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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING w/e 02/03 (Read 16 times)

    Totals up soon...

    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip







      Sat-Off Sick


      Total =30 miles

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

        Thanks Gordon Smile


        Mon: Nada

        Tue: 30 min R/W + Strength LB - Did the Strength UB w/o I originally planned to do on Monday and is now scheduled for tomorrow.

        Wed: Strength UB - C/Ba/S - Did yesterday's LB strength w/o: Cardio Leg Blast. Traditional exercises alternated with plyo exercises. I also wanted to do yesterday's run but my legs felt really tired after the LB workout. Probably should've done the run first, and LB second.

        Thu: 30 min R/W + Strength UB - Bi/T - no running as I was short on time cause I was up late and had to go get bloodwork done before work.

        Fri:  30 min boxing w/o + Strength LB - DONE! Didn't go all out with the boxing, still, nice w/o. And that LB w/o has some bad ass moves..

        Sat: 30 min R/W - just a 30 minute wet doggie walk and all day in school where I managed to drive to in a full electric Nissan Leaf. Getting back was a bit of an adventure. I couldn't charge the car near the school, so I drove to the Nissan dealership. But there'd been an accident and I had to take a detour. I arrived at the dealership with only 3 kilometers left on the battery.

        Sun: 30 min cardio HiiT - only a cold and windy 30 minute doggie walk.



        Strength UB - 2x

        Strength LB - 2x

        Boxing - 1x

        Doggie walks - 2x

        I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

        Run the day, or the day runs you.

        Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

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          Thanks Gordon!


          day plan actual comments
          Monday 8.5 aerobic (9:50) 8.67 miles, 11:00 core 9:42 avg
          Tuesday 6.5 easy w/fartleks (10:05), swim 6.5 miles, 15:00 core 10:12 avg, bagged the swim
          Wednesday 10.5 aerobic (9:50) 10.5 miles, 10:15 core 9:38 avg
          Thursday rest/swim 14:45 core still no swim Sad
          Friday 15 long (9:50) 15.13 miles, 6:30 core 9:41 avg
          Saturday 4.5 easy (10:30) 4.5 miles, 8:00 core 10:47 avg
          Sunday 4-mile race, plus 1 w/u & 1 c/d 6.05 miles, 7:00 core 33:33 for the 4-mile race
          totals 51 miles 51.35 miles, 1:12:30 core never got to sim this week, hopefully next week

          Old , Ugly and slow

            Mon - 0

            Tue-  5 on trails lifted at night bad workout

            wed - 0

            thur - 5 on trails

            fri   - 3 on trails

            sat weights

            first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


            2014goals   1300  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

              Thanks lyndenrunner.


                 Run plan  Run actual  Bike plan Bike actual   Swim plan   Swim actual   Comment

               7.5 miles easy 

              7.5 miles   none    0 miles 




               0 miles 

               45 min

               15 miles




                0 miles  45 min

               15 miles


               skipped  car to shop, no swim 
              Thur  5 miles easy   skipped


               10 miles


               0m  bike today instead of run 


               0 miles   none  0 miles   1700m   2000m

               a little extra on swim since

              I skipped Wednesday

              Sat  10-12 miles  10.1 miles    none  0 miles    none  0m

               run with running club,

              ran with Opie.

              Sun  rest  0 miles  40 miles  30 miles   rest  0m  
              Total  20-25 miles  17.6 miles
               70 miles  70 miles
                4700m  3500m