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    I loved the monthly Boomer miles threads Tramps started for us, and I know a lot of you also looked forward to them every month. So let's continue the tradition! I'm not promising to do all the fancy statistics, although I'm sure I can manage to calculate average and median. Post your total running and walking miles; if this is a monthly PR; and any race PRs. Feel free to post cross-training info as well - it won't make my head explode, as I'll ignore it in the final tallies. Wink And thanks to Tramps for starting this great tradition!

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      Mustang Sally has a January Monthly Miles thread going over at KickRunners. I suppose we could all go over there and post, but anyway, here's what I posted over there earlier. Got sick and the miles dropped off there for a while. But still managed 164 miles for January. I also had a 10K PR 47:44. Bill

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        Thank You for doing this!! I was sort of sad this morning thinking that this tradition may have fallen by the wayside as I know it is time consuming. My monthly mileage is a bit down for January - but considering the weather and health issues, I'm happy with my 87.6 miles!! Plus I'm ahead of that wascially wabbit! Smile ~Mary


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          Yae, staying ahead of that rabbit is my real goal! Glad to report I am well ahead with 269.18 miles for January.

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            Good Afternoon, 95 miles for me this month. This is a "most miles run in a month" PR Mike
              Whooppeee! I woke up this morning wondering if the tradition would continue. Wildchild - thanks so much for taking on this monumental task. And thanks to Tramps for all of the past number juggling. Twocat - wow - nice mileage for January!! Bill - congrats on the 10K PR - way to go! 143.1 January miles for me. I rested a whole week after the half/full marathon weekend, so my numbers are down, but I feel rejuvenated. Thanks again! And the thanks for the pic - it's beautiful.

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                Thank you WildChild. Love the picture. Cool 70.6 Mi



                  Slight edit as I ran 3.5 miles today at a very very easy pace. I'm taking a few days off as I find the occasional rest to be very effective. I'm glad to have finally established a base of 30 mpw over the last 9 weeks after a year and a half of injuries. I plan to step it up to 35 mpw in February and March. January mileage -116 miles (target 120) Average pace - 9:06 per mile Average heart-rate - 131.3 (73% of max) Longest run - 13.1 miles Races - 1 half-marathon - 1:48:02 PRs - none Last 12 months: Target for February - 110

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                    Thanks Wildchild...... My running miles for January total 88.8 miles This is a month of January PR ( highest before was 51.5 last year).


                      101 miles running which is a PB and 25% of my total miles last year plus 220 cycling so 321 miles under my own steam. Only a quick post as off to Italian night classes, ciao.

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                        297.3 miles for me.... A good month with many quality workouts. Ray
                          Thanks Wildchild for continueing the tradition. Always amazed at the many miles we Boomers crank out every month! 88.3 miles for me in January 08 Can't believe it's February already! Fran
                            Thanks for keeping this going! I ran 85.9 miles in January, not a PR but my best month since last July. Congrat's to you PRers and amazing 200+ monthly runners, as well as to those who are heroically hanging in there. Way to go, MIke!

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                              Only 34.9 and probably less in February. Black eye Nice to see some relatively high mileages already for one of the poorer months to run (if you're not Bill).

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                                Nice to see this. Great picture. Thanks! 175.8 for me. That's a good month, especially since I only had two runs over 10 miles. BTW, the "Reports" feature (on the left) here might be one easier way to generate monthly totals. If you enter your runs in the RA log, there is already a total for you. If you don't use the log, you could just put one entry a month with your total miles. Either way, hitting "reports" and sorting by miles would generate a list of Masters mileage for the month. For example, top ten right now are: Kennedy 282 Mi dacook 277.4 Mi Twocat 269 Mi ksrunr 236 Mi backstretch 232.9 Mi Jim24315 223.2 Mi Holly S. 217.7 Mi Soundrunner 205.3 Mi TanyaS 204.8 Mi predawnrunner 190 Mi