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    Mornin' all.


    Happy Birthday, Doug; welcome back, Ribs; looking forward to the pics of Opie & Wildchild' visit; looks like there were some great runs and great vistas and views yesterday. Tammy, those are great photos of David! I noticed in the one with the girl, she is leaning into him, and he appears to be leaning away - but the smiles are wonderful!


    Up and out at 4:10 this morning. I heard a little water against the windows before I left, and thought it was just tree-drip from last night's rain. I was wrong: It was a wind-driven heavy mist that I could see was blowing sideways, once I got under a street lamp. Even with a cap on, I had to keep my head down to keep it out of my eyes. The wind was from the northeast, so I headed that way on an inland route for the first part of my workout. Aside from bucking the wind, the other curious thing was the movements I kept seeing in the shadows along the roads. I eventually figured it was caused by branches and leaves dancing in front of street or house lights. After about 7 miles, I got to the coast and headed back south, toward home. It was nice to have a tail wind for the last few miles! There was no sunrise, more of a light creep, but it was great to be able to watch and hear the roiling ocean and the waves crashing in at low tide. I covered part of what will be Marj's half marathon course tomorrow, and got it warmed up for her. If she has this same wind, it'll be behind her for about the last 4 miles or so of the race, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it then. I covered 11.75 miles this morning, and I'm a little achy, but quite happy.


    Enjoy your Saturday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Good morning Jay and all who follow,

      Thanks for warming the road for me, DD, cny, lamerunner!  Not sure who else is running.  Could you please dry up the roads so our cheering section is more comfortable?


      no runs today, just cross-training with house cleaning and driving to DD to spend the night close by in stratham


      wonderful runs and walks to all!




        Looks like it will be IRC tomorrow. The cheering section wishes he could run it but is saving his voice today for effective vocal support.

          ...mornin' guys////




          34min poolrun


          hitting the padded football field tomorrow for An Experiment in Padding




          awaiting my 1st Pt appt.


          ........................good running to ya

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          Trails are hard!

            Greetings all.  A long week in Huntersville and realizing that i haven't checked in on the dailies since Tues.  So no comments on the usual magnifitude that we see all the time.  working not quite as hard over the weekend, so I may actually get caught before I get behind again next week.


            Since I didn't have to be on site till later in the morning, I actually got out for a run that wasn't around the hotel complex.  Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) has apparently been putting in what they call Greenways all over the places.  they are paved trails through various areas all over the county.  The nearest to me gave me a 3 mile round trip and it felt great!!  A little rain was in the air and felt good, too.  Interesting spot--farms (with Black and white striped cows and a loud rooster) on one side of the trail and fancy residential neighborhood on the other.  My only mistake was not bringing shorts with pockets, so had my room key and car key digging in around the waist.


            Have good NH half to everyone and a good weekend to everyone else.  I think i might try to find another greenway for tomorrow and try to go a little farther.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            Shirtless wonder

              Great running to everyone today.


              Out for 8 shirtless miles today around 7:30 AM.  Temps were a balmy 60F Wink with overcast skies.   My overall time was 1:07:17.47 for 8.3 miles or a little over 8 min mile pace.  I got a few strange looks, even from some friends running other direction.  However, I was not the only one running sans shirt so not the only luney.   With cooler temps coming, running sans shirt will no longer be an option.


              Steamtown next week...nervous as hell since my first.  Wish I could run...but tapering. 


              Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                Just a perfect fall morning here.  I ran 8.47 miles and it felt great.


                Great pictures yesterday Tammy.  The good thing about running when your young is it seems to stick with you over the years.  Most of my old xc buddies still do some running even if it just on again, off again like me.

                And so it goes

                King of PhotoShop

                  Light drizzle here and expected to rain all day, which will make the Angels-Rangers game down the road a bit sloppy.   Riblet is going.


                  This morning we went to his x-country meet down in Irving, and after the meet we gave him our car keys and told him to drive home, and the Saint and I ran home along the Campion Trail.  We saw no wild pigs, but it was fun, about 6.4 rainy miles, in about the same time Joe the Shadow man did his 8-miler.


                  Prime Rib sent me a link to a fun thread on Reddit (if you haven't yet tried Reddit you are missing one interesting site) and a guy posted that a buddy of his bought a whole mess of firewood to sell, labeled it "organic" and was able to sell it all at an inflated price.  Spareribs

                  MM #5616

                    Had a really fun run with Opie, Seemomgo, Mtnchk and her DH Doug!


