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Mountain Mist 50K 2008 RR (Read 219 times)


    Finally got my blog updated with the 50K that I ran over the weekend. It's chock full of photos so I didn't copy it over here. I ran it 28 minutes faster than last year and moved up 60 places in the standings from a year ago. Click signature for full report. Tag
      I loved the RR Tag...Thanks. What a wonderful race!!!!!!!!!!


        Impressive running, tag. Not only did you have the distance to contend with, but a tough course and weather that could have been better. Congratulations on a huge improvement over last year. It's too bad that Jen was on the DL. I hope she recovers soon. TomS

        Back on Stride

          Heck of a race, Tag. But nice to see your improvement and that you had a good time running with and seeing old friends. Maybe next year with Jen??

          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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            Nice race! It looks like a beautiful area - I bet it's really pretty in spring and fall. Makes me want to go trail running soon, but our trails are all too snowy right now.

            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

            Sandi Sue

              Great RR. I loved the pictures of the trail with all those fallen leaves. Good job on your jump in the standings.

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                Loved the report and the pictures! If you're gonna go out and run 50k, I can't think of a better place to run it than on nice looking trails like you ran on. The only "bad" thing about running a 28 minute PR is that you got to spend less time out there enjoying the scenery! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
                  Knocking 28 minutes off of your race time is quite amazing! Congratulations. From the photos it looks like it was a terrific course.

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                    Thanks for all the comments everyone. It is a tough, but beautiful course. If any of you are into running ultras this is one to put on your list for the future. Register early however. It tends to fill up fast. This year registration closed two months before the actual race.
                      I have seen the Mountain Mist on the Fleet Feet newsletter, but never knew just how awesome/grueling a course it was. Loved your RR. Think I'll just stick w/ the Cotton Row!

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                        Tag - you ultra-runners are amazing enough, but these trail races are tough, tough, tough. Excellent job! Hope Jen heals up quickly.

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