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Peaceful Sunday 7/28/2013 (Read 38 times)

    I guess you all are out doing long runs!


    Tetsujin, just to clarify, it was an 8K, not a 12K, otherwise, that is one fine time you ran!  Were you in pirate costume?


    I did the same race, saw the same nice views along the viaduct, but to be honest, even with the free beer at the end....which was one of the reasons I signed up, I don't think I would do this race again.  It was warm, like 78F (6:30pm) and most of the course was exposed to direct sun.  I just kind of jogged it.  Wanting to be green, I had taken the bus there, which was ok, but going home was another issue as the bus I normally take was re-routed due to the big parade.  So I took a different bus which goes to a different depot not as close to my house, and walked and jogged the 2.6 miles home from there, on some bike trails, but I was stressing out that it was getting dark and I wouldn't be able to find the right trails, that go under the 2 big hiways back to my neck of the woods.  With the walking I did to and from the race, I walked at least 5 miles, and was pretty beat when I got home.

    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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      Hi enke--I'll join you in here for a minute as I wait for DW to get out of a church meeting. Sounds like a not so much fun race you had but I'm glad you made it home okay. DW wanted to go for a walk before church, this morning, and asked if I wanted to come along. Well, I really didn't, but I told her I'd be there in a couple minutes. Well, she just took off. So I threw on some clothes and went to join her. Man, that woman walks fast. Even after catching up to her I had to jog at times to keep up with her. Tomorrow I can run again. So, Ryan and his girlfriend are back together. I give that girl a lot of credit--she is not giving up on the guy she loves. I wish Ryan felt the same way about her--I know he really cares about her but I don't think he really knows if he loves her or not...yes the drama in the Evans' family continues. But the real issue with all of this is--do I sign up for the Gainsville Marathon, or not? I sure wish DW would hurry...I have a yard to mow. Sorry--I still don't know how to start new paragraphs when posting from my phone.

        ..mornin' guys//..............Nice Racing enke........Under Carpy Conditions.....




        we're actually 8-inches UP on Rain this year,,,,,,,,,,,go figure


        40-min bikeride,,,,,,,,,,60's........several Runners out this morning, (actually Freakishly Cool here for this time of year)


        Nothing hurt,


        Nobody ThrewUp

          was a Nice Work-Out


        .............................good running guys.........

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Trails are hard!

          Guess everyone is out running.  Happy Sunday Enke, Mike and TW.


          I was wondering a little where Tet's speed came from suddenly.  Complicated way to get back from a race.


          Mike, hope the Ryan drama settles out to everyone's satisfaction.  We just went through something like that with DD breaking up with her BF of quite a while.  We agreed with her decision, but we really liked him, too.


          out for a fiver this morning.  Still slow, but I managed to run the whole thing, including the big (to me) hill.  Still never get all that altitude change back on the way back, but it sure feels fast coming down.


          hope everyone else's day goes well.  BTW--it sounded like TW's did.

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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            Nothing hurt,


            Nobody ThrewUp


   was a Nice Work-Out



            Sounds like it was a success!


            Enke - call it an interesting long run....


            Last week DH and I had a little spat about his posting pics of me on Facebook without my permission, and he especially was torqued at my observation that he has become a bit addicted to FB.  (Well, it's true.  He even took a picture of a slice of pizza last week and posted it - "this is what is dinner tonight")  I didn't realized until yesterday that he had un-friended me, and that made ME a little torqued. My own husband!  While I don't spend a lot of time on FB, I skim it fairly regularly, lately sometimes just to see how much of our life DH is putting online.  It's not that we do anything unseemly or anything, but I feel my privacy is being a little invaded with DH posting pics of us at the pool, having drinks at a wine-tasting event, doing yard work, etc.  Anyway, after I made an issue about it, he friended me again, but he still doesn't understand my misgivings.  Roll eyes


            15 miles for me this morning, with miles 3, 5, 7, and 9 at (8:47, 8:42, 8:43, 8:42).

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              hhhhhhhhhhere's Claire..........going on 6

              currently into hats, and Learning how to Whistle,

              she also

              has been catching BUGS and looking at them in her binoculars, the kid is Hilarious


              ............and HAD to see her GrandDaddy this weekend

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                Just a little 2.19 miles after church and before lunch for me.


                That's a great picture tOmW.  My future son-in-law just posted a series of pictures on Facebook of Annabelle modeling her school clothes. Roll eyes  It's a great age (5 that is).


                Holly - My Facebook fun was destroyed when my DW joined. Wink  (But she doesn't post much of anything about me.)  Now I have to take all my caustic remarks to Twitter where I don't think she'll join.  Not that I write about her, I just like to make comments without her feedback. Black eye  I feel a lot funnier when she isn't telling me how dumb something was.


                Facebook is now a place for me to see what is happening with a few people and who is having a birthday.  But if your DH is posting a bunch of pictures of you drinking..... I wonder if I should send him a friend request.  It sounds more interesting than my usual stuff.

                And so it goes

                Trails are hard!

                  TW--What a cutie!!  Gets her looks from Pickles, right?

                  Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                    Ohhh be still my heart! Claire and her hat are so cute! She is definitely a fashionista!Wink

                    Look at Stumpy, flying up and down the hills! Great run!

                    Enkephalin, what a fun adventure you had last night!


                    Peaceful Sunday, indeed. I am enjoying being at home this weekend with no major chores to be done. I did spend the bulk of yesterday playing around the yard, but today is mostly reading up on the Mt. Rainier's Wonderland trail and searching for backpacking foods that I can start cooking and dehydrating for the trek.


                    4 progression mile today, which gives me 33 for the week. I think  marathon recovering period is happening nicely and now it is time to slowly build up my weekly miles to 40 again. Now it is time to do some core XT.


