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    Not sure where to post this. Hopefully no faux pas by posting in the masters forum. This marathon was one of those destination marathons that I had wanted to do. I just got a bit carried away and decidied to go for the whole ball of wax and do the Goofy Challenge while I was at it.. Of course since I'm married to a Disney fanatic, DW approved of this trip with no problem. Only problem was we only had Thursday-Sunday to spend in Orlando. Thursday - Arrived in Orlando about 1:00pm. Got a bite to eat and then went to the expo and picked up all of the race materials. Crowds at the expo were not bad and Disney knows how to get people through in a hurry. After checking into the hotel, we made a trip to EPCOT. I tried to behave and kept the walking to a minimum. After a quick brew at the Rose&Crown, turned in early. Friday - I wanted to keep walking to a minimum for this trip. ROTFLOL. We went to Animal Kingdom first. We rode the Everest Expedtion roller coaster a couple of times along with taking in a couple of shows. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom to ride the redone Haunted Mansion (one of DW's favorite rides). From there we went back to Epcot, rode a couple of rides there and then we went on over to MGM now Disney Studios for dinner. Alot more walking than I had planned on but not too bad, probably 5 miles or so. Saturday (the race) - Disney wants you out early! Bus transport to the start area started at 3:30am and they wanted you on a bus by 4:00am at the latest. I actually woke up before the alarm and was dressed and on the first bus at 3:30 and at the staging area by 3:45. I ate my pre-race muffin, drank my gator-aide, and just relaxed until we moved to start area. The half-marathon started with the Star Spangled Banner, an appearance by Mickey, Donald & Goofy, and then with a bang and fireworks we were off at 6:00am sharp. Temperature at race time was 70 degrees with light breeze and 80% humidity. My plan was to take it real slow & easy with lots of pics with characters and such; trying to save the legs for the marathon the next day, with a planned finish around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The start was in the EPCOT parking lot, following the park roads to the Magic Kingdom, then through the MK to cheering crowds on Main Street, through the castle, then park roads back to EPCOT. Entering EPCOT, we ran through the back areas coming into th park once again to cheering crowds and on to the finish just outside EPCOT in the parking lot. The run was nice and easy with marching bands, rock bands, Disney characters (stopped for pictures with some, I was carrying a disposable camera), cheerleaders and such on the road to and from the Magic Kingdom. At mile 13 as we were leaving EPCOT just prior to the finsh was a great gospel choir to inspire us for the final 0.1 mile to the finish. Final chip time: 2:07:32 Saturday (after the race) - I felt very good after the race even though I finished a bit faster than I had intended. I got back to the hotel and decided it was time to try the "ice bath" for recovery. It wasn't so bad! After I thawed back out. DW and I went to MGM/Disney Studios, rode a few rides and ate at the Italian restaurant there. Turned in early and got a good nights sleep. Sunday (the race) - Once again, I woke before the alarm and was on the first bus to the staging area pretty much repeating the previous days pre-race ritual. I felt pretty good, only goal here was to finish (hopefully under 5 hours). Alot more people at the marathon than the half. The start was similar with more fireworks (Disney likes those fireworks).The basic race route was through EPCOT to the Magic Kingdom, then to the Animal Kingdom via the Disney waste treatment plant, then by the Wide World of Sports Complex, then through MGM/Disney Studios, by the Dolphin/Swan/Boardwalk area, then on through EPCOT, the to the finish I wanted to keep about a nice slow pace once again. I saw the Cliff 4:30 pace group and decided to stay with them as best I could. I stayed with them until the Magic Kingdom. At the Magic Kingdom, we started seeing lots of Disney character along the route. I stopped for pictures with the major characters and with my favorites, so I separated from the pace group here. Once again going through the Magic Kingdom Main Street, the cheering crowds were great. We ran through the castle again out thru the side down by the golf courses and off to the waste treatment facility. This was a pretty long stretch of rode, but I found the quiet nice. The only disturbing thing was the water/aid station right by the waste treatment plant (no smell though). From there we entered the Animal Kingdom. This was a nice shaded area as the sun had come out by then, plus characters to take pictures with. A few folks in the park to cheer us on. Out of the Animal Kingdom it was off to the Wide World of Sports Complex. This was into the sun with a couple on overpasses. Through here I began to feel the effects of the previous days half-marathon and started to take occasional walk breaks. Finally we entered MGM/Disney Studios around mile 22. Once again lots of characters to take pictures with, only problem was I had run out of film, so I just had to keep running. Lots of cheering crowds through here as we were leaving the park. We ran along the path towards EPCOT, entering EPCOT at the UK area. Rose&Crown Pub was not open so no mile 25 beer . From there you could feel the finish wih everyone picking up pace with no one walking anymore as we rounded the countries along the lagoon. Entering the final area of EPCOT with cheering folks all the way to the finish and the gospel choir at mile 26 to inspire us for the final 0.2 miles. Final chip time 4:51:13 Sunday (after the race) - Went back to hotel, cleaned up, packed up, checked out, and went over to MGM/Disney Studios to eat and cheer on the final runners coming through. Ate at DW's favorite place (50's Prime-time cafe). When we came out it was pouring rain. Waited for it to clear up and since the park was basically empty we went over and rode the Rock&Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror again. By then it was time to go on to the airport and get checked in for the flight home. A great long weekend. Disney sure did a great job with the race. It was a bit expensive, but no glitches in respects to my race weekend. The medals (three, one for each race plus the Goofy Challenge medal) and the tech shirts (once again 3 of them) were great. The expo was nice, The pre-race/post race area was well organized with a nice flow. I would recommend this marathon, doing the Goofy challenge I would only recommend to Goofy people though. Fashion Report - Nope, I did not run in costume, but there were plenty of folks who did. For the half-marathon; Orange Oklahoma State University tech shirt, black Adidas shorts, Thorlos socks, Mizuno Wave Nirvana shoes, Chicago Marathon souveneir hat, and Garmin 305. For the marathon; maroon Loyola New Orleans tech shirt, Adidas shorts, Thorlos socks, White Rock Marathon souveneir hat, New Balance 826 shoes, and Garmin 305. Once again, I had a great time. Paul

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      Thanks Paul, your report was great. Almost thought about being goofy someday...nah, don't think so. Great runs both days. Thanks

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        Done in fine Maniac style! Thanks for the report, I love all the detail of what you did before and after, as well as the race routes. Isn't Epcot cool? I just love that place. I've thought about doing this also, but you're not the first person to say how expensive it is... Although anything tied to Disney is gonna be pricey, but they do a good job in return. Good job on both races! I bet your marathon time would've been a bit better if you hadn't run such a fast half... that's really a good time!
          Thanks for sharing the super race report. I keep thinking about running Disney to celebrate my 50th. Your RR makes that sound like a really good plan. I got all teary-eyed thinking about the cheering crowds in MK and the finish line at Epcot. Great race and RR! eliz

            Sounds like a great time. BTW....where did you get the OSU tech shirt?
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              What a great running weekend and good racing Paul! I did the full and half at Disney in the years before they introduced the Goofy challenge. I love their organization and you made it all come alive through your super report. Thank you! One of these days we'll go back and maybe I'll try the full weekend of races. I love Epcot and the Magic Kingdom most of all and seem to find new things in Epcot each time. It sounds like you had a great adventure and wonderful experience. My recovery plan included the Rock 'n Roll roller coaster since I figured what better way to soothe my aching quads than by screaming my fool head off while twisting upside down at 60 mph! Treasure the memories! CNYrunner
                Thanks for a great report. Having done the half in 2005, the full is solidly on my to-do list. Not sure I'm up to the Goofy though. You packed a lot into 4 days! I kept wanting to read that you'd been able to catch a nap at some point, but I guess that would be a waste of those Disney dollars!

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                  What a whirlwind few days! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Congratulations on finishing the Goofy. That is no easy feet. By the way, what does the "super secrete" special 10 year anniversary marathon medal look like?

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                    Paul.....Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! You're and animal. I'd like to be Goofy when I grow up.


                      nice race and report Paul - sounds like you crammed in a lot in your stay as well!! keep us posted on how the legs feel today - that's my worry with being Goofy..........i did the 1/2 and will post a report - seriously thinking about the full marathon next year but think the Goofy might be a little out of my league......but CONGRATULATIONS!! Big grin


                        Congrats on the Goofy finish. you make it sound so relaxed and easy but we all know how difficult that would be. Early start though "Yawn" 3am?

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                          Hi Paul, Congratulations on running a fast half, beating your goal time in the full, and having a great time before, during, and after the races! You did make it sound awful easy, although we all know it is no small challenge to run a half and a full marathon on consecutive days. You sure earned all your medals and shirts and what sound like some greta memories from the long weekend. Jay

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                            This brought back all kinds of memories for me. I experienced almost exactly what you did (without that Half the previous day though). Nice job and I'm really glad you had such a great time, even when you weren't running! I may just do that Goofy thing one of these years. Bill

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                              Thanks for the great report! You were really up to the challenge, and make it sound like a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

                              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                                Paul - great race and report! When you can, please post some of the character pics.

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