Seattle Marathon. You needed sunglasses? that's surprising! Don't you all usually need rain resistant running gear up there for Thanksgiving?


                          Timbo - sounds like a nice gal to meet. In re: Donna....well, I know you say you are not a mean spirited person, and I know you are not. But leading her on like that is mean-spirited. intentionally or not. it is. And in my opinion, the fact that she tells you she's with someone else and he's moving in, and then is on a singles site advertising herself as single and available, should only be further confirmation that she's not the kind of woman you'd want for a long term/possible marriage relationship. consider yourself lucky that you found out her true colors before you made a lifelong commitment. She's a player. Let her play her own game and move on.


                          Had 5 days off work, but only got in 3 runs. But did get in walks everyday with the dogs (oh they were in heaven going on morning walks everyday and sometimes even another afternoon walk!). Thanks for the birthday wishes the other day. I had a nice day.



                            Here are some observations about our Dallas Turkey Trot. Every year people complain about the crowds, but they fail to realize the TT is not really a race:






                            Ribs - the end of this piece is priceless - thx!!!!



                              Hello.  Nice to see some people back after being gone and nice to see some new runners.  I'm on hold with my stomach issues still.  I tried running/working out but finally gave up a week ago.  I have a test on Wednesday that I hope figures out what is going on.  I feel ok one minute and the next minute I have discomfort.  Some is minor but there have been a couple times I almost went to the emergency room.


                              I have a collection of my favorite comics emailed to me each morning.  I got a kick out of one that came today (Strange Brew):



                              And so it goes

                              The Goofinator

                                Dang it!  I missed out on the money with TK yesterday!  We finally had our days figured out.


                                Question re the roasting of the veggies (I love roasted veggies) - Did you have them covered or uncovered?  I roasted beets, carrots, turnips, onion, and bell pepper yesterday and never got the carmelization.  (1) They weren't spread out evenly on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and (2) I had them covered for about half the cooking time.  Maybe if I'd left them uncovered.


                                4 miles w/5 strides at the end in the quiet predawn hours, followed by about 45 min of lower body and core work.  My goal is to get in core/ST 3-4 times a week, alternating the days I do lower and upper body and changing up the core so I'm doing some type of core work every time.  My lower back's been barking at me, which means I've been negligent in that area.


                                I'm trying to get my 2013 schedule in place, and one of the race organizations is taking forever to get its calendar posted.  I know they're dong their best and are still trying to get some permits in place, but I sure am itching to know what they have planned for March and April and if they're still going to do Headlands 50 in September.  I emailed them on that one, but haven't heard back yet.  I need to make some decisions by early December for March and April.

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