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"Welcome to December!" Daily 12.1.12 (Read 346 times)

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    I hope all you folks with that crazy warm weather are enjoying yourselves. You damn well better NOT be treadmill running when it's so nice like that!


    Big grin


    Ribs - nicely done!


    {{{Tramps and DW}}}  So hard to say goodbye to a loved and cherished pet, and Koko and Billie both look like the best of dogs.   Myself, I would be thinking it might be time for a trip to the animal shelter to see if someone needed a loving home, and to maybe mend some loving hearts...

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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      Wow, Tramps--that's tough.  Very sorry to hear.


      No run last night--I went out with the guys from work.  This morning, I wasted about an hour updating my Marathon Maniac was kind of fun, though.  Then I went for a 6.3 mile run on the treadmill--it was 42o but just thought I'd stay inside.  JUST KIDDING!  It was really nice out--a little windy--but I will not complain after hearing about Erika"s weather.


      After my run I went to my granddaughter's basketball game.  She's on a 4th grade traveling basketball team that my daughter coaches.  It's fun watching both of them....although, today, they got whomped.


      Okay--I guess that's all I got for now.  See ya!

        Yeah, you better not complain, Mike E. I'd love 42°! But not here right now, that would just be a mess. I'd settle for above zero...


        So sorry to hear about Koko, Tramps. But you and your DW gave both Koko and Billie the best life possible. The blessing was mutual, as they obviously added so much to your lives, as well. {{Tramps and C}}

        Hold the Mayo

          Howdy, All - Well, I had one of those absolutely beautiful runs today, the kind that make you remember why you love this sport, along the Newport Harbor public access walkways.  Spent last night hanging out and talking over a few drinks with DW and a good friend who came up here with us for the weekend. 


          I awoke to gray skies and soft light filtering through the window, and got up to see snowflakes gently falling! Well, I'm one who loves running in a snow shower, so I threw on my gear and headed out. It took me about a half mile to loosen up, and shake off the just-woke cobwebs.  I stopped to take a few photos around the harbor, with the boats and the lamps all decorated for the holidays.  It was great to feel the snow on my face and the chilly wind blowing off the water.  As I strided along, my spirits just kept climbing, along with my energy. Soon I found myself on the course for the Newport Marathon, which I ran here a few years back.  I stopped here along the seawall to take a few more pictures, and retie my shoes, before turning back for home along the main drag.  I don't think the seagulls were too happy with me horning in on their breakfast spot - they were complaining mightily as I turned for home. 


          Something about this run just got to me, and got inside me.  By the time I passed the Ancient Order of Hibernians Lodge, with the members gathering outside in their gold kilts and green wool shirts, I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat and wishing a bright "Good Morning", to all that made eye contact.  They must have thought I was nuts !  The last 1.5 just flew by, up the curbs and down, over brick and cobblestone and sidewalk, until I arrived back at our home for the weekend, with my skin chilled and hair toussled by the wind, and a red rosy glow on my cheeks to rival the Jolly Old Elf who arrives here later tonight by boat.  It's funny how you never know what a run will bring... I had no expectation of that in my sleepy-fogged start this morning. 


          Wishing you all joyous runs this weekend !



            (((Tramps)))  So sorry to read about Koko. You guys are the best for taking in dogs that have been abandoned and abused.


            Erika - are these temps normal for this time of year? They seem outrageous considering it's only the first of December. It's gotta get better, right? And I'll never complain about being cold again.


            Ribs - great job on the first place finish. Even on tired legs.


            Hope you found the perfect gifts Slo.


            Tom, sorry about your flare-up. I'm sure shopping helped Wink


            I did a Jingle Bell 5K today. I didn't realize it was a trail race but should have figured that out since it was held at the university. Unseasonably warm temps brought a lot of last minute runners. The course was on the arboretum (spelling???) trail around the outside edge of campus. Lots of hills, narrow paths and lots of kids. First time I've ever done this one and didn't realize it wasn't a timed 5K so I figured I'd just have fun and "go with the flow." Not very many older people, even though the race proceeds went to the Arthritis Foundation. Garmin time was 30:54:10, and I have a new-found respect for Leslie and all of you other trail runners. It took a while to get used to the unevenness of the course. A good time though, and a good cause.  There were prizes for the best costumes, but I didn't win. Black capris, long sparkly red socks, ribbons tied around both of my legs, a ribbon around my neck and a sign that said "to'from" pinned on the back of my shirt. Topped it off with a Santa hat that didn't stay on and a red vest. There were some really cool costumes and I'm always amazed at people's creativity.


            Just rented "Planes Trains and Automobiles" for tonight. I love that movie!  Will have to squeeze that in around the Wisconsin-Nebraska game. Have a great evening everyone.

              mgerwn...nice description. I ran 10 this morning and I suddenly have the urge to go run again.

                Oh Tramps and TriBee----sorry about the dogs, but now they are together and just watching to see who gets to go to your house next. Lucky, lucky dog whoever it is.


                Nice trail racing Ribs! Congratulations! I ran a ½ marathon last weekend that was mostly on trail and I was so sore afterwards. I think all the muscles in my feet and hips that can just snooze when I run on an even surface were rudely awakened by having to grip and grasp and get my clumsy self to stay upright over roots and rocks. Not easy! Good on you and no bones broken or torn clothing either!


                Snow is melting and temps will be in the 50s tomorrow for tomorrow’s Hot Chocolate race. This is the 9th annual version and started off with just 200 runners with all proceeds going to a domestic violence shelter and non-profit. Now the race is capped at 5,500 runners and walkers, the prizes are based on age-graded results, everything is donated so 100% of the sponsor money, race fees, and individual fundraising goes to the non-profit---closing in on $160k and accounting for more than 35% of the organization’s budget. Pretty awesome for my town of 30,000! And all runners/walkers get a mug with a design by the artist/cartoonist who creates “Rhymes with Orange” and full of hot chocolate. Last year’s overall winner wore a banana costume and ran a 16:16---serious fun and serious racing.


