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Sat Jan 19th Masters Runs (Read 428 times)

The Jogger

    Morning All At last had a really comfortable 4 miler in a nice breeze and back to wearing shorts, heading for spring....Yes I'm not saying anything about the cold/chesty thing going but I'm smiling. The HR effort has inproved sub 11 min sub 70% hope to get sub 10mins soon. Good Runs All Roy
      Hi Roy! It's not spring here - still had to dodge some accumulated ice on the roads. And tomorrow morning it's going to be REALLY cold. 4 miles at 10:02 pace.

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        Good morning, all. Yeah, definitely not spring here. 34F to start, 32F at the finish and now it is 30F. 5 GA miles by feel, meant it to be "easy" but, well, I guess I'm not good at this running by feel yet. Workout: 4.1 miles, 8:05/mi, AHR 148 Overall: 5.1 miles 41:40 Go racers!

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          Good morning everyone, We were expecting snow today but it's too warm so far...just a little rain this morning, 40F. 8.05 miles of hills @ 8:41 pace. I picked up the pace as I wanted to get finished before the rain got heavier. Blueberry pancakes & protein smoothie this morning.. Smile Good runs to all today.

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            Good morning. We too are expecting deep freeze, icy roads later here in the Triangle. But.. I missed all that for my 20 miler in 40F, some rain to start but then just drizzly. Ran my route so that I got about 9 miles of net downhill (350ft)and the last 9 miles were back up. Finished in 2:54:25 (8:43 pace). Last 12 miles averaged 8:35..up hill. Felt strong and wonderful at the end. Tory ran the first 8 miles with me. I'm hungry.

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              Easy paced 6.2 miles around the neighborhood. 22F wind chill 10.. Roads clear Smile that's what's counts. Tomorrow expected to be about 20 colder w/ lt. snow overnite. Cool Roy I'm jealous of you wearing the shorts. Hey Peter Blueberry pancakes sound like a great idea! Big grin

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                Great job, Perch and Tory!! I for one decided to sleep in b/c of all the weather that was called for. Now I'm thinking I should have gone ahead and done my 8 miler. It's chilly and a little light rain. Because of my lack of training, the half in FL may be a little slower than my one in Raleigh. Today is MrMunch's birthday so I'm going to spend the day with him doing what he wants. We're getting ready to go down to his work and build a wooden box. No dinner plans yet but the ice cream cake is in freezer for later.

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                  Good Morning! Roy – doesn’t spring get to you first? Send it on over when you see it, will you? Perch – nice 20 today, and great pace! Happy Birthday Mr. Munch! 20 easy-paced miles for me today (ave pace 10:02, ave HR 127), listening to disk 3 and 4 of Tony Hillerman’s Skeleton Man. Audio books are a Godsend on these long lone runs around my neighborhood of tract homes. It was 24 degrees when I started, and 16(feels like 3) when I finished around 9am as the arctic air begins making its way into our area and temps are expected to drop through the day. I am SO glad I did this run today instead of tomorrow, when it will be REALLY cold. After finishing the run, I stretched, put on a warm and dry sweatshirt, grabbed a mug of hot tea and a book, and, leaving the sweatshirt on, I climbed into an icy-cold bath. (aaauuuggghhh!!!) When I could breathe again, I gulped at my hot tea (between gasps) and started to read. After about a minute, the tremors and shivers started. After about 5 minutes, when I was shaking so hard it was hard to hold the book, I let the water out and took a hot shower. This is supposed to be good for you, I think. Isn’t it easier just to take some ibuprophen? Just 5 more ridiculously long runs and a race.....

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                    Wearing shorts? It's 18 degrees here so of course I went in my basement. 6 miles in 1:05:28. Good runs all.

                    Back on Stride

                      Not cold enough today to go for a more-miles-than-degrees run, so I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow morning, early. Good running to everyone, even those who call this "heading for spring". Big grin

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                        Good morning all, 7 miles for me this morning in 1:09:58. 18 degrees and 15mph wind and some snow flurries. As I headed out initially, I was planning on running the route that takes me out into the country. I rounded a corner and was blasted by the wind and had second thoughts. I ran home, made some wardrobe adjustments, and then ran the route around my neighborhood so as to be somewhat shielded from the wind. I I felt nice and relaxed throughout the run. Cheers Mike
                          Nice runs all. Definately not shorts weather in the Northeast. Did my 5k loop this am in 30 degrees and no wind in 28 minutes. Felt like a slug for most of the run. That's what I get for taking yesterday off! Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to drop like a rock. Hope SanDiego likes playing in the ccccccold. Hee Hee Big grin Go Pats! Fran
                            .......Happy B'Day MrMunch// he running Knoxville??

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                              Out for a very slow 5.5 miles at 30 degrees but sunny. (Marj is out for 10+ miles since she's run very little this week). Having R knee troubles again (felt a twinge of pain during run) so I'll take it easy fro rest of week before our half next Sunday. Didn't wear shorts today but did yesterday when it hit 40. Saw several 'macho' 30 something males in shorts and short-sleeved T's this morning-part of the Boston mystique? Marj cooked up some pancakes before our run Smile. Good running and racing to all.
                                7 miles.