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Saturday January 12 Master-Boomer Runs (Read 543 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning! Where is everyone today?
    Holly, nice picture of the kids and Santa....little holly looks just like her Mom.
    For Christmas, DD got a 5-month package of ballet lessons with the Dayton Ballet, which she started last week. The instructor of the class, upon introductions, said, “You two look EXACTLY alike!” I was older when I had DD, and I have a secret sadness that maybe I’m too much older than her for people see our resemblance, so it tickles me pink when someone says this.
    If I can keep increasing that elliptical time, sanity could become a distinct possibility.
    I’m pulling for you, Debbie. 7.2 slow and easy miles for me today on 32 degrees. Good luck to the racers this weekend!

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Here I am! 5 miles for me on this beautiful, crisp morning. Have a greta day, everyone!

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

        0630 40f 3.5mi floating 8:23 pace lynch and scott: "...race with what we call effortless effort, an attitude of asserting your level of fitness... without the conscious attempt to do well." play hard have fun. see ya on the flip side.
          Hi Kids, Continuing to enjoy the ridiculously warm temperatures here in the Northeast. After 3.5 miles on the TM during yesterdays warm but torrential rain, got outside for 4 miles in drop dead gorgeous weather this am in 35 minutes. Nice kids photo, Holly, and your daughter does look just like you. I don't blame your son...he does look a little big to be sitting on Santa's lap. Roll eyes Charlie, you ran in that rain yesterday???? Your a tough nut! Fran
            14.7 miles @ 8:50 pace in IRC. All right, I'm back after having read recent posts, which I just didn't have time to do this week. Now I can't remember half the things I was going to respond to... --great pictures Mari! That looks like wonderful skiing. I love x-country but never get the chance to do it now. --DH that farm produce deal sounds excellent. There's a network of farms across the country that do this. We looked into hooking up with a local farm before deciding that we'd grow our own. Well, my wife grows the food; I eat it. It works out. --Holly, that kid is way too big for Santa. Somebody had to say it. I'm on a tough love kick lately. Ask Perch. I love the way you can easily puts names in bold here. Looks like the celebrity gossip column. Looking forward to a Packers/Pats double-header.

            Back on Stride

              6 miles with the group on the Stoney Creek loop at about a 9:30 pace. It was clear for a change, so nice views of the lake all the way around, and the sun even came out and started warming us up at the end. Ditto on Holly's DD. Cute kids!

              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI


                Walked 6 miles on Duke Trail with my friend and her dog. After not being able to sit or stand up without assistance at 3 a.m., I wasn't sure I'd be doing anything today. Back is fine now. I can't figure this out.

                One day at a time

                  Sunny and 38 degrees in Maine - whoo hoo!! PERSONAL BEST today - 5.5 miles! I did it in 1:06:18, 12:02 pace. I could have gone farther, too. I'm getting more and more excited. I'm ahead of the pace bunny for the 100-km group, too. Maybe I'll aim for 750 miles this year. Enjoy your running this weekend! Teresa


                    hello everyone, 6 miles for me today in 60:03 Sunny 37 degrees. Mike
                      flkjr where are you? Good running Tramps. Great day here in CT! It just needs to stay like this until I leave for a week's vacation really important conference next Saturday. Today 18.88mi@8:44. Ran most of it with a guy I know from the running club. Oh to be in my early 30's again! His longest run to date of his current training cycle was 12 miles. We parted ways when he went in a direction that extended his run to 21 miles! On the other hand he does about 7 hours a week teaching spin classes so it is not like he is not unbelievably fit in general. Holly is right where the heck is everybody? It is past noon. By now we are typically well into the second page.

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                        Hi everyone! Fighting a chest cold all week, but still managing to get in most of my runs. Today was 15.7 mi in 2:35 ... 9:51 pace ... 140 hr. My body was tired and sore so glad to get that one over - longest and toughest run in some time. Today's was unlike Thursday's tempo run which was the best run I've had in quite a while. Go figure how one day can be so different from another. I'm in the process of transitioning jobs as of the new year. I'm now working on my own. We had a year end dinner at one of my partners' homes last night and they gave me a little send off along with a $500 gift certificate to the running store that is home to the group I run with. (I think my DW was in on this!) The funny thing was that I was just talking to the store owner/our coach on Thursday about how all three of my running jackets are ready for garbage heap and that I was in the market for a new jacket. Little did I know that he was the one who made out the gift certificate and was probably laughing inside as we were having this conversation. I certainly did appreciate the gift and will spend it wisely. My wife and I are also celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary today. Always a special day. Probably a show and dinner later. However right now I'm in need of a little power nap. Good running everyone and good luck to all the racers this weekend! PJ
                          I've been goofing around with the "reports" function (look left) which is a lot of fun. For example: predawnrunner 69.9 Mi 11:33:54 Jim24315 69.1 Mi 9:30:49 Aija 68.4 Mi 9:32:00 breger1 67.7 Mi 9:50:41 Tramps 67 Mi 9:35:32 Peter NC 63.5 Mi 9:22:56 I've got Peter eating my dust and I've got my sights on some folks ahead of me (yes, Bruger, those are my steps you're hearing). Of course, this may all change once they post their long runs for this weekend, but still.... With such a great feature, shouldn't there be more trash talking going on around here?


                            12 flat miles in 1.27 a lot better than last week but still not cleared my cold. Only a short post as my bubble bath is ready

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                              Afternoon all, Good runs already and Teresa---way to go! I can feel that enthusiasm jump out of your post. 20 miles with 3 marathoner pals at 6:30 AM ---2:54 total time/last 4 miles as a progression starting off at 8:40 and working down to 7:40---33F with some almost-falls on the ice. A great deal of the snow has melted, but some of the roads were a bit tough to navigate. We got it done and felt fine. I am less achy right now than after last week's 18---go figure. I had to jam right after the run to get to my son's hockey games and now it's time for some much needed house cleaning and then maybe a nap if I can corral all the dust bunnies. Good luck racers and for the marathoners: Run the first 20 with your head and the last 6 with your heart. We will all be cheering the whole way. CNY P.S. Steve----hope your mom continues to feel better.

                              One day at a time

                                Thanks, CNY! Sounds like you had a good run, too. Be careful on the ice! We had a lot of rain yesterday, and it froze overnight. My running partner wasn't going to wear her YakTrax, but after I drove to her house, I told her she'd better! She was glad she did, because the ice was everywhere. But there was only one place with glare ice bad enough that we had to walk across it. The YakTrax worked fine everywhere else. Snow predicted for Monday! Teresa