                    Oh, son Daniel went out for a 5 miler today, all on his own with no "my mama is making me run a marathon, so I have to run"  Big grin. I am mighty happy that the whole Posie clan is recovering well from the marathon and are still running Smile.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                      Twocat, you had a nice, speedy, race. TomW, I love the picture of Claire in her hat.  Sometimes, I don't know how to interpret some of the stuff posted here.  Did tet and enke participate in a race?  If so, good job.  If not, I messed up.


                      Nice long runs for mari and Holly.


                      This morning, it was about 50° and there was a light wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:34 pace.


                      A good day and good runs for all.



                         It was good to see my daughter, grankid, the fiancé, and his family.  The wedding is looking like it will be November 2nd (and I hope we fly down that time!).  We were there 3 nights and I was never allowed to be more than 3 feet away from Annabelle.  We brought an air mattress which I slept on in her room.  When we drove places I had to sit in back with her.  At restaurants I had to sit next to her.  And so forth and so on.  It was a very tough goodbye on Wednesday morning.




                        Settin' the Grandpa bar kinda high there.


                        What a day Enke.


                        Holly..DW gets after me about tagging her in my FB posts. I don't get it.


                        Oh My Gosh TW...What a doll.


                        The mutt and I took DW and the camper east of Ludington for her annual vacation with her sisters. There's cross country trails that are also part of a disc golf course. Though Tag really wanted to help get the discs, we stayed clear of the other sports enthusiasts.


                          Great influence on your boys Maraposai!

                          And I agree about that photo of Claire. Gorgeous!  I bet TW has the perma-grin now.


                          Hang in there Holly. My DH isn't an FB person---he and the kiddo use twitter more and now the kiddo and his new girlfriend are FB happy. All fine. I can absolutely understand your frustration---the posting of family related "stuff" should be part of a mutual agreement I think.


                          Fun weekend with Iron J---raced in a NE Grand Prix race on Saturday in Carver, MA (near Cape Cod) and as a master team we placed 4th (open women and men placed 8th and 4th respectively). Stacked and fast race. The overall women's winner is an Olympian, college track coach AND a master's runner.....awesome. I ran a 35:23 and change for 5 miles---still about 30 seconds per mile slower than when I am in top form, but I am getting there.....sort of bummed though---takes so long!  I then headed to Falmouth with Iron J and had an awesome weekend at her summer place at the ocean. Ran 20 miles this morning with her (humid city) on the bike path from Falmouth to Woods Hole and back and jumped into the ocean after the run (pausing just long enough to take off our sneakers) Perfect!

                            Yeah, it was an interesting day yesterday, the race was at 6:30, I was done before 7:30 but I didn't get home until almost 10pm.

                            Holly, w.r.t. facebook, I could say a lot about it, most of it not good.  It can cause a lot of hurt feelings for a variety of reasons.


                            Dave, it was touching how Annabelle wanted to be with you so much.  You really were like a father to her all these years.

                            And I see TomW is enjoying his visits with Claire.


                            I had this dripping tap that was stressing me out (hot water down the drain)....I mean, I am not a plumber or anything, right?.   Well, yesterday I fixed it, all by myself.  Additionally, about two months ago I unplugged both bathroom sinks by taking apart all the plumbing on one and using a snake on the other.  Really proud of myself.  Now if I only knew how to take apart my transmission and fix it myself...ok, that is a little out of my league.  Think I will go car shopping next month instead.


                            Spent a lovely afternoon at my friend's house, she lives on a small lake, and we ate crab and drank wine by the water, then kayaked around in the sun!

                            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."


                              too tired to comment on everything I'd like to right now.....


                              tw she's beautiful!   how'd she get to be this old... seems like she was just born!   I remember the Name Selection Process....


                              hi Tselbs Smile     are you still running one race a month?   have your health issues been resolved?   sorry that I'm so behind on everything about everyone...


                              Mariposai, you really thought about me while you were moving rocks?   I was moving rocks.   did I mention that?  didn't think I did.. .   *twilight zone music*      (which might be one reason I'm so tired)      Sure I'll stain your deck.    Should mention,  no rush in picking out the stain color.   no rush at all, no indeedy.


                              except.... enke, I'm supposed to do Nancy's deck after I install a dishwasher.     you available?    ...  your evening sounds so nice.   tough race & etc. though...


                              Twotigger, of course I'll clean the storage room of your basement.   Just as soon as I get all of my stuff done.  


                              Holly, sigh.   well.   I for one am never bothered when someone posts pictures of me without my permission.   (Joking)    I can really understand how you feel....   only other thought I have is that it's nice that he's proud of you.   still you should have feedback into what he posts.   


                              10.06 miles this morning, sort of hilly, a little more than I'd planned because some areas are bothering me a little more persistently than I'd like, but it was ok.


                              have a good evening!

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                                Claire is such a cutie!  I'm sure tomwhite's a happy granddaddy!

                                Dave, glad you had a good visit with Annabelle - sad that she's so far away..  Any thought about moving to Florida?

                                Enke, your friend's place sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to live on a lake.  Good job with the plumbing!

                                Mike, sorry to hear about Ryan''s girlfriend struggles.  6 years is a long time to be together at their age!

                                My DH is not on FB, and I'm glad.  Makes me feel a bit more free about what I post, although I don't post much anyway.  I think posting pictures of what you're having for dinner is kind of weird, but fairly harmless.


                                It rained really hard for a while this afternoon, and when it cleared up I went out for 15 miles, to make it to 50 miles for the week.  I just ran on the dirt roads around home because the trails would have been wet and muddy.

                                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.