                Great run description mgerwn! Those are the ones you need to bottle for later.  What Slo_Hand said!

                  Butterfly hugs to Tramps and Tri-Bee! Loosing a pet is very, very hard. 


                  No complaining here. it was 47F when I started and 56F when I ended my 15 miler run. I overdressed and I was hot. This was a surprising sproinky run up and down a few Berthas while zombies were chasing me! I out ran most of them, except one ferocious pack of zombies The Easy Pacer (aka my dear husband) joined me for the last 4 miles and he too had fun doing zombieslecks.


                  Now it is time to go outside and waterproof my rain jacket with some Scotch guard.


                  Ohh Radio Pandora, you are fantastic!

                  "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


                    Tramps I am sorry for your loss. Koko was a beautiful dog.


                    Today I overdressed for my run. 50*F on December 1 in Canada is just not right. But I got 10 miles in on a rail to trail with a friend. I forgot  my garmin and am relying on her info and if it is correct then it is my fastest non race LR in a long time. I  hope to keep the improvement up because for the past couple years I have gotten ALOT slower and for no good reason. It was a very good run despite overheating.


                    *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                    A Man On The Run!

                      Good afternoon all,


                      Tough 3 miles today..I know its only Dec 1 and I do LOVE the holidays, but right now I can't wait for January so I can get In to see the Dr. and hopefully get my breathing taken care of. (Sorry for the self pity rant) 


                      Tramps I am so sorry for your loss.  Losing family is always tough...even 4 -legged furry family.


                      To everyone racing this weekend great running and I hope you have the wind at your backs the whole way!


                      Happy December to everyone!




                      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- Albert Einstein


                        RIP Koko!  who's a good dog, who, you are!  <pet> <pet> <pet>




                        15 miles in the cold fog by the beach.


                        Running is stupid

                          craneium, it's good to hear from you.  I have a brother in law who competes in Scottish Highland games so have seen him and his buddies in their kilts.  You and your young friend are looking good.  Holly, I hope the weekend gets you feeling better.  ribs, congrats on the 1st in AG.  Tramps, my condolences to you and your wife on the loss of your dog.  mgerwn, what a neat sounding run.  jlynne, nice 5K.


                          Nice long runs for Mike, Slo, CNY, Mari, Bertha, and Ilene.


                          This morning, I did a 5K not too far from home (Dave, it was the first of the Reese Winter Series).  It was in the low 30s, there was some wind, the air was damp, and it felt colder than one would expect for the temperature.  My race was not spectacular, a 9:30 pace.  Since I was the only one in my AG (65-69), I won that and was 64/82 OA.  A mile before the race and .9 after gave me 5 miles for the day.  This is a race that has a lot of my running buddies showing up so it was a good time visiting before and after.  There were some I haven't seen in  quite a while.


                          A good day and good runs for all.



                          MM #5616

                            Hugs to Tramps and Tribee - so sorry to hear about dear Koko.  She had a wonderful life with you guys.


                            Mike, I like your MM log!  I only have to get 2 more stars to catch up to you.  And you only have to get one more to catch up to Tet!


                            Nice run description, Michael.  How about posting some of your pictures?


                            I ran 8 miles around the neighborhood this afternoon - one lap with Tazzie and Ladybug, and a 2nd lap solo.   My standard 4-mile route from home includes running out to the end of my dead-end road, then running up switchbacks to the top of the ridge and down the other side, then back up and over to get home.... my "Bertha" hill!   I ran the whole thing the 2nd time - the 1st time I wasn't warmed up yet and the dogs had to take a few pee and sniffing breaks.  Here's the elevation profile.   This will give you some idea why I got a PR at the Flying Monkey! It was 9,000 ft lower and the hills were smaller.   Smile


                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              Mariposai you are going to need a new avatar for a few days.  Anybody know what a zombie butterfly looks like?  Confused


                              tselbs we have a winter race series around here.  So just how cold has it manged to get in the one you run?  A few years ago I recall as sub 10° race day.


                              Zeke351 if it were not for self pity rants I would have nothing about my day to write about!   Rant away!


                              BerthaSlayer my view is if it is "too warm" for the season that is just nature being nice to me for some unknown reason.  Enjoy the warm weather running while it sticks around.


                              CNYrunner pretty amazing to see a race grow like that.  I wonder what the secret is?  Other races just never grow, other die off and then there are a few that just take off.


                              Jlynne I have seen untimed "races" advertised before.  I have to admit I do not see the appeal.  I can do an untimed 5k out my door whenever I want.  I must be missing something.


                              mgerwn feel free to post a few pictures.  It is great to see where people are running and it sounds like you are in a great area.


                              Tramps a very tough call I know.  My sympathies on Koko's passing.


                              wildchild sounds like a great run?  What was up with the run?  The climb was way under 3,000'?   I think your getting lazy on these daily runs of yours.  Big grin


                              fatozzig so did you get in?


                              No running or elliptical for me today.  Last night my ankle felt off.  I am just going to give it a week to stop any and all complaining.  Of course, it felt fine this morning.  Still, I need to be able to start training for Boson in January and I do not want to take any risks that it might get derailed.  But I can still do weights and such so I did.

                              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                                Tramps sorry for your loss!

                                Jingle Bell run for me this afternoon,a 5k with one killer hill and the rest pretty much flat through town.15th O.A.and 3rd in A.G. 50-59.21:47 for around a 7:01 pace.All proceeds went to the local Commision on Aging.