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Saturday Daily, 12.22.12 (Read 333 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    I'm way too far behind you all to catch up on what has been going on, so I'll try to pick up starting today.


    I'm finally back to being reasonably healthy, and can get back to regular workouts. What a lousy week and a half, but it's great to be back! 5.3 easy racewalking miles this morning. 34F and a slight SW breeze under a moonless, partly-cloudy sky. I didn't worry about speed this morning, and just tried to keep good hip rotation and stride length.


    Shopping day today: Indoor farmer's market, Lindt Chocolate outlet store, our favorite local cheese shop, and the NH State liquor store. We'll be eating and drinking well this holiday (and it's a good thing I'm working out/burning calories again)!


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Hi jay.


      I got called off of work last night only 2 hours before I was supposed to leave for work,argh. So I slept all day yesterday thinking I was going to work last night. I ended up grocery shopping at 1 AM when the store is pretty empty. Anyway I snuck in 4 hours of sleep,so I should get a run in here today (I usually take Saturdays off). I am off Sunday,which I have been working lately,so I should get some miles in tomorrow also. What looked like a difficult week to get my miles in is turning out to be OK.

        Hi Jay, glad you're feeling better.  Hitting all the major food groups...chocolate, cheese, and liquor!  Enjoy.

        Drake--that schedule sure must take a toll. It's great that you're motivated enough to get out there.


        Hillypalooza day for me.  Windy as heck out there.  Facing the wind meant slow progress uphill but then having it at my back on the way down felt downright dangerous a couple of times as I put the brakes on to maintain control.  Anyway, 18.5 in the bag.

          ...mornin' guys//


          20min on ARC Trainer, 10min standing on REALLY COOL x-bike




          got on the arm-leg version of the ARCTrainer and hit ''cardio''



          20year old

          hopped on the one next to me,

          he kept

          looking over at me the whole time


          kinda creepy



          I noticed it had a HeartMonitor


          10min into the work-out I was on ''63''


          he, of course, was was great......



          up to about 110 by the end of the work-out,

          he was bent over Sucking Air when I got off and moved over to an x-bike for the rest of my work-out


          Life is Good


          ..................good running guys.................Shame a 20-year old every chance you get......

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Good morning,


            Jay nice balance diet Roll eyes


            Drake that was a good way to put your time to  use.


            Nice long run Tramps!


            Way to stick up for us old guys  Tom Big grin


            Nice slow 6.2 miles w/DW dashing thru the snow... Hamstrings feel like I ran 20 Confused


            Have a Wonderfu  Life..Day...Take it one day at a time!

            Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

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              Good morning!  Hey, Jay--glad you're feeling better.


              I hate to admit this but, as much as I like beer, I'm really a the 6 beers and Jag Bomb I had last night is going to make the 15 miler I have planned, today, pretty tough.  But--it's my own dang fault...


              So, yesterday morning, I woke up a little after 3:00am and go to the bathroom.  On my way, I noticed it seemed to be a little chilly so I stopped and looked at the thermostat.  Yep, it was 60o.  So, I went through all the things I could think of as possibilities as to why the furnace wasn't working...including taking off the front panels to look inside an appliance that I have no idea what I'm looking at.  Finally, at 4:00am, I call an emergency repair service and tell them my furnace is not working and to send somebody out when they can.  I went back to bed but, of course, I couldn't get back to sleep with too much on my mind.  At about 5:30, my DW's alarm went off and, as she was getting out of bed, I told her about the furnace and that I had already made a call to have it fixed.  To which she said, "Hmmm...I wonder if I turned it back on after I changed the furnace filter, last night."  I went down stairs, flipped the switch on the side of the furnace, and--like magic--the furnace started right up.  I called the emergency repair service, explained what happened, got laughed at, took a shower, and went to work.  Ahhh, the life and times of Mike E...


              In other news...Eric got himself up and to work on time every day last week.  How about that?


              Okay--I gotta go.


              Oh--good luck to everybody racing, this weekend! 

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                Hey--nice run Tramps! Oh, wow--you had a great week worth of runs!

                Shirtless wonder

                  Great runs everyone.  Hope you folks in the midwest  and north west US are not hit too hard by the weather.


                  Out for 4.5 cold  miles this morning.  The temps were  38F, very windy, overcast and damp - it was fun.  Actually had some very light flurries when I finished.  Still doing the Pfitzinger program to recover from whatever I did to my knee. So todays work-out ended up being  3(12) minsrunning) with 2(2 min walk) intervals.  Everything seems to be going fine so far. 


                  Have a great weekend.


                  Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                  King of PhotoShop

                    Glad you're feeling better Jay.


                    And on the subject of beer, Sierra Nevada comes out with its celebration ale at this time of the year so I buy up the entire inventory of the beer store.  Well, not really, but I do stock up.  $12.99 for a 12-pack is a pretty good price for a quality IPA I think.


                    Stocking stuffer shopping today, and then I'm all done.


                    6 easy miles this morning on the dirt with my RP gives me 40 for the week. Start the grind over again tomorrow.  Spareribs

                      Good morning all - last nights run was a pretty easy 6 miles at 8:30 pace with a hard 7th mile at 6:52 - I was beat after that!


                      This morning was up and out for a nice run on the Eastern Trail with our group, a very nice 35 degrees with a 12.67 mile run - 1:50:28 (8:44) - my legs were tired today form some of the hard runs during the week.  But that is ok, these longer runs are supposed to be nice and easy right.