                    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                    King of PhotoShop

                      After the organic firewood story, a bunch of people posted similar neat tricks they have seen or pulled, in order to sell stuff to people. Here was a good one:


                      "So when I worked at Cold Stone I hated watching my employees have to sing for a stinking dollar. A cold stone ice cream was about $2.30 per ice-cream. Usually, people would just pay with a $5 bill and whatever "loose change" we gave them, they would just dump into our tip jar and pocket any bills. So, I just went to the bank and got a bunch of those "gold dollar" coins. So now, when people dumped their change, they thought they were just dumping a few quarters in there, in reality they were tipping us almost $2. We went from making $40 each a night to almost $150 per person. This was when Cold Stone was brand new and still had lines out the door. Plus, we were on a college campus so that helped."



                      The Goofinator

                        Ribs - Big grin


                        Have fun, Starr!


                        Carolyn - From that shot, you like look an actress that I just can't wrap my brain around.  It's . . . right . . . on . . . the . . . edge . . . of . . . my . . . brain.  I'll probably think of it around 2:00 a.m. Roll eyes


                        12 miles today out at the McKay Tract.  With every long run, I'm getting happier and happier about my upcoming down time.  I'm just beat.  Between work, training, and working evenings at home, both ends of the candle have been burned down to the nubs.


                        This whole incident with the women getting hit and one killed has gained an ugly twist.  A friend knows someone who's husband is on the SWAT team that was looking for the driver, who they have since found.  The investigation took law enforcement to the home of a woman who was dating the driver.  She was found dead with over 20 stab wounds.  Law enforcement is being very hush hush at this point, and rightly so.  They want to make sure they have all their ducks in a row and don't want to jeopardize any part of the investigation.  My heart  just aches for all the people these two tragic events are affecting.


                        Okay - Back to transcription . . . . Dead

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                          Leslie - that is just so awful....


                          Carolyn - great picture!


                          Ribs - Cold Stone is on my list of no-nos....


                          6 easy-paced miles this morning in 52 degrees.  Legs felt quite sproinky.


                          DD's soccer team clobbered the opposition again today, 10 to 0. While it is fun to be on the winning team, I feel kind of bad for those other girls....

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            jlynne, thinking of your daughter in law and family.  fatozzig, what a terrible situation with the runners being hit, one killed, and then a murder on top of it.  roch, happy birthday.  Tammy, good work by your son and his XC team mates.  I love the pictures.  wild, thats a great picture of you and a mob of RA folks.  holly, congrats to your daughter and her soccer team.


                            Nice long run (and walk) for jay and fatozzig.


                            This morning, I did a 5K race.  It was my first race since I changed my eye drops.  I was quite pleased.  My GPS gave me a time of 26:39, a distance of 3.04 miles, and a pace of 9:06.  If I hadn't used my GPS and assumed the course to be 3.1 miles, I would have thought I had an 8:55 pace.  I have to go back 4  5Ks and 5 months to have a pace that good.  I didn't feel real bad during the race and recovered rather quickly.  My wife and one of her brothers walked the 5K and were happy with their perfomance.  I saw several friends and ran a mile warm up and another mile cool down.  Now, I'm feeling tired but good.


                            A good day and good runs for all.



                            The Goofinator

                              This morning, I did a 5K race.  It was my first race since I changed my eye drops.  I was quite pleased.   I have to go back 4  5Ks and 5 months to have a pace that good.



                              I'm thinking we need to check and see what exactly is in TSelb's eye drops and maybe see if he can hook us up with some on the lowdown.

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                                fatozzig the whole horrible story just gets worse.  Sounds like a homicidal maniac from some TV show.  Just awful.  It seems possible he hit the joggers deliberately.  I wish him all the worst.


                                On a much lighter note, next week is restaurant week in my town.  Translation: my annual week off from cooking!  Well, not quite a week since the program runs from tomorrow through Friday.  No Saturday out on the cheap!  In any case, each year a number of restaurants participate.  They offer a prix fixe menu at, in most cases, a very low cost.  (In exchange you are supposed to bring a can for the program's food drive.  We always bring a can but from what I tell few others do.  Sort of sad but just the way it is.)  There are always a couple of places on the list we have wanted to try but had not gotten to yet.  Just as good there are also a few really good places we have been to already which means a chance to get a great meal on the cheap!

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