                      Good to see you back and healthy again Jay.


                      Drake - I don't believe the batteries in the 410 are the same as in the 305.  But maybe if you google it you might be able to find someone that has completed a battery swap.


                      Tramps - nice long hilly run, hills make you stronger but damn the wind kind of suks doesn't it.


                      Sarge - nice run, sounds like yo need to stretch those hamstrings...been there done that!


                      Mike E - I'm with you, I really like my beer, but I don't really drink all that often especially more than a few.  On those rare occasions when I drink more than 5 or 6 it really has an effect on me for a few days. Joking


                      Ribs - You are right that is a great price for a quality IPA.  And I too am headed out to finish up on just a few last minute stocking stuffers and then I am done!


                      We are prepping today for our family gathering tomorrow, all 4 kids and their spouses, all 10 grandchildren, DW & I and of course my mother-in-law.  Should be a great time, from which a must needed day of rest will take place on Monday...well probably not! Smile


                      Have a great day everyone.

                        What's wrong with Jay's shopping plan? Sounds perfect to me! I wish we had a good quality cheese store here, I know I'd have DH's presents all done easily. We just have grocery stores with some "specialty" sections, but it's sure not the same. Glad you're back among the living, Jay!


                        Nice run, Tramps. I haven't done hills in ages so I know I'll die when I do. And wind and I'd be about ready to bail! 


                        Good luck on that 15 miler, Mike. Funny about the furnace and glad it wasn't something serious. We joke about that sort of stuff sometimes but in a "OMG I hope that doesn't happen to me" kind of way.


                        I love Rhoon's pictures and that looked like a fun outing. Big difference between where he is and where I am: he has wind, we usually don't. We get colder here but I don't think there's much difference in total snowfall. How does Choco do out there without booties? He's a standard poodle, right?


                        i made it down to the treadmill yesterday and figured I should be doing something different (like, say... hills?), so ran 5.5 miles at a pretty conservative pace with inclines up to 5 and 6%. Wow, that gets the ol' heartrate going! But I wouldn't let myself slow down even at 6%, kept it at 6.9 mph (8:42) so not fast but it was work!


                        Today I'm going to go shopping! Seems like an odd thing to be excited about, right? DH has done most of the shopping, but I just flat out have not had time to think about it. My family is easy though, we only have two young kids (my nieces) in the family so we get them girly presents, but for my siblings and parents, we just exchange wine/coffee/food type gifts, and I like to get kitchen or wine gadgets too. Pretty casual, and a lot of fun to shop for. And everything always fits and it's always the right color! 

                          Amazing what the body can do. Seems like I have some of my better runs when I'm short on sleep (I slept 4 hours last night). The last 2 runs that I had where I felt energized more than usual were on days I had little sleep,go figure. I ran 5.6 miles. I warmed up for 3/4 mile,then at the end of each 1/2 mile I did strides. First time 25,next time 50,next time 75,and so on. I felt great today.


                          You guys still amaze me with your workouts. I hope I can be this fit someday. 18 miles of hills,geez,I'd have to recover a few days.


                          Nice butt kickin' on the young one Tom. My 18 year old son comes home tomorrow for Christmas leave from the Marines. If he's up to it I'll see if he wants to run with me. At Thanksgiving I beat him by about 45 seconds in a local 5K run.


                          Nice handyman fix to the furnace Mike!


                          Thanks for the info Maine. I'll look to see if I can find any info on my 110's battery replacement. I like to do things like this myself when I can.

                            Got the dog and I up to Cougar mountain for about 5.3 miles of mud scampering fun.  Usually I find the mud irritating, but for whatever reason, I was really enjoying it today - dodging the worst spots - lots of lateral movement and tricky footwork.  Additionally, there were lots of other runners up there today, which made it seem more fun.

                            Can't wait to go back tomorrow.

                            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."


                              Nice to see you healthy again Jay.


                              We had a 5k this morning 17 degrees and ice all over the course. Ran a 21:16 and felt good as I watched two people in front of me wipe out on the ice. Welcome to the Midwest.


                              Drake - those are some interesting hours. I remember those and I'm not sure how I managed them back then.


                              Tramps - well done!


                              TW - way to show those whipper snallers a thing or two. Heh


                              MikeE - now that's funny. Glad your funrace works though. Bad time of the year to have an issue.

                              That's a good price Ribs. Enjoy the spoils.


                              Make it a great one.

                              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                                Go Enke! Sounds like fun.


                                Just back from a 4.2 mile trot with Hudson---windy and blowing/swirling flurries, but nothing really sticking. Mellow lazy morning and then ran a few errands---mostly dropping off gifts for the Js and other friends in town. I love giving far more than receiving and always feel great after gift delivery time.  Jay's shopping sounds awesome to me! yum.


                                Mr CNYrunner is trying out a new mac and cheese recipe tonight and the kiddo and I "have" to eat it since the chef now lives a low glycemic index/low-carb life. Mac and cheese is super granny's favorite and if she feels up to it, she'll spend Christmas day with us (or we'll bring the mac and cheese and cheer  to her). I think I can choke it down---mixture of exotic cheeses, bacon, whole wheat pasta shells, brandy......maybe he'll have to test a few